GangStalking Henry Ford Community College U of M Dearborn Mi Federal Student Loan Coersment

  1. This Blog will be ReOrientated soon,it was Updated on 01/19/17,Videos of leslie being Brutally Assaulted 4 Times ( 4 of the 7 That have occurred in San Diego) have been Incorporated within this Blog on 1/7/17, All staged thru Gangstalking Crimes EVERYONE Predicted before they Occurred- ” Absolutely” 1- of these 4 Occurred IMMEDIATLEY after Leslie went to the San Diego District attorneys Office on 10/7/11, a Friday afternoon, she was assaulted on the Morning of 10/10/11  on gthe MTS 928 Bus Route, The Only time she got back on the 928 bus Since 10/7/11- the other One of the Two, of the Four within hours of leslie exposeing the San Diego District Attorneys office thru a Video on 1/30/14 on You Tube- then  the Other 3 Assaults ( Not of the 4 Mentioned above) were Predicted as well One taken place INSIDE the San Diego Court House Holding cell they Placed leslie in after a ABSOLUTE Staged Arrest Implemented thru a  Staged Event The Motive of that Event ” The Arrest” ( Which occurred on 11/10/14 thru UCSD Police 3 Miles off their Campus and in a ABSOLUTE Partnering relationship with “Whom” SDPD- The Assault occurred in the Holding cell on 11/13/14- It is ABSOLUTELY strongly believed it was staged thru at least SDSD Deputie’s-and part of the Motivation of that assault was for Psychological Intimidation Pertaining to, to Motivate leslie to agree with the presenting Offers of the San Diego Public Defender whom approached her after the assault  and whom leslie later caught engaging in Felony criminality, the Assault was done to make leslie afraid of goin back to the Detention center I.E.. agree with the public defender and your imediatley released- and their was ALOT more connected to this a s well REMEMBER Gangstalking a Huge aspect of it is PSYCHOLOGICAL Operations Leading the Targets thinking based on Staged events Staged Intimidation” induced fear ” this will absolutely be expanded up on in the future, this arrest itself was predicted in a Tweet  thru twitter 22 Hours Before it occurred on 11/09/14 ,the Evidence of that is Incorportated within this Blog ” THRU- Attached Blog’s-( their Link’s) below
  2. And make No Mistake about it, this event will be circled and the Public Defenders will answer for the Criminality pertaining to that Arrest-Fellow Americans Remember they laughed at leslie in Michigan When they were exploiting her she warned them they laughed she infiltrated them, used them, and they were begging her to leave before she finally did CATCHING 98 % of them in INDISPUTIBLE evidence before doin so,
  3. I dedicate this Blog to the American People, To All Gangstalking Victim’s Past Current and Future INCLUDING Police who are Targeted, Absolutely- Ezekiel 33:6
  4. This was Resituated at the Top  of this Blog on 1/13/17 So you can see the truth of whats presented which will in turn KEEP you focused on the Depth of what’s exposed in this Blog. It’s here between these two row’s of Qouted 7’s UNDERSTAND No Matter what stay with this Blog, Its being Resituated at the Top AgaIn for Multiple Motivations Lets just Say Today its because of the Professional UnCorrupt Attentiveness of the Federal Department of Education ( is that being Sarcastic) pertaining to what is Stated in the Title of this Blog and exposed within it Yeaahhh Baby- Fellow American’s UNDERSTAND and KNOW-
  5. The ONI HAS ALWAYS UnderEstimated leslie-ALWAYS, and consider whould a Military Agency have any power over any and all decision’s of another Federal Institution, ie… Agency-that may have connections to a Target ie…. like  the Department of Education, the Concept of InterAgency PartnerShip’s and CoOperations are Clearly deducible when you research Fusion Center’s and then that Name to Gangstalking, Gettie Up

Human Trafficking Drug Trafficking and More is what is Funding this Illegal Criminal Non Concensual Human Experementation research , including using the Victims in this Way , To introduce you to this  Before proceeding yeahhhh Babbyy whats this, Notice Anything about MicroChip’s and Gangstalking, and what else, and WHO

Its being exposed in Honor of my sister’s Name Elizabeth

This is Who leslie went to Visit in Yucca Valley in 2012 She was Massively Gangstalked in Yucca Valley Threatened harrassed and DID Yucca Valley Police Convientley Park within 100 feet of her Hiking area at any Time -Creative Intimidation, a Fraction of Yucca Valleys Gangstalking ( Which was IDENTICLE to a TEE to San Diego’s Gangstalking Harrassment) is Incorporated right below these two Link’s ,

This is a You Tube Interview of David Larson and a Nationally Known Targeted Individual James Walbert- Paste this at You Tube search Box press enter

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (05/22/2011) James Lambert & Dave Larson on Gang Stalking

So why did leslie go to try and See David Larson to find put exactly How and who he was able to get to take out his Implants, WHY

Well Can You as a Human Being come to terms with over 30 Years of Extreme Abuses/ Torture while Entraping these Maggots in their Crimes- the Justice experienced using them is Indescribable, while the Maggots try to keep you traumatized so you dont heal, seeing them squirm for this Daily, stroking their perceptions to stroke their Confidence knowing they trust wont they dont see, EVERYTHING leslie is doin is because of one Choice she made in 2005, ONI beleives its them steering her

Why is this being Incorporated- leslie doesnt Drink or Do Drug’s AT All and Doesnt own a Gun- the Body want’s to be wheir the Mind is even though the Places in the Mind are Unsafe- Google Remote Neural Monitoring and Memory stimulation, so the Strategies leslie employee’s to get them out of the Bush are two Fold exciting them to come out and letting them ReGroup so when she excites them again More come’s a Calling, this is why she employed the Hansel and gretel technique in michigan , they were warned

You Tube this to see a Glimpe of torture

Apocalypse Now – Opening Scene (The Doors – The End) HD

What do you See at 01-3 Brain Stimulation for Post Traumatic stress in Gangstalking they INTENTIONALY stage traumatic Events and Memory Markers and Stimulate them for torture-Remote Neural Monitoring leslie is taken back the power while using them and their escalating their campaighn, to keep control

Grand Funk Railroad – I’m Your Captain/Closer To Home

You whould’nt beleive the Massive Gangstalking of her in Yucca Valley

Look Listen

Exposing Yucca Valley Ca GangStalking Learning Disabled Woman Exposes Direct Conversation-3

Strategy in Current Play “hint” Non Linear Deliberations are harder to Remotely Neurlly Monitor,—- leslie—–Consider Leslie was Married to David in 1983-88 it took until 2013 before she finally trapped his ass to Current and Past Criminality’s, is circling wild animals possible, ONI, how whould leslie know what was exposed on 9/18/13 and 9/25/13 on 9/17/13,

Believe what you will , but how can you answer this.

This was Just Googled

department of homeland security gangstalking

About 34,600 results (0.54 seconds)

Does it seem Mixed up NOW-THE CARS ― Moving In Stereo & All Mixed Up

I beleive the Truth of 777 isnt mixed up

” how whould leslie know what was exposed on 9/18/13, 9/23/17,  9/25/13 on 9/17/13,”

You Tube these Two  Title’s watch Listen RESEARCH- and Understand Moving in Stereo

Silent Sound Spread Spectrum Mind Control Explained

Silent Sound Explained Pt 2: Pre-Recorded Brainwaves Instead of Hypnotist & via Satellite



Before Proceeding with the Following, Consider, Does the FBI Know about the Following and the fact that their Link from their HOME page is Included in the following correlated documentation within the Two Row’s of Qouted 7’s- well consider, Filthy Maggots , Criminaly Insane Wild Animal  Whore’s that are complete Strangers to their Victim’s COME into Their Victims Homes , ( in which many Section’s within In This Blog proves they did to leslie including doin this to make her homeless- IT LITERALLY Phsysicaly Proves it In which includes Apartment’s leslie detailed in the timeleine of torture she gave the FBI WHEN she went to the Detroit FBI,) and EVERY Aspect of their Live’s and Completely Destroy it and KEEP it Destroyed and Commit Horrific Crimes beyound your Minds Imagination, Is it not Just to Enter within their Boundrie’s and use them Against them WITH TRUTH- leslie Looked the Detroit FBI Agent’s Right in the Eye extended her Hand Shook it in 2006-07 and said I’m respecting you Right now thru appraoching you lets hope in the end you respect me- That end occurred in leslie’s deliberation’s the date her last menstrual cycle appeared, meaning she lost her abilty to have children as a result of being a Victim of this Crime- UNDERSTAND people who Torture you Human Traffick you Make you Homeless and Much More do you believe they care- Of Course Not -No- BUT they do care about truth being exposed ABSOLUTELY- when Any Government Body make’s Arm Chair choices TO DO ANYTHING THEY WANT to anyone they Want, and ANYTHING means exactly that, we all should measure the true weight of this reality and say Not with me, without me using you to expose you, so welcome to the Absolute F.U to all Agencies responsesble for the Horrific Criminality’s of GangStalking Human Experiementation, and Multiple Explotation’s and MUCH More, PS they will  SOON start Targeting leslie’s Finances USING Normal Appearing Excuses Resaon’s Mishap’s, Covert Relationship’s and Staged event’s.How Easy is it to steer any Human Being to any Enviroment if the Persons responsible for their Finacial Destruction, and the Covertly Created Homelessness they Put their victims In How easy it for them to control whier they end up and what services IF ANY their Allowed to receive- to give you a Clue these are features of Gangstalking Criminality’s Google Gangstalking and Blacklisting targets from employment- Gangstalking and Isolation, begin their and you will see the FACT that covert activities are a Huge part of their Methodolgie’s including using them to create circumstances targets are Intentionally put in and how these circumstances are used as mechanisms for control and explotation, yeah babbyyy Covert CRIMINALITY Being exposed today.So if someone did this to You and Cleverly kept you in it What whould you do,So before you witness  whats between the two rows of Quoted 7’s, Listen and know, its how leslie feels about her fellow Targeted Individuals And her Using Fedearal Agencies DRIVING their thinking to excite their Behavior to get them out of the Tree, their hiding in TO TEACH them that we, WE as Americans Will say to you No matter what you do to me I will expose your Criminal Ass’s for what you truly are-To all of the 16 year Olds Being Human Trafficked because of this Crime I LOVE YOU

Driving them Home


  1. ” 777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777
  2. Leslie Williams on Ground Zero Show on September 17 2013 Exposing ELF Wave transmission’s, used on Gang Stalking Victim’s & how she is  GangStalked in San Diego & was GangStalked to Apartments & Made Homeless in Michigan and Tennesse-( Interstate Stalking is a Aspect of this Criminality It’s a Nation Wide Crime Syndacite Operating in the System Hosted at the Federal Level, ( IN WHICH THIS BLOG UNDENIABLY PROVES)  she also state’s on this show how Her Ex Husband who was  a Submarine Radar Antenna Electrician Navy,when she was married to him ( IN SAN DIEGO) Now Look at all Date’s of EVERYTHING, including the Video’s & Documents below, and remembering the date of the Show  9/17/13  and  Compare to Leslie’s Statement’s she stated on the Show, to teh Video Documents and Rermember leslie’s testimioney came first, Batta El Boommm ooooooo
    Also Notice Clyde Discussing the NeuroPhone being Used to Neurally program people as their sleeping,  on the 9/04/15 Ground Zero show with Clyde Lewis, The Neuro Phone being one of Many Techknologie’s capable of this Feature- Think Neuro Encoding and MUCH MUCH MORE- Look at the date of this Show Listen to it and then Look at what Leslie states in a Video made in 2012 IS THAT LESLIE Notice anything about being Programmed as you sleep and Political Agenda’s like Gun Control- Remember Cross Reference what leslie states When She Stated it, to what Clyde Lewis  stated on this show 9/4/15 And Correlate What TRUTH
     is the Neuro Phone on this Well Known WebSite, Yeahhh Babbyyyy
    Anyone at Anytime can ReSearch ” Smart Dust and Gangstalking”- Then “Computer to Brain link ” and Gangstalking- Welcome to Torture and then ask yourself if Federal Agencies wernt communicating with each other to protect these crime’s -THEN- How are they Not being Prosecuted Yeah Baby EVERYONE is Lying BUT THEM
    Anyone at Anytime can Research UCSD and DARPA, Computer To brain research
    This is the Video to Cross reference to the 9/4/15 Ground Zero Show discussed Above
    The Informer Report 8-15-2012 Leslie Williams Explains & Exposes Organized Gang Stalking Tactics
    And this is Leslie Catching “GangStalking- Oh My God” Being Repeated around her at Social Service’s ( Why is Explained below) the Location of it clearly exposed in the Immediate above video-( this Video is one of Many of it ocuuring at this Location on Multiple Dates Identicle Harrassment, different person’s
  3. Learning Disbaled Woman Exposes Organized Stalking Direct Conversation Tactics at Social Services
  5. And this is Leslie Catching the Same exact Identicle Harrassment occurring at a 2’nd Ralphs Grocery Store-( Leslie experienced MASSIVE Harrassment at this Location on at least 45 Seperate Ocassion’s- she literally had to call the Police on Ralphs Employee’s doin it around her concerning their Friars Mission Center Location ( That Video is Located within a Different Blog Its link within this One and in this Video It not only shows when its caught but it clearly shows leslie asking employees the date and THEIR Address.Again Remember WHY their Doin this Is Explained below
  6. 1/24/2013 Learning Disabled Woman Proves GangStalking Direct Conversation Method is Happining


  1. You Tube this NOW NOW- their are hundred’s of these Video’s of Torture Victims testifying before the BioEthic’s Commission ” Hosted by Lying Criminal’s- whom have faced Class Action lawsuits by Target’s” Type in at You Tube Search Box whats in these Qoute’s here
    “OSEH Bio Ethic’s Issues” —- Hundred’s of Videos of GangStalking Victims testifying about being Tortured DAILY-even since Child hood, OSEH Stand’s for” Organized Stalking Electronic Harassment”, Organized Stalking is another name  for Gangstalking
    Daniel Estulin  Clyde Lewis and Leslie Williams Ground Zero- February 5, 2014 Leslie on Ground Zero Remote Neural Monitoring, Exposed They CAN SEE THRU YOUR EYES, Hear thru Your Ear’s, and MORE That show’s link is below
  2. Does anyone Honestly believe that it’s all over the Internet that this Technology is exposed to be DIRECTLY Connected to the Individual’s who Perpetrate Gangstalking Crime’s when it’s not,- Consider this example
  3. Lets say a Armed robbery occurs in a McDonald’s while your in their, once it is Over and the Police Arrive You and three other witness’s describe the Same things that Occurred, as a Result that testimony is cross referenced to the Testimony of the Employee’s- Its Synthesized and corelated and presented at trial, the Person who was caught is Convicted-So How doe’s this  right here pertain to the immediate  Above Example
  4.  Well Observe , these were Just Googled
  5. Remote Neural Monitoring and Gangstalking
  6. And Googled Generated this amount of responses
  7. About 18,600 results (0.57 seconds)
  8. Organized stalking and Remote Neural Monitoring
  9. About 42,800 results (0.28 seconds)
  10. So all of these Reponse’s ALL of the Testimony’s of Persons WHOM Have Never Met
  11. ARE All lieing, Yeah Right, Yet Police Officers Prosecutor’s Members of the D/A’s Office will accept the Testimoney of 1-2-5 Persons concerning Witnessing a Robbery but REFUSE REFUSE to investigate the True Identical Stories of Torture, Why Because many of these described Descriptions are nothing but Socio Pathetic Animals the Others are Controlled, FLAT out- to see this Crime Even With Common Sense all we have to do is Use it,So when you research this You will Conclude THEIR is no Right to Self Determination in this Country No Constitution or Bill Of Rights and that Wild Filthy Criminly Insane Animals can Take you out of your Home Complete Strangers to the Victim, LITERALLY Torture you Exploit you and Claim none of its Happening
  12. You tell the Police your experiencing this crime Whom lie RIGHT to your Face about knowing about the existance of this crime or validating whats happening to you or any evidence you have  about whats happening to you and whom will ABSOLUTELY lie on all Reports they Make about Target’s or any events that occur towards them or their Property,and when the target tells them that well your the Police your claiming you dont know what Gangstalking is yet wont research what it is online after targets tell them that this crime is exposed by THOUSANDS of it’s victims all over the internet- whom will then say ” well you cant believe everything you read online”
  13. So the Exposure of those Bold face in your face lie’s., is self evident here
  14. THEIR are at least 6 Video’s online of leslie CATCHING it on Video and she has at least 30 SEPERATE Audio File of it CONTINUOSLY Occurring in this Jack In the Box
  15. The Harrasment being perpetrated by Employee’s and Customer’s
  16. GangStalking CAUGHT In Your Face Caught Is GangStalking Said around Learning Disabled Woman
  18. So after you research what leslie states she is experincing at this Jack in the Box REMEMBER the Thanksgviing event 2013 and the San Diego Public Defender’s and Prosecutors were Caught MONTHS Later in LaJolla and in the San Diego Court House DOIN THE VE$RY THING Leslie was stating she was experincing in this Jack in the Box in Point Loma, That Evidence below Seperate Persons dates LOCATIONS ” Stalking to more than one place Class A Felony’s

12/05/13 Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES San Diego Police Gross Negligence of Duty ?

You Tube this Title

UCSD Gangstalking caught being Repeatedly said 8/16/2012 around Target of this Crime 3-of -3- its a Play List the Immediate Above Video being one of them

8/20/15 Video of GangStalking Text messages & More sent to Learning Disabled Woman


Ok this is a Commercial Break ok now ask yourself Why is it really being Included Babbbbyyyyy”ss, at Anytime anyone can Google and You Tube these project names to Gangstalking Human Experiementation.and then Also deduce how many times the names of these projects were mentioned on ALL of the Ground Zero Show’s leslie was On ( Thier Links included in this Blog) and you Will also notice in this Video a Scence from the Movie Avator- wheir he is getting in the Machine that is needed for what Mind Uploading to ythe Avator well what does leslie state concerning why she was looking up and stummbled up  the Blue Brain Project as a result and then how  Daniel Estulan said those descriptions are what “Remote Neural Monitoring”

Ultra Mk Universal Super Soldier Program

PS they are aware Leslie Sticks up for Israel so engage in Text messages and letters To Excite anger based on what they says concerning Jews and Israel

PSS Now I know this may seem weird

But understand and KNOW this following trailer 99/8% of the Pictorial Representations within it ACCURATELY describe some of the Things that HAVE occurred to leslie Stay with this blog Info in it explains How

Remember They know how far she came to find them- Leslie made a Vow in 2005


The Revenant | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX



Ok Getting Back to some of the Technical Issues related to the Non Concensual Military Human experiemntation Occurring to Organized Stalking Victims-i

  1. and this is Leslie on Ground Zero on 05/01/13
    Commerical Break Babbbyyy”’ss- Love Ya ENJOY
    Fellow Americans If you feel inclined Consider the Following Statements Carefully-
    Think How you whould feel If you were taken out of your Home, Made Homeless and Covertly KEPT in it then arrested Ticketed for Tresspassing Illegal Lodging setup to be Assaulted by Low Lifes at woooded area That these Criminal Animals stage Lost ALL ALL your Property, Was set up in at least 4 vehicle Accidents, Falsley and Criminaly Arrested and Put in Jail Assaulted in Jail thru Staged events, Intentionaly setup up in Debt that is still Incurring Interest,. Made to go thru THOUSANDS THOUSANDS of Dollars and still counting, Brutally assaulted over 12 times Robbed, Experiemeted on Even For Decades at a Time LITERALLY LITERALLY, which ABSOLUTELY encompasses Neuralogical and Psycsiological Torture LITERALLY,Geeze what’s this
    Tammy B @ 2011 the Study of Bioethical Issues
    and then Arrested and or Ticketed,” thru Staged EVENTS connected to the same crime Because you Make moves and or  prepare to make moves to find a Lawyer to get out of the CONTINUATION of this Same Crime, are we staring to UNDERSTAND why Leslie Hates the Police for what they do concerning this crime, WHOM ABSOLUTELY Particopate in this Crime at many MANY Level;s For instance when you research the -“OSEH Bio Ethics Videos- thru You Tube”- watch at least 50 of them How many do you hear mentioning the Police and Doctors being used against the Targets, No Municipality Can expect respect when their part of the Intentional Victimizatiion occuring to targets and how their used to keep the Target in the Continuation of the Crime, Think about that in your heart

    Julianne McKinney on microwave harassment and mind control

    Now This was ReIntroudeced at the Top why because of whats Entirely exposed, Pay attention though one of the Goals seems to be to create WHAT Episodic Memory’s

    So why is that Important-

    What Do you see in the Above Snap screen Shot number 82 what does it mean first read these two Item’s do it and Proceed
    Ok so here we Go into Seeing why it’s Presented
    The Filthy Criminaly insane Wild Animals that perpetrate the Following to their Targets are they Capable of this
    What do you see inone of the  Very last Scence’s of the Movie The ManChurian Canadite  2004 THE VERY last Scence
    and why Is It being included in this Blog Pertaining to Episodic Memory’s and what is stated in  the Immediate above Snap screen shot Number 82 and How the video was ReContructed at the End of the Movie and why
    Pay Attention Cloesly AND KNOW TRUTH
    Whenever we Watch a Event Unfold before our Ey’s Lets Say a Movie
     we look at all of the parts of the Movie THRU our Eye’s the Brain present’s ot in our Mind’s Visually in the Video Cortex, as a Result of what were presented with we Deliberate what we see by the Brain Deconstructing whats being presented and Reconstructing it concerning the Variables attached to whats presented-and then our resulting thoughts based on whats presented
     The Perpetrators USE Extremely Sophisitacted techknologys to  transmitt/Streamline Video and Audio Productions Still frame and Video into the Targets Individuals Audio and Video Cortex so they can become part of their Memory as a result of it being experienced at different levels of Consciosness and Perceptual Awaremness  and as this is ooccurring they  will then Transmit Using the Targets Voice Morphed Voice print DIALOG  into the Targgets Audio Cortex dialog to make the Target believe that these are their Thoughts deliberatiion’s beliefs concerning whats transmitted into the video Cortex, this is Done to deceive to even exploit- to Traumatize to research the response’s, and even to affect relationship’s THIS WILL be Expaned on soon-Now When you research Dream Induction Dream Insertion Artificial Dreams and Remote Neural Monitoring and Gangstalking The Only way that can occur is thru the Brain Being Hacked and Manipulated thru the AT LEAST Audio and Video Cortex- These are Not  Audio Visual Construct’s” Landscapes “experienced because of mental illness  Its Done for research and More thru Techknolgies REMOTELY
  2.  77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777″
  3. Current Hint are their ANY SURVALLENCE Camera’s Survallaing leslie CITY/County OPERATED, or Contracted thru them.Around any resting area she has Probed and or is Utilyzing ABSOLUTELY- was she steered to utilyze the Entrance of this area by and thru squeezing her out of area’s that had different entrance’s Intentionally using Social deviants and Homeless person’ to Camp and or Hang Out on the Property-around those entrance’s any one at anytime can Google Homeless Persons and Gangstalking
  4. Commercial Break Enjoy
  5. Puff Daddy/Faith Evans/112 – I’ll Be Missing You
  7. On 1/03/17 Leslie  stayed their at the shereton in LaJolla Ca  one night Uplaoded some Video’s and her Video Camera SUDDENLY Overheated while it was in her Pocket Compltely ruining it within a Couple of hours of her UpLoading at least 4-5 Video’s- One of the Video’s literally shows her stating that the perpetrators of Gangstalking Crime’s have sophisicated technology that can hack into electronic’s and destroy them this camera cost 100 dollares and was only used twice- so Google Gangstalking and destroying targets electronics she had to buy a New One for 119:00 will it be destroyed or stolen its being predicted on 1/10/17
  8. Leslie is Currently sick over the week end she had at least a 103 Tempeture with Diarheaa and Massive Aches and Chills-with a Severe Chest Cold, she is still sick and as a Result of saftey protocols she HAS to Keep implemented she has had to, come out of specific Area’s- Still with a Fever, aches and chills Having to Carry a Back Pak that weighs at least 16 Pounds and a Duffle Bag that weighs at least 12 Pound’s and having to Manuver her bike thru Wooded are’as and then Having to walk with all of this Stuff while sick, not to mention what it takes to erect and take down her Hiking gear and hide property she utilyze’s to stay warm daily.Its 1/13/17 leslie is still sick The Perpetrators know it ” HOW”- One way is because this Blog itself is Hacked and monitored by these crimimnaly insane Animal’s

Now throughout the Entire time span up to this date 1/10/17 from 8/8/11 Leslie has NEVER been able to Go to Lawyers because of the SAME EXACT IDENTICLE TO A TEE Techniques being Utilyzed on her at ALL ALL Hiking/ Resting areas Coupled with Arrests Tickets and Moving, This is how their entrapping her in these school Loans Its LITERALLY what they Did in Michigan and Connectout IDENTICLE to a Tee Techniques, IE keeping her TIED Up Physically and even Mentally in these techniques the effects of them the Control acheived thru them, and they will absolutely start targeting her benifits ABSOLUTELY so watch waht happen to leslie before August 2017 and you will witness the particpating persons and techniques used to repeat what you just read

  1. Fellow Americans Leslie will never stop EVER Until SDPD admitt’s in Open Court who Factually used them Towards her in 2006 a ABSOLUTE Staged Event, that was Cleverly Orchestrated WITH ONE INTENTION To Mentally Intimidate her concerning Hiking and Arrests for Continuing to do it and to ABSOLTELY presuade her to go back to Michigan The Event and what and how it was Implemented HAD THIS MOTIVE,  resulting in HORRIFIC and Unimaginable Crimes, Explotation’s,( Including Massive Insurance Fraud in Michigan of her Insurance and Finance’s for year’s,and the Persons that played a Direct role in this are THE SAME Ones that Coersed her into Taken Out the School Loans) SOME the Crime’s are still Occurring, and Until UCSD Police ADMIT in Court who FACTUALLY used them, REMEMBER these statements FOR THEY ARE TRUTH.and it will occurr
  2. Leslie Has  Not lost her Temper once since the Open Organized Stalking GangStalking started towards her in 2002, but make no mistake about it when she does she will not be Violent what she will do is  Legally throw Federal Agencies into each other to expose their Filthy Lying Criminal  Ass’s  to show their connected to the perpetration of these Horrific Criminality’s, that THOUSAND’S of Americans are suffering EVERYDAY most of the time 24/7 For decade’s at a Time,. Why will she use this Method because aspects of Gangstalking Crimes The Perpetrators Manipulate their Victims into Actions that are then Used against then to contain them to exploit them so think of it as a Christian’s way of TURNING the Table’s ,LITERALLY,.This Blog indisputibly proves leslie is Extremely skillfull in using these Wild Criminly Insane Filthy  maggots against themselves does anyone honestly believe that these methods were employed to just sit their and say LOOK
  3. If you Smart You Will OBERSVE the MASSIVE evidence in this Blog to Observe How Intellegent Leslie is and what she has done and will to expose these Wild Animals’ For Instance, what you will deduce in the Following Video is YES A level of the Educated Knowledge leslie KNOW’s But the Main thing is that when you watch this Video and Research all description’s and ” Synthesize ” Bring together” whats exposed per Description you’ll witenss HOW smart You are as a result of you witnessing the Truth of what is FACTUALLY Exposed,Youll see Whats she is Staing You will see it if You Pay Close Attention To everything EVERYTHING leslie state’s
  4. Before you watch it Just Look at this Then Watch the Video then Come Back and Click on this Link then Google Bladder Implants and Gangstalking  ETC


Yet, those actions require an implant in the person on whom the actions are performed. ….. It is also true that cell phones have to be used in gang stalking, which goes ….. pressure on the bladder, causing the victim to want to urinate very often.

WATCH THIS LISTEN CAREFULLY SDPD Whistle Blower The Connecticut Gangstalking of Her C Description
Now Look at these two Video’s
One is a Prediction Video  ” the first one ” Made at USD, the” University of San Diego” on May 21 2012 at around 7:30 PM It was Uploaded around 10 PM the Same Night- at 10:35 PM  the Same Night,USD Campus Police approached her in their Library and Used Two Excuses about why the Approached her, then Banned her
Pay Attention CAREFULLY- and ALWAYS remember Leslie will legally Encircle USD one day for things that are not yet exposed in this Blog Yet- She forgets NOTHING- if a person or entity comes up into your Six” Your Back” to set you up for the Worst of the Worst NEVER Beloeve leslie forget’s these Facts so stay tuned
Learning Disabled Woman Exposes Video of Eviction and Banning from USD Library-See Comments
This is Them Approaching her REMEMBER
Leslie’s Pocket Knife was attached thru a Clip Attached to the Pocket Knife On her Waist It was Covered up by at least two Shirts THEIR WAS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY they could’ve Seen it LITERALLY, Literally
Learning Disabled Woman exposes USD Campus Saftey Banning her from Library 3 1/2 Hours
So Maybe we Should Look at USD Being Exposed By Leslie IN MAY 2012 ON USD Campus Yeah Baby   within 2 weeks  of this Video she was banned aint Nothing Like retaliation baby
Paste this Title in at You Tube if its URL is Missing
The Informer Report 5-6-2012 Leslie Williams Organized Stalking And Remote Neural Monitoring
And this is Leslie commenting on a Connecticut Newspaper The Blog itself was already Online before leslie commented on it- look at her Comments then Observe Nancy Coleman Pittman’s Comment another St Lukes Victims ( she was Gangstalked at St Luke’s NORWALK location- she was a Victim of Crimminal Illegal Probate control of her Property ” a House” a Corrupt lawyer took as soon as her last parent died”) the Perpetrators hacked into this Comment feature and Wrote -Pretending to be leslie” that I Will be moving to a Homeless Shelter in Hartford CT- LESLIE NEVER EVER EVER Planed on Moving to Hartford Ct for ANY REASON so it is leslie’s belief they were planning on entrapping her their, to keep her in Hartford after the Staged arrest Probably using Hartford Ct police and Hartford Courts  for it  she left and went to San Diego PS She Didnt realize the Comment was Infiltrated until she got to San Diego-  Stay with this Blog- Do it and you will witness Absolute Evidence of how Important leslie is-
Look at the Comments feature of this Connecticut Article look at leslie’s Comments  and when it was posted
Now Before I continue This is weir its goin to Get very Technical
PAY ATTENTION VERY CLOSELY Numerous Links of Leslie being on National Radio shows ARE Incorporated within this Bl.og SO DONT Dismiss ANYTHING
Leslie Made Video’s Goin all the Way Back Between 2011 and 2012- About what her Ex Husband Did in the Navy, and that he Had Aspirations to attend Universitys’ for what ROBOTICS, REMEMBER this- OK Now
What do you see in this Video ONE OF Many Concerning whats being Pointed out concerning it
Do you WITNESS Anything that LITERALLY shows third Parties having the Ability to control your ARM and HAND
WATCH Learn and KNOW- It is absolutely Believed Leslie has Had OLDER Implants in her since Childhood LITERALLY and Specific Ones at least 15-20 have been UpGraded including right before she got Married or during her Marriage- that have to do with at least ARM and Hand Control- and always remember if this Capabilty is used on her to Claim she is Violent DURING A STAGED EVENT “ANYWHEIR” and then Jailed or Hospitalized THEY CAN EASILY be Taken out and then EVEN Put back in once she is Permentally Contained ABSOLUTELY- Google all Implants Descriptions to First Gangstalking then to Organized Stalking, Then To DARPA
REMOTE CONTROL-Getting You Ready For The Mark of the Beast
Let me Give you Two Example’s these Implants Only Cost around and up to 5 Dollars
First Police Know what their Involved  in, Some Marginally The Higher Up’s and the Completely Syndacted ones ABSOLUTELY Know what is occurring to a Tareget’s so they will adjust REHEARSE what they will say before appraoching a Traget, because they know they have Camera’s on and when your a Gangstalking Victim The perpetrators are aware thru NON STOP Survallnce if the Person has any recording devices- Notice this Cop Stating Wheir  have you been staying at-Was this man Was Neurally Influenced to get on the Highway so this Event could be Played out-” Life Insurance fraud and Probably More” the Cop has to make it appear he wasnt aware of wheir this guy was when he was possibly hit with the techknology that neurally influenced him to walk on the highway- ” that tech Capabilty is V2k Coupled With Voice Morphing expedited thru Remote Neural Monitoring, Their are Also Implants that can Control the Legs and  to Induce FORCED/  Induced Speech, all of this Can Be googled to GangStalking- PS Always Remember The Remote Control Video above, then Google Prosthetric and EMG Implants and Gangstalking- which are used in What Prostheic implants are being used for Robots and Artificial Neural Networks for same, then Gangstalking and Police then Gangstalking and Homeless People- and Also Know The Officers could be the Actual and or ” INCLUDED? EVENTUAL Targets in these Two Video’s, ( This is one Reason Why Leslie will not EVER Totally Give up on the Police because she knows IT FOR a Fact Alot of them are being Targeted as well) Once Implants including NanoTech is Put in anyone they become part odf a Main Frame and are considered a BIO APP-( App meaning Application Apply their Body to a Event) so rememmber though everything the Cop is Saying can Be induced
Watch these two Videos and then at least Speculate – PS Also Research extensively how Knife Sword and Axe Weilding Assailiant’s have EXPLODED in the past 10 Years- Its ? Being Done for Research Life Insurance Fraud Racketeering illegal Probate Control The Prison Industrial Complex  for Fedearl Funds per Inmate,Racketeering Organ Harvesting Non Concesnusal Human experiementation- REMEMBER The Remote Control Video Above REMEMBER IT
And its Not only Implants that are being used to Control whats stated above Its also Nano Techknology- So Imganie this tech being put SURPETIOUSLY in a Police Officers Biology to Control His/her Arms Hands Fingers legs Speech to set them Up even to be Murdered on the Job UNDERSTAND, anyone at anytime can You Tube the Hemit Police Riverside Ca GangSquad being Gangstalked- Understand the Examiner Article that was ORIGINALLY in the Description of this You Tube Video has Disapeared it stated the Hemit Police involved in this Crime were Targeted/ hit with Sattalite Techknolohgy- so watch this Video then Research John Hall Sattalite Terrorism And watch all of his Video Until you at least hear him Discuss Remote Neural Monitoring
Hemet Police Face Terrorist Stalking & GangStalking
Ohh and PS You Clearly Hear Him Discuss ALSO Remote Viewing in this Video ELF imposed as  well Do you hear at all ELF and Then also Remote Viewing exposed in the 9/17/13 Ground Zero Show Leslie is on That Link and info Concerning it below, yeahhhh baby I guess Leslie Has Been telling ze truth
Notice anything about Thought Induction in this Blog ANYWHEIR in it- All of what you just spent the Last Half Hour reading pertains to the You Tube Video Of Leslie exposing being Gangstalked in Connecticut below
Electromagnetic Stalking Dr John Hall Incredibly Important EDGEAM Interview with Daniel Ott
SO POLICE BE CAREFUL if you knew what leslie knows You Whould believe EVERYTHING in this Blog concerning how its presented, ABSOLUTELy these are LITERALLY the Kindve Filthy Lying Criminal Degenerates that will use Police the Good ones the Bad Ones  and the Ignorant ones of both kind’s and SET them up Later ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY
REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING (Satellite Harassment/Terrorism) Reality and Awareness!
Police kill by shooting the homeless (camping man of Albuquerque)Shocking.TV
Observe and Continue DO IT
BODY CAM VIDEO: Glendale officer shoots knife-wielding man on I-75
  1. OK
  2. Leslie is on This Show ( one of Many that are exposed within this Blog) as well exposing How ALL of her Blogs have been Hacked
  3. ( they and all of her Email Accounts, Petitions and twitter accounts have been hacked FROM the Secound she created all of these Accounts, goin all the way back to 2005 ,)and the Fact that the perptrator’s have created blogs and inserted her Video’s within them and then Make Discrediting remarks about leslie, IN WHICH leslie has seen the same account they used for it is also used to do it to other targets of this crime.

    This will be Re Oreintated soon at Places within this Blog so whats exposed within it is Propped next to Evidence that its related to


    1/3/17 Prediction effective for 30 Days


    Now,What do you Hear Clyde Lewis state about the Neuro Phone being used for Neural Programing as targets are sleeping,Listen to it Carefully look at its date,9/04/15 and then Look at the Video Below it What leslie states about being  Neurally Programmed as Targets are sleeping and its Date, then Google Neural Programing Cross referenced to The Neuro Phone then to Remote Neural Monitoring and GangStalking, and also consider how do you think their able to Engage in the Technique of Artificial dream’s Dream Induction without Gaining a Neurological Access – That Technique can be Googled, to Remote Neural Monitoring, as well, and the Dreams are allway’s Horrific Abusive in Ways your mind could not imagine, ( this Technique is done to traumatize and Dissacociate the Unconscious mind and is discussed and exposed on the 9/17/13 Ground Zero Show leslie Is on, that show’s link is below and who exposes that aspect of this crime is a Vetrean from San Diego who’s being targeted and experimented on and hes refering to who The San Diego V/A? which is wheir RIGHT NEXT Door to UCSD

    Here is that You Tube Video’s Title and URL

    The Informer Report 8-15-2012 Leslie Williams Explains & Exposes Organized Gang Stalking Tactics

    And this is Leslie Catching Gangstalk GangStalking and Oh My God Being Repeated AGAIN inside the  Social Services Building that is exposed in the Video Directly Above, look at its date, which is the Same Harrassment EXPOSED throughout this Blog Caught at Multiple Places Different dates and persons Participating in it, and its been caught in this Social Services at least on 3 Dates in Video’s and on at least 6 Dates on Running Recording Tape Recorder’s.And rioght NOW Their INTENTIONALLY Playing with her Benifits thru Social Services in Which she has to Go down their Tommorrow 1/04/16 Ruffin Rd they will blame it on a Personel error or Computer Error So if leslie is Assaulted robbed intimidated arrested ticketed in the next week ESPECIALLY on ANY Route goin to and at and coming back From Social Services it will be staged – ( THEY DID THEY SAME EXACT IDENTICLE TECHNIQUE in Michigan OVER AND OVER AND OVER) these Techniques Taking away Benifits or threatening a Targets benifits BY and through playing with them while disguiseing it to make it appear UnIntentional is Done to intentionally induce Anxiety and to keep a Target in a SURVIVAL Hypervigallent Psyhsiological state, concern about their well being, and to keep them Chasing their benefits to AFFECT their schedule ITS DONE to Psychologically and Pshysically Break them down, by indicing stress combined with all the other DAILY stress’s the Target os made to Endure, this Blog Indisputibly Proves Social Services connection to this Crime , and it also Indisputibly proves these perpetrators have threatened her benifits thru Letters sent to her P.O.Box and thru Text messages sent to her older phone

    Learning Disbaled Woman Exposes Organized Stalking Direct Conversation Tactics at Social Services 


  4. All three of these Assaults were Predicted, one Occurred within HOURS, of leslie exposing “who The San Diego District Attorney’s Office, which has happened TWICE- The 1/30/14 event on Gillman Rd Notice a Homeless Man Used for it, the thanksgiving event occurred on Gillman Road and the 07/09/14 Assault occurred in the Wooded area Across from Gillman Road, and  the San diego VA Assault WAS Absolutely ABSOLUTELY Predicted over 6 times Including before arriving at the V/A Concerning what may occur towards her once she got the The San Diego VA is Right up the street from Gillman Rd and it was a Homeless Man Used for that as well and Leslie did catch a SDPD Officer lying about knowing who the 07/09/14 Assailant was.
  5. When will These stupid animals INDERSTAND when will they smell EVERYTHING leslie has done since 8/8/11 has been done to prepare FOR WHATS Coming,
  6. SDPD will admit in Open Court who used them in 2006 MAKE no mistake about it,
  7. EVERYTHING leslie does in based on this One Motivation and the Syndacite in Ca Is making the same mistake they made in Michigan BELIEVING their in Control, they Trust what they cannot see
  8. 7/06/14 BRUTAL Assault Predicted Two 1/2 Days before it Occurred See Description…
  9. 7/09/14 ANOTHER Brutal GangStalking Assault Learning Disabled Woman
    Now this 1/30/14 Assault was Predicted in a Tape Recorder 30 Minutes before it Occurred 5 Minutes before it Occurred 90 Secound’s before it occurred in a Running Recording Tape Recorder which also recorded the Assault, she still has the Audio File
  10. 1/30/14 Learning Disabled Woman BRUTALLY Assaulted in Lajolla Ca GangStalking Read Comments
  11. 12/31/15 UPDATE UPDATE Audio Of Brutal Assault at SD VA on December 2’nd 2015
  12. When Leslie Encirlced Michigan IT WAS ALWAYS ALWAYS About taking them to Wooded area’s to Schools to apartment’s  and retaking them Their TO PROVE the Stalking and More TO prove the Past and Current Stalking, Stalking on more than One Occassion MAKES it a Felony, all of it worked, they were even told it, Michigan and  San Diego has FLAT out been told repeatededly told its what she is doin to them so why are they stupid enough to give her evidence,its called VANITY, that come from knowing their protected Leslie is climbing a Ladder to PROVE the ladder exists USING them for it
  13. Observe Extreme Government Corruption San Diego
  14. 10/10/11 MTS Assault which occurred within 72 Hours of Leslie Going to Wheir The San Diego District Attornys Office to complain about WHO SDPD and being Gangstalked WHY DID MTS Alter this Video why Did SDPD Falsify the Police report concerning this Assault WHICH WAS Predicted in a Email File and a Tape recorder
  15. ABSOLUTELY  Learning Disabled Woman Brutally Assualted on MTS Bus- San Diego
  17. Their was one assault before the San Diego VA Assault that took place inside teh San diego Jail on 11/13/14 after a Staged arrest of Leslie thru WHO SDPD and UCSD Police Both Police Departments she was already Massiveley Exposing HUMMMMM
  18. Before you read the Following Remember this When Person’s IN THE SYSTEM Who know the Law-  and the Law’s their Breaking to Commit and Achieve Crime’s, and to protect their Criminality’s, they Know that they have to disguise what they do to make it appear what’s occurring, to Target’s, including using the Police and Court’s, Public Defender’s Prosecutor’s ETC..
  19. ( and Doctor’s, Jail’s, Detention Center’s, Prison’s Hospital’s, Psychiatric Floor’s County Mental Health)  is Occurring thru Natural mean’s, (I E . sidebar CLUE concerning current event’s,” Gillman”). Legal Avenue’s, Legal procedure’s, Legal Reason’s and concerning the Harrasment and Staged Event’s, they are disguised
  20. ABSOLUTELY to make it appear that the Person’s Used and what Transpired, and the Effect’s Occurred FOR ANY REASON except for GangStalking Crime’s  Including-I.E Covertly created Circumstance’s” Like Covertly Created Homelessness” that are then Monployzed on In which you’ll distinguish below by Reading,Watching,Cross Referencing, because the Goal in This Crime is to achieve the Crime while Making it appear thru “Lie’s, Covert Relationship’s Tracking and Even Staged Provacation’s, Staged Assaults and Robberie’s Staged arrests and Events that produce Ticket’s,  that what is Happening to a Target is Happening for ANY OTHER REASON except GangStalking-and everything that is Done, is Done and achieved thru GangStalking Technique’s which are a  Parameter of method’s that fall within their Template’s of operation’s, to achieve their Goal” so Read and Scrutinize Carefully and You will see TRUTH and Know it-and remember When you Lie on Police Report’s, and ,(  including  Security Guard, Firm’s) Information Sheets and Incident Report’s, when You Commit Perjury especially when the Court Proceeding stem from Staged  event’s brought about thru the Illegal GPS Tracking of the Target and Covert Physical Survallance, That Entire Court proceeding and what’s done to a target thru it are all Felony’s,because your prosecuting a Person thru Criminal Mean’s, when you stage a Arrest and or a Event that produce’s a Ticket to bring you before the Court thru Illegal Criminal Tracking and then Falsley Imprison a Victim thru these Means, all of this is, ARE ALL FELONIES, most being Class A Felony’s, and also Consider the Evidence in this Blog is 100 % Completely In your Face and Absoultly indisputible, Meaning that if they were Prosecuted even Just One of them Leslie could Sue the City and County and Have enough money 10 times over to pay the School Loans she was illegaly Criminally repeatedly influenced to take out thru eventually caught ( By Leslie, by leslie Circling their Wagon’s infiltrating them and Using them ) Individuals who Covertly infiltrated her life thru Respectible Enviroments- Chruch’s, the Interest on these Loans is still accumulating to this date ( even though leslie has REPEATEDLY sent the Department of Education INDISPUTIBLE Proof these Loans resulted from Clever Criminality and they have completely Ignored it EVERYTIME, and will alway’s continue to do so ) and WILL be Used to Imprison Leslie and or Take CRIMINAL PROBATE Control of her by claiming she cannot take care of her Finacial Obligation’s, herself and that she suffer’s from a Mental Issue that is resulting in these behaviors and descion making process’s- the Goal the Criminal Motovation’s of why their targeting her RACKETEERING,Insurance Fraud, Human Trafficking are a few of the Criminal Motivations theyve done to her and still hope to do to her,-And Consider this Leslie isnt the Kindve person that is Completely Comfortable with sueing a Government entity because she knows the Monatary award comes from YOU the Tax Payer’s ( she Believes the Criminal Law Enforcement- Libraries Universities, Buisness’s  that have particpated SHOULD Personally cough it up from thier Retirement and Pension’s, ETC…that have and did and will participat (ed) in aspect’s of this Crime toward’s her, because thru these Litigation’s the Treasury shrinks giving rise to Adjuting Higher tax’s to make up for the Loss- ( are we also seeing this Aspect of these Maggots in the System they Dont CARE ABOUT ANYONE, like Children who suffer because of Education Dollars being affected because of Legitimate Litigations from Governement Crime’s ) ETC What you are reading and what you will witness in this Blog IS IN YOUR FACE, Black and white ,Complteley Indisputible evidence leslie suffer’s from this Crime, wheir at, AND FOR HOW LONG and then You as Americans will Witness the Absolute Whoredom of Whos exposed, wheir’s it has occurred and what leslie is still sufferring to this Date EVERYDAY,” when you engage in Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, including under the Color of Authority, it is a ABSOLUTE Felony SDPD SDSU UCSD Police,and more and Probably the San Diego VA Police, concerning the 12/02/15 Staged Assault at the San Diego VA MTS Bus Hub-( the Audio of that assault is below in a Video, and Remember The San Diego Prosecutor’s Public Defender’s are LAW ENFORCEMENT, Oh Geeze whats this here, it’s  a You Tube Title and The You Tube’s URL of
  21. San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defeders Repeat GangStalker Suck My Dick GangStalk Oh My God
  23. Do You See any Identicle Harrassment in these Tweets-( Click on ALL” EACH” Tweet Observe each One and Scroll within each one because some of the Individual Ones you intially see when You Bring up any of these tweets Have Tweets attached to them
  25. Now in the Above Immediate Video what you are Witnessing  is at least 3 San Diego Prosecutor’s, and at least 3 San Diego Public Defender’s ALL Standing and Sitting together within 1 Foot of each other engaging in the Intentional Felony Criminal Harrasment  for Leslie to hear and experience ,and in order to commit this Crime together working in concert ,the Way they Did It, TOGETHER, Openly, it’s  apparent Conspiracy to commit this Act was involved, making it Conspiracy under the Color of Auhority,for their Employment description’s are Law Enforcement, because leslie was already all ALL over the Internet Stating that person’s are REPEATING GangStalk OH My God BACK TO BACK,at MULTIPLE Places INCLUDING Hiking Area’s and along her Route’s, well when you listen to what their doin and How their doing it it’s obvious that it was If not rehearsed that they were ABSOLUTELY briefed on what to do, HOW to do it because their Doin it Together BACK TO BACK and remember  these Employment description’s ARE Law Enforcement,and know this Alex McDonald leslie’s Public Defender ( Whom leslie petitioned the Court to get rid of 3 Time’s and they whould’nt allow it,
  26. Alex Mc Donald was ABSOLUTELY abusive toward’s Leslie in MANY WAY’s) Alex  was standing RIGHT THEIR With them, WITHIN 1 Foot of them, Laughing as it all is Occurring, Now the Above Video, the Criminality exposed, occurred in The San Diego Court House Department 9- A Court room on the 2’nd Floor on 10/23/15, as leslie was standing right outside the Door with the Door Open around 1 Foot,Leslie was their attending a Court Proceeding because of the Ticket she got in Rose canyon on 8/9/15, later on in that court room leslie attempted thru the Courts to dismiss Alex, AGAIN THEY WHOULD’NT allow it.
  27. Now here are at least 6 Coorelation’s, that can be cross referenced to the ABove Video of the Prosecutor’s and Public Defender’s, that disclose’s IDENTICLE TO A Tee Harrassment Multiple Date’s /Location’s/Person’s, Scrutinize Slowly and Carefully Follow all Instruction’s, and you will see TRUTH
  28. Observe this Video Made at the Hiking area that leslie was at,at the time the Video was made,which was the same area ” Property” leslie was staying at  when she called the Clyde lewis Show on 9/17/13 ( It’s Show Link and More Concerning it are Below- she literally called the show on that date AT THAT AREA )
  29. Cross reference everything leslie States on this Show, but what’s being Immedatley introduced to you is Her stateing on the Show how she is Harrassed at that area and Along her route’s ( and this is Talked about in other area’s of this Blog as well) remember that show was Broadcasted on 9/17/13, a Isolated DEDICATED Date
  30. Now Look at this, At Exactly ,16:24 she is exposing the ThanksGiving event , but it is alot Easier to Clearly hear it transpiraring in the Video that’s Directly Below it- which was made at the Same Area- But check this Out-what does she say at Exactly 10:10-10:26 That Homeless Skanks who set themselves up to hike out exactly 100 feet away from her that Yell GangStalk and THEN Laugh ABOUT it Non Stop Meaning That its Repeated- Now look at its Publish date Then Go Back and Listen to and Look at the Date of when The San Diego Prosecutors  and Public Defender’s were Caught and where,them being caught  DOING THE SAME EXACT IDENTICLE TO A TEE thing that she mention’s in the 12/20/13 Xmas Comedy Video Directly below- Remember this Xmas Comedy Video show’s her showing her Phone DATE and Time at the Begining and the Date it was Published to You tube clearly proves it was Published Before she caught the San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defender’s,- Meaning that who used them are responsible for setting up ALL ALL Homeless persons that have ever Been Propped up around her on Property’s she goes to to Rest at, Hide Property on, Camp at ,or duck into to, to Be by herself for a while,to get away from the Harrasment she endure’s along her route’s, EVERYDAY, this Blog expose’s  HARRASSMENT that IS Identicle to a Tee- and Know this the Thanksgiving perpetrators one of them was one of the Men They propped up on that property to Hike Out Camp Out, WITHIN 10 Day’s of Leslie Moving their, that harrassed her EVERYDAY for over 2 years in the SAME WAY, most of the Time NON STOP
  31. 2/21/13 Learning Disabled Woman makes a Xmas Comedy Video To Make you Laugh
  33. Same Wooded area in this Video that’s in the Immediate Above Video, the Thanksgiving event is Played and ALOT more Clearly Heard, You will hear GangStalk  GangStalking GangA Stalking Og My God GangA Stalking Ill Fuck you up BE NICE being Repeated and their Both saying it together TIMED to say it together, meaning that it was rehearsed before they approached leslie- in the Thanksgiving event exposed in the Video here listen  you’ll listen to her playing the Thanksgiving incident, listen  carefully you’ll also hear them say OH MY GOD
  34. 4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disabled Woman Lajolla Ca
  36. And this is Leslie Proving that the Thanksgiving perpetrators was one of the three Main Men They propped up at that wooded area to harrass her LISTEN to what she say’s Carefully and then What she expose’s
    Please Excuse leslie’s language SHE DOE’s NOT talk like this as  far as it being Part of her Personality – But Consider ,this WILD ANIMAL she is talking to is a Criminal Liar, Who Harrassed her EVERYDAY for over 2 Year’s at that area and At time’s along her route’s.
    The Thanksgiving Event Occurred on Gillman Road the Two Men that played a role in it came out of the LaJolla Hideaway Condaminium Parking Lot and entered the Side walk as leslie was appraoching the driveway that  goes into the Parking Lot and they INTENTIONALLY obstructed her ability to continue to ride her Bike IT WASNT dark out yet- UNDERSTAND leslie had just left the Villa LaJolla Sq Drive Plaza were Ralphs and the Movie theater is- in her tape recorder as she was preparing to leave this Plaza SHE ABSOLUTELY stated I’m heading to a Specific Area let’s see if anyone harrasses me, assaults me, robb’s me on my way to it and within 10 minutes the event occurred when you listen to the Thanksgiving event you will notice they BOTH SAID Gang Stalk together, their not saying to each other ” OK now is the Time to say it, or let’s say it now- their both saying it in a schncronized time, but right before they said it the One who was the one that harrassed her at the Wooded area that’s already been discussed above and is discussed in this Immediate video Below DID HANDSIGNAL the other one, here we witness truth, and as a result of you witnessing the sychnronized way the Prosecutors and public defenders did it above we can easily deduce the one’s who are hosting this ARE the Same ones who are Using EVERYONE that’s done and still is hosting it- CONSPIRACY, I Gaurantee you the Pereptrators of this Crime are UNDERESTIMATING Leslie
    Witness truth and KNOW IT
    11/04/14 BEST EVIDENCE Video GangStalking Of Leslie Williams Learning Disabled Woman
    What you Just witnessed, and the evidence below concerning the Rose Canyon events , IN WHICH LESLIE USED the Police to Expose the Police, Partial Payback for the STAGED 2006 event SDPD, LITERALLY INDISPUTIBLY Proves leslie is Tracked and Harrassed and MORE at, and to, wooded area’s, because of GangStalking Crimes, it INDISPUTIBLY proves it so read the Following carefully and see Truth and one Woman’s resolve to use the Persons connected to this crime to expose they are.
    Like For instant in t\he Past couple of Days Leslie heard a Person as they went by her ” Say GangStalking are you going to use Homeless men to Assault her- she let them pass her waited around 1.5 Hours and sttrted walking she then got her shoe lace caught in the Peddle of her bike as she attempted to move the Pedal with her foot as she was walking she said Shit, then she said lets see if anyone harrass’s me threatens me assaults me lets see if you start hearing people talking  into her tape recorder as soon as she said this a Homeless man started to approach her so as a Result of her not knowing if he was going to approach her to assault her rob her Including without saying a word she enticed him to say something bu saying hey what are you guys doin in their- They imediatley said get the Fuck Out of here FAG your tresspassing on private property- ( Leslie wasnt on the Property-  and they were on property they didnt own CAMPING, Whats the point of writing this Three  Things, what she heard 1.5 hours before WHICH she verbally Documented in her recorder , then what she predicted and how she was imediatley approached and harrassed WITHIN Secounds of stating it , and the Fact that this staged event was desighned to make it appear verbally that they did’nt know it was leslie by TAILORING their Dialog by Calling her a FAG, Pretending to mistake her for a MAN – this is done because the ones that use these people want to camoflauge their intent of the Harrassment and everything they plan on doin so the event doesnt look PURPPOSEFUL INTENTIONAL Towards leslie Meaning that the Ones who propped them up KNOWS SHE Wears a Tape Recorder, THEY Learning concerning the Thanksgiving event or they wanted leslie to expose teh Thanksgiving event because theoir is a Great Likeleihgood teh Police are privatley arresting some of the perpetrators who have been used all the While Intentionally not letting leslie know about it – For instant Leslie strongly suspects Eastern Division detectives have arrested two different men Pertaining to the Staged 1010/11 MTS Assault The assault video is below , both men NOT being the Actual Assaliant- WHY, Detention Centers Jails and prisons MAKE FEDERAL Dollars and Possible Insurance fraud in Jail,Racketeering
    And also consider this Leslie knows for a FACT A LITERAL FACT SDPD UCSD and Other Law Enforcement in Ca Is Connected to these Crimes ABSOLUTELY- so their Used to Ticket and or Jail  her  for Illegal Lodging Tresspasing Encroachment and or tell leslie to leave property’s and  being banned thru the Courts after a Staged event wheir the Police bring her to the Courts thru Tickets and or arrests shes then banned from the Property meaning she cannot go back and get her property YET  THESE SAME, THESE SAME Criminal Maggots are Propping up Low Life Social Deviants on property’s she goes to to engage in a SLEW of techniques towards her HAVING THEM CAMP on the Property to do it, and EVERYTIME they have staged things on Property’s Leslie has Suffered Massive Finacial and Property Loss , and this is the Most Minor aspect of this Crime leslie is Enduring WHOULD YOU not have a LITERAL Utter Distain for the Police if you were CONSTANTLY Experencing this, Day after Day Week after Week YEAR after YEAR Non STOP
    Also Know Leslie stumbled upon a Human Skeleton on 1/26/14 in Rose Canyon she called the Police because she didnt want a Child Stumbling across it They kept baiting her to tell them wheir she was Camping- She finally told them, she also REPEATEDLEY Told them she was being harrassed at that area , they never did anything- and on 07/09/14 when she was assaulted at that area and called SDPD she told them that the Thanksgiving perpetrator moved from wheir he was staying on that property to another location around 250 Away from her in the Opposite direction of her,on that property, she said she heard him the Night before THEY DID NOTHING, SDPD, so who is Controlling SDPD
    12/29/16 Statement in the Last two weeks leslie has had to Move 3 Times and Has Suffered Massive Finacial Loss Because the Criminal Animal’s Propped up another Homeless skank on the Property she visits, The Police Courts and Everyone connected to any Ticket Arrests Assaults, Robberies Property Damage or Incident on this Property,or any other property which they are aware of wheir leslie goes when she goe’s places to probe area’s to utilize to at least nbe by herself thru GPS tracking and any Resulting Court Proceeding that stem from it ARE ARE Either Part of the Syndacite or Completely Controlled by it, WILL ABSOLUTELY Lie about them being aware of it” The Event being Staged” ABSOLUTELY, alway’s remember this, the Police and the One’s who propp up the Low Life’s they Utilyze around her, and or toward’s her absolutely know leslie Has a Video Camera and wheirs a Tape recorder on her at all times So they Adjust what they Do and SAY to make it appear that Leslie is to Blame for the event and or that Leslie is accidently Stumbling across them or their stumbling across her, they TAILOR , reherse their Verbal Dialog  ” before the event,the Ones who are used are TOLD what/ how to say  and what they do- because the Result of the Event is to ALWAYS bring about negative effects of the Target and or their Finances so they have to make it appear that the Initial Physical Interaction came about by and thru normal appearing Excuses reasons and MIshapp’s.
    So here is a Example:
    Thru the In Real time AT ALL TIme’s Illegal Criminal GPS Tracking of the Target and Covert Physical Survallance they Track the Target,EVERYWHEIR the Target goe’s weither the target is Stationary and or Mobile and How long their at, at ANY Given Time on ANY PROPERTY,meaning thattheir able to ascertain if she is a a Sopt for 40 Minute’s( they wait until she leaves they ythen check that spot to see if she hid property So they Can Use this Information to propp up the Low life they use to hangOut Camp out right next to it ( Things leslie uses to survive)
    So they Know Leslie is Homeless Because these Crime syndacites in the System Made leslie Homeless as well as THOUSANDS of other Targets all over America-
    So they Know a Person Has to sleep and that they have to have Clothes and essential’s to Survive ” Sleeping Bags Heat Warmers tarps  tent’s ETC…so thru the tracking they track you to the Wooded area and then thru deduction based on the In real Time tracking and the Knowledge of  why the person’s on the  property they watch how long the victim is at EVERY Spot on the Property- The Spot  where they Spent 8-12 Hours Sleeping and Coodinating property, the Other Spots on the Property the Target hide’s property on – the walking routes the Target took to get to each of these Spots and the path the Target uses to enter and leave the Property, and this is How their able to know wheir to stage a event at For instant Google how Gangstalking propps up persons at Entrances and Exits- research what comes up THISS ALONE should tell you their tracking target’s
    So here is a Illustration of a Staged event and how the Same Filthy maggots rely on  Plausible Deniability to mask the Intent, the Stalking of GangStalking is Illegal Tracking they know wheir the Target goes and wait until the Target leave’s
    , thru the Recent and Past Survallence they cataloged all of the Targets spot’s and Routes to Each Spot the Target took so what they do is say to themselves here is the Spot she used to sleep at They tracked her being Stationary at one Spot for 10 Hours
    Their aware the Paths she takes to get to spots she ends up at for at least 8 Hour’s they then wait until she leaves and propp’s up the Social Deviants along that walking path to get to that spot, and intiate ANY KINDVE staged event, and no matter who calls the Police they state How can we be stalking her SHE WALKED UPON US because stalking is Being Followed UNDERSTAND, the Staged event is brought about and implemented thru the Survallance THE TRACKING and this is how they denie its thru the talking of GangStalking Crimes.
    The Perpetrator’s who are Staging all of this Toward her ARE LITERALLY, Literally Repeating THE SAME EXACT IDENTICAL to a Tee TECHNIQUES at all Hiking, Resting area’s she GOES Too THE SAME EXACT IDENTICLE Techniques at over 23 Different area’s, since 2011 in Ca,
     She goes to a Area Gets set up Has to Move goes to a Next one gets set up has to move NON STOP NONSTOP moving, and this is How they Tie targets up in the Buisnesnes of moving so their not availibale to do what- GO TO A LAWYER’S and to  Prepare to go to a Lawyer- They have been doin this to leslie NON STOP since 8/9/11, the Date leslie arrived in San Diego from Connecticut
    Now here is a Slight Temporary deviation of the Subject matter you just read that subject matter will be expanded upon after you observe these Item’s
    Cross Reference what you about to read and Shove it into the Face of “WHO- Curtis Web Him being exposed below because his sick criminal ass is involved? in these types of crimes ALWAYS remember leslie has been exposing the Following since at least 2009 and Now its being exposed by many targets who have been able to mentally understand their doin this to Woman Young Men and Children Neural  Brain Entrainment for Human Trafficking Operations one of the Main Criminal Motivations of this Crime,Achievied thru Remote Neural Monitoring Cooregraphing and Brain Stimulation/ Amplification/ of whats entrained, V2K and Voice Morphing,
    Most of the Victims of this Aspect of this Crime dont know its happening to them the same are trapped In the Victimization and Compeltely Controlled This is the Main reason why the exposure of this aspect of this crime is not widely known YET , and the Syndacite K ows leslie knows the thruth about this and HOW its Done and Gangstalking crimes PLAY a huge aspect in this and always reme,ber who is exposed in this blog are LITERALLY part of the GangStalking Meaning POLICE,UNDERSTAND leslie is doin what she is doin because of WHAT is EXPOSED RIGHT HERE
    See the Comment- on this web Site and KNOW TRUTH look for this person in the Blog link immediatley below then Google Gangstalking and Tennessee

    22ND May 22, 2015

  37. Remote Neural Monitoring being used for Brain Entrainment and resulting Brain Stimulation of what’s entrained ” Acheived thru GangStalking Techniques for Neural Enslavment for COMPLETE Sexual Enslavment for Human Trafficking Look at the Comments feature of this Post Concerning Tennessee Police and More being Conneted to techknology that’s being used to control woman for Human Trafficking and Prositution, Leslie has been EXPOSING THIS FOR YEARS Here is the Link
  38. Yeah ,So why isnt this Criminal ? BIT## assisting Gangstalking Victims, and when you search this Site THOURGHLY you will discover Buisnees’s, by Law  are supposed to report suspected Human Trafficking Victims to the Attorneys General and or Police YET Leslie has Massive Massive evidence of Buisness’s playing a Huge role in the GangStalking of her which is directly connected to human Trafficking, and this Blog Proves it Indisputibly ABSOLUTELY
    Then Observe these 3 Link’s SAME Thing- This is what leslie has  Been exposing going all the way back to 2009 and leslie has ALWAYS ALWAYS Implicated the Police, Fire Departments Doctors Government’s and more being Directly Connected to it ABSOLUTELY, this Tecknologiy LITERALLY Neurally SEXUALLLY enslves a Human Being meaning that the Victim no longer has ANY Control over their Decsion making or their Body concerning being sexually enslaved and the Perpetrators KNOW LESLIE know’s about and how it works they KNOW IT FOR A FACT

    RIYAD RASHEED MAIN TERRORIST DIRECTORATE HUMAN ……/terrorist-directorate-human-trafficker.html

    May 24, 2012 – Administration that Riyad Rasheed who is controlling India alone as DON SIMI …. He is not only using the Human Trafficking/Remote Brain Mapping for … REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING) main feature is using Human Body …

    You visited this page on 10/27/16.


    May 15, 2011 – … Terrorist Directorate Human trafficking/REMOTE BRAIN MAPPING in INDIA … His one TERRORIST team is SIMI Terrorist group in INDIA, He is sitting at … Similar each human bodies have unique Bio-Electromagnetic field, to track …. REMOTE BRAIN MAPPING – REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING signal

    Remote Neural Monitoring~A Living Nightmare Imposed Upon …

     Brian Tew Sued the FBI and SDPD his lawsuit can be found by searching Legal Data Bases I beleive it occurred in either 2013 -2014, when you listen to this youll hear him say Im on a Trolley Heading to Old Town- Which is in San Diego
    Former DOD Contractor Bryan Tew Discusses Conscious Computers & Mind Control


    Sep 23, 2016 – Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite Harassment/Terrorism Awareness … This is how illegal criminal Human Trafficking and Racketeering …

    So this Song is Dedicated to the Skull Fuck that’s coming and Make no mistake about it its coming, here’s a Robot Feeling Love Baby, and if USD the University of San Diego Police beleive Leslie has forgotten about them THEY RE WRONG
    Donna Summer – I Feel Love [16:9 Official HD Video]
    Here is a Example of Staged Provacation’s they bring against a Target-
  39. Anyone can Google GangStalking Organized Stalking to Psychological Operation’s Classical Conditioning, Sensitization Techniques,

    and Throughly invesitgate what comes up from each of these description’s- Look at how many blogs come up from each one and you will deduce that Psychological Conditioning and Harrassment is one of the Biggest aspects of this crime INTENTIONALLY perpetrated,

  40. Now Basic General and Personal Psychological Mechanisms, operations are Propped up in order to create and excite a Mental Emotional Physical Response and effect, another term that is used for this aspect of this crime is called Psyhic Driving wheir they Drive the Target Psychology “their Thinking” by and thru saying and or doing things that lead’s the target to respond in certain ways- leading their Thinking and or Physical Action’s ,
  41. Ok So here is How and what IN PART they have been doing to leslie in 4 States since the Open GangStalking has started towards her in 2002
  42.  So think about what it is Like Having to Constantly Move what it takes to do it get situated, then to have to re move while trying to get daily needs met while trying to Make sure you Pshycially avoid the Wild Maggots their Utilyzing, while also having to move when it rain’s because some area’s get flooded out and consider this if they ” Thru the Tracking” deduce your utilyzing one spot to rest at and then you utilyze another one when it rains they will propp Up the Useless Maggots to take over the Spot you use when it rains to trapp you in the area that Flood’s LITERALLY LITERALLY and they creatively Covertly let you know that it is done intentionally by things they will propp up for the target to see and or hear that they know the target knows is connected to Gangstalking, not to mention what it takes to recover from the Rain and Floods even Including being trapped on the Property until the Water’s receed, see Gangstalking is a Crime that Intentionally create’s and reInforces Hate Dissemanation because Victimization and ReVictimization is a ABSOLUTE Main Feature of these Crime’s, and they Will go to ANY LENGTH to make you experience this crime, so consider this and cross reference it to what you just read,
    Google how these Maggot’s will rent Adjacent Apartments Motel Rooms next to their Victim’s How they’ll utilize Tennants that live above Across next to and below a Target for harrassment How also Neighbors are used to harrass a Victim, so by looking at that These are AVENUES RIGHT around the Victim, do you honestly think they wont track a Victim to a Wooded area and deduce how the Traget is surviveing then Throw Wrenches into these survival Techniques top make teh Victim feel Helpless, to put them in Intentional Dispair and for provacations ABSOLUTELY
    So maybe we should look at Rape and Gangstalking and How FBI Agent’s are connected to it, You Tube John Hall extensiveley To Gangstalking and you’ll hear him expose this, Payback Whore’s for your Crime’s,
    Another Thing the Picture of the Implants introduced in this Blog Clearly Expose Ear Implant’s as well that are accessed thru Radio Wave’s- Well Leslie has Noticed on line that Beverages like Orange Juice ETC Acidic Beverages Comprmise the Functionality at least temporaliy of them because the Acidic Acid interfers with the Radio Signal’s _ Consider Acid was used as Battery’s back in Egyptian Pharoh Days and it is Still being utilyzed today, so whenever lesslie has Orange Juice Both Ear’s Massively React to it even to the Point that she cannot hear LITERALLY, and EXPERIENCES MASSIVE pain when she Drinks Orange Juice in Her Ear’s- also Know if you ever see her close up Do you notice how leslie’s Hair Right around her ears is Silver and Whiteish grey, is this because the Microwave Radio Signal’s are Frying the Hair Folicals around this Area of her Head, and she has seen this Stated by Other Target’s, hair conducts Electricity – Edison tryed to Use hair as a Filimaent for his Light bulbs when he was attempting to develop create Light, because it CONDUCTS, Hold’s Current, but the Hair Burns out, because its Cross Sectional/differential is not big enough to hold the Current in the  Time Ratio Transmission’s, and when the Implant is CONSTANTLY accessed the Hair Burns Out , You Just whould not believe how Leslie is LITERALLY Being Tortured EVERYDAY, the ear Implants and MORE are being used for the Computer to Brain Feedback Loop Torture aspect of this CRime DAILY DAILY even Nightly, alot of the Time NON STOP, and teh Government WILL LIE ABPOUT EVERY BIT of it- so You Tube this NOW NOW
    “OSEH Bio Ethic’s Issues” Hundred’s of Videos of GangStalking Victims testifying about being Tortured DAILY
    Daniel Estulin  Clyde Lewis and Leslie Williams Ground Zero- February 5, 2014 Leslie on Ground Zero Remote Neural Monitoring, Exposed They CAN SEE THRU YOUR EYES Then Look at Snap Screen Shot of Nano Dots in Leslie’s Eyes, Ots in the enclosed Tweet Chain ABove)
    and this is Leslie on Ground Zero on 05/01/13

    Julianne McKinney on microwave harassment and mind control

    Do you Notice the University of Southern California and Memory Mapping, well Google Remote Neural Monitoring and Memory Mapping and Memory Stimulation then RNM top GangStalking, Non Concensual Human Experiementaion TREATING a Human as a Monkey and IT IS ABSOLUTELY Encompassing Torture MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT

    A.I. Lucifer’s Vessel/Part 1 Can U Hear Me Now!-Nicholson1968

    Ohh Geeze what’s this

    University of California implicated In Synthetic Telepathy
    Do You Notice Synthetic Telepathy and Gangstalking in this News Braodcast Yeahhhhh Babbby
    Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment On MSNBC News!
    Leslie Williams on Ground Zero Show on September 17 2013 Exposing ELF Weapons, used on Gang Stalking Victim’s & Is GangStalked in San Diego & was GangStalked to Apartments &Made Homeless & Her Ex Husband a Submarine Radar Antenna Electrician Navy, Now Look at all Dates Videos & Documents Compare to Leslie’s Statements Govt Mind Control Technologies Dr. John Hall: Navy Yard Shooter -ABC News  FBI Investigation
    U C Davis Professor Exposes Mind Control Technology
    Now what do you See at exactly 2:38 Into this Video-
    REMOTE CONTROL-Getting You Ready For The Mark of the Beast
    What you see is WHAT is in Both of Leslie’s eye’s and MORE- ABSOLUTELY NonConcesually Put thier US Miltary Strongly Susupected DAPRA, OBSERVE and KNOW KNOW TRUTH
    It’s Being Exposed first and Foremost for the SAKE OF TRUTH Secoundary Reason is a ABSOLUTE Direct Payback For subjecting Leslie to YEARS of MASSIVE GangStalking Abuse at U of M Dearborn Mi Campus Wheir AMONST Other Thing’s they Repeatedley Called her a MONKEY- Dearborn Police and U of M Campus Saftey will experience one Day Legal Wrath leslie will WILL circle their wagons to bring it about MAKE NO MISTAKE about it
    Now do you think its a Accident that a CIA Whistle Blower who’s exposing Curtis Web is stating he has the Same thing- how can these Implants be used- they Interface with a Computer that Holds Massive amounts of data- Rent the New Movie Robo Cop
    JUST DO IT,to see how he Receive’s Neural Upload’s of Data and is able to see them in his Mind/Video Cortex for in real time Data Anaylyse’s and You’ll BEGIN TO SEE and KNOW, If Americans Had a clue to what leslie Really knows and Experience’s You Just Whould’nt belive it FLAT OUT UNDERSTAND
  43. For Instance LISTEN CLOSELY CLOSELY and you will Witness In your Face Neural Monitoring and INfluencing FLAT OUT this is Leslie 3/26/16 Remote Neural Monitoring EVIDENCE GangStalking RESEARCH C Description
  45. Print this
  46. gmail-12-23-2016-prediction
  47. This is a Prediction made on 12/23/16 as of 12:03 PM it applys for 30 days and Nights Paste it in a Email file in order to Isolate its Date and timew of Prediction
    The Immmediate above is being ReIntroduced as a Payback AGAIN for the Homeless Asshole that HAS BEEN Propped up on a Property Leslie has Undenibale Evidence of being GangStalked at He was Propped up within a Day of Leslie exposing San Diego District Attorneys Office Office Curtis Web WITHIN this Blog Last Week- Pay Back Mother Fuckers if he is used as a patsy if he assaults lesslie Robbs her and  or steals any property IT WILL BE TO Stage a Event/Provacation including with staged witness’s to bring the Police, if leslie ends up Missing or Murdered UNDERSTAND she hangs AROUND NO ONE she doesnt drink or Do drugs and she is Not Violent, these are STAGED Propped up persons REMEMBER THIS ALWAYS, was anyone propped up to camp out around any places leslie hid property at GEEZE how convientant- REMEMBER GPS TRacking Down to the FOOT

UCSD was  HUGE HUGE HUGE Player’s in what has Happened to leslie ABSOLUTELY and they havent been Forgotton, ALWAYS Remember UCSD Police and the UCSD BioMedical Library Staff and Security Including the Library’s Office employee’s ABSOLUTELY, ABSOLUTELY, LESLIE DOES NOT LIE

Oh geeze GangStalk Oh My God and More repeated around Leslie at UCSD Club Med Restraunt in 2012, one of many Video’s Listen to it for it being repeated and then Go Back and Listen to the Prosecutor’s and Public Defender’s doing the SAME Exact Identicle thing- who did it at UCSD Club Med Restrauant – EMPLOYEES student’s and Other UCSD Staff and Employee’s of the San Diego VA Hospital right next door Meaning that UCSD Employee’s Know WHO GOT them to do it UNDERSTAND

Yeahh Baby- leslie has over, OVER at least 150 Audio files of this Occurring around leslie EVERYTIME SHE WENT TO UCSD .

Before you Continue UNDERSTAND Their is Information in this Blog Showing Leslie Stating she was expericning the SAME EXACT Identicle Harrassment in 2012 BEFORE Moving to LaJolla Which Included the Wooded area that’s imediatley exposed above, Remember Look at PUBLISH Dates- She Moved their in October 2012

UCSD Gangstalking caught being Repeatedly said 8/16/2012 around Target of this Crime 3-of -3

And this is the event that Caused Leslie to have to go to Court in which the Prosecutors and Public Defender’s office whould, NOT ALLOW leslie to present this Confession as evidence concerning the Ticket she got from this Event( the Tweet sent to SDPD Cheif Zimmerman sent to her the Day before that’s discussed in this Video, that tweet is in this Blog, this event occurred on 8/9/15 in Rose Canyon,Right up the street from the wooded area that is in the Video’s directly Above

RIGHT UP THE STREET, their are 3 Video’s dedicatated to this event which occurred on 8/9/15

8/26/15 San Diego Park Ranger Says It Worked when told she Baited Police to come to her

Now Look at the Publish date’s of these Video’s

This is the 3’rd Video of the 8/9/15 Rose Canyon Event WHAT Do you hear leslie state she experiences along her route and How its been Caught and How two set’s of eveidence of it being Caught wheir Played to 3 SDPD Officer’s and two San Diego Park Ranger’s on 8/9/15 In Rose Canyon

Cross reference the Statements leslie states concerning How she’s harrassed to what leslie Played these Law Enforcement officers to then the Video of the San Diego Public Defenders and Prosecutor’s DOIN THE SAME IDENTICLE Harrassment Month’s Later that’s exposed above

8/9/15 GangStalking Audio Evidence Played to SDPD Officers they Denie they Heard Harrassment

Then Look at this Picture Concerning GangStalking Trigger words  being used to Do what ACTIVATE Implants, Yeah Baby ARE WE SEEING the Coorelation Now, Open Up this Email and Zoom in on the Diagram Notice GangStalking Trigger Word’s, Crime’s Harrasment being Used to assist in the Biological and  Neurological Torture of the Victim- How is explained Briefly below the Picture below this Gmail PDF Link


In GangStalking Crimes the Perpetrators of this Crime Classically Condition ” MENTALLY Associate, 2-3-4 ETC Visual and or Audible Stimuli Phsyical Gestrure’s Word’s and Phrase’s Sound’s Certain Type’s of Person’s, Etc this Technique is called sensitization, which can be Googled and You Tubed and Cross referenced to GangStalking and Classical Conditioning can Also Be Googled and You Tubed to these crime’s as well” (It’s a  Pshycholgy term” ) the Goal is to make  a Target to be Sensitive to a Word Phrase Physical Gesture Sound Color Types of person’s etc by presenting it During and or  prior to a  Victimization Traumatization that is brought about toward’s them Intentionally, Staged  thru Gangstalking Crime’s

Research Sensitization Techniques of GangStalking thourghly to  understand- what they are, are Intentionally created staged Traumaization’s that are PAIRED with the Stimuli’s that are presented as the trauma’s are being formed then the stimuli is repeated mostly thru Duped Community Members and Business Employee’s ETC as a Result of them being used by Organized crime members in the System that have the Community connections and resources to connect with Buisness Universities Libraries ETC ” The Manifesto of a Manager of GangStalking crew’s is in this Blog Take Note of what ” How Persons are Used ie.. statements that to be Understood in it, by realyzing that Slander is told to people who are used towards the target Overtly and Directly- and that they agree to do whats asked because their told the Target is a Criminal- others are used like Social Deviants the Poor Homeless persons because their payed)”-The Target is ABSOLUTELY being lied about, by the Worst of the Worst )and their just told to repeat these things around the target as a result of them Knowing wheir the Target is at AT ALL TIMES, whenever the stimuli is represented a Target has a mental and Emotional and Psysiological Response Remote Neural Monitoring has Cooregraphed the Frequency’s of the EEG  signature’s that were formed and reinforced POTENTIATED, as teh Stimuli was Introduced and CONTINUALLY ReIntroduced,and the Emotional Cluster Frequencies as a Result of In real Time Remote Neural Monitoring of the Traget as their Expericing and reexperincing the stimuli, its called Hetro Dyening, so the stimuli produces a Neural Emotional and Psycoilogical Response frequency that is then Matched and tweeked to interface with the Frequency of the Implant it then does what- It releases radiation in the Brain and Blood EVERYTIME the Target is represented with the Stimuli

Mind control microwave EEG tracing by satellites brainwaves V2K ELF

REMOTE CONTROL-Getting You Ready For The Mark of the Beast
and what your about to read and See and hear in these Video’s UNDERSTAND
at least 30 Times leslie has Felt ELECTRONIC Stings and Electronic Access at teh VERY VERY Spots Both of these Video’s expose THROAT- she feels them at at least 30 Places on her Body the Last time she felt it was so bad she had to turn off her phone Lie down and LITERALLY Hold and Press these spots until the Pain Stopped IT WAS ELECTRICAL,PS before you watch These UNDERSTAND though Targets Evoked Potential ARE ARE being Coorgraphed thru Remote Neural Monitoring and Stimulated and Monitored in Real time AT ALL TIMES, Also Know ANY Speech including SubVocal Speech a Target EVER Engage’s in, the Phonics of it and the Fequenices of each Proccessed Sound is Monitored and Cooregraphed and can Be Forced Back thru the Speech Centers of the Brain to be ReThought or expressed IN ANY Situation including in the Presesnce of Police Courts Doctors ETC , And what are they Capable of- Google Remote Neural Monitoring and Induced Speech Forced Speech- It is ABSOLUTELY LITERALLY strongly Suspected leslie has at least 30 Implant’s in her Biological System ALL of them NonConcensually Put their
Her Body is Walking and Talking EVIDEENCE


Stop 007 – Remote neural monitoring (Basics)

12/31/15 Park Ranger Confessing He Lied at Evidentary Hearing on November 16th 2015

This assualt was predicted 4 Times within a Hour before it occurred including it being predicted weir it whould occur at BEFORE arriving at the San Diego VA MTS Bus Hub wheir it occurred at in leslie’s tape recorder by leslie TAPE RECORDER”S DONT LIE

12/31/15 UPDATE UPDATE Audio Of Brutal Assault at SD VA on December 2’nd 2015

So KNow this Thru the Tracking of leslie( INCLUDING TRacking her down to the FOOT LITERALLY- will they Propp up Homeless persons, Social Deviants Mentally Ill Person’s Crazies Around leslie or Any of hwer Property Onc;uding stealing it even makeing sure she see’s them with it – TO PROVOKE HER to propvake a Event so The Police can Be Called even By Leslie if a False accusation form whoever they use call’s them a Staged witness or if they steal something leslie is carrying and or on her person TO PROVOKE her to call the Police are they SETTING THIS UP NOW- Begining the Day after Leslie just recently Exposing the link in this Blog concerning Curtis Web San Diego Distrcit Attorneys office Officer yeah Baby ITS link is in this Blog- what timeing THE DAY AFTER was a Person propped up on property leslie may gop tp Yeahh Babbyyyy Hoqw conveniant,

Google Homeless people and GangStalking

Above Paragraph Continued wheir Law Enforcement Participate in this Crime is Introduced and Discussed

  1. and San Diego District Attorney’s Member’s are Law Enforcement, Did Leslie Recently in November Flat out catch a SDPD Officer engaging in GangStalking harrasment on Audio if she did why isnt she exposing it- MAYBE because theirs a Chance Law Enforcement may be Covertly prosecuting some of the Person’s GangStalking Victims are Complaining about while the Victim never finds out about it I.E meaning the Victim is being used to make reports and the Police target them The System Does benifit from arrests, is this one reason why they keep rotating Police Officers when 911 Is Called by leslie- Leslie has A ABSOLUTE COMPLTELEY Reasonble reason to be concerned about this because of two things she has Witnessed- so if she has this Evidence she’s holding onto it FOR NOW, possibly giving this SDPD Officer a Pass.
  2. PS, today’s date is 12/20/16 You Whouldnt beleive what leslie has had to endure just in these past 7 Days including because it rained – PREDICTION lets c if any persons are propped up on any property she selects and causes ANY event towards her and remember when they stage events they WILL stage the Witness’s
  3. Fellow Americans UNDERSTAND EVERYSINGLE TIME Leslie has Prepared to go to a Lawyer ( Online research of lawyer’s, Law Firms and Composing Letter’s in her Gmail Accounts t0 present to them ), she has either Been and or Arrested Ticketed Forced to Move ( which she has to do over 12 Time’s in ONE year,in the Past year and a Half,..either directly ( and or thru Psychological and or Pshysical  Intimidation-by and thru ,Homeless Person’s Street People -PROPPED up by the Syndacite Disguised as normal appearing event’s at Wooded area’s and on the Street- A: Extention-Now the (Threatening Text Message’s sent to her phone which the Police Lied about ”  SDPD” they Refused to Include in /on the Report the Threat’s were related to GangStalking Crime’s, and omitted on the Police report,that the Main Main Harrassment of these Text Message’s, over 35,was Absolutely Completely Apparent they were GangStalking Related one even said “were the responsible person’s for GangStalking you”,( and their are Video’s in this Blog showing them and her reporting gthem and a Copy of teh Police report concerning them, and the Location leslie was At when she Got them,all of them,was  ROSE CANYON City and County Property yeah Baby.and SDPD attached another Address concerning when the Text Messages were sent,her Tape Recorder proves what she told them and didnt, about when and wheir she got them..,And the San Diego Government has No idea One day leslie will ABSOLUTELY circle their Wagons Concerning the Monetary Loss of all of This MAKE no mistake about it, it will OCCUR, EVERYTHING leslie has set out to do to these Filthy Criminal Demeanted Maggot’s 89 % She has Accomplished using them for it, For Righteous Pay Back’s are a BITCH ( they also lied about How leslie ABSOLUTELY Reported to them on NUMEROUS Occassions that people were Being Propped Up Around her to Repeat GangStalk GangStalking GangStalker “Oh My God Weird Crazy Suck My Dick” ) in Which this Blog ABSOLUTELY UNDENIABLY INDISPUTIBLY PROVE’S, and when you listen to the Ground Zero Show with Clyde Lewis Leslie is On that link below -The 9/17/13 Broadcast, You will clearly Notice that Leslie exposed Many thing’s Includeing her stating how she is harrassed at her Current hiking area” “AT that time “and Along her Route’s that show has a Dedicated Date- The Prosecutor’s and Public Defender’s were Caught 2 years and one month Later- Proving she was telling the Truth Not Just about the Harrassment but also at ALL THE PLACES she was also exposing she was experiencing it at SDSU UCSD USD Universitie’s, Libraries MTS Bus Routes and trolley Routes, before and AFTER the Show’s date Broadcast and , Along her Route’s and AT HER HIKING AREA”S ( A- Continued,) when she reported it” The Text Messages and the 3 Letters-Which are below as well) and they SDPD used Bullshit excuses about how the Person( s)? got her P.O.Box Number and Phone Number and Letters sent to her at her P.O. Box , One of these Letter’s were written on Copy’s of San Diego County Letter Head’s) Above Continued-“of Arrests Tickets-Police)-Staged Property Theft and Assault’s Continued – & Thru Homeless person’s used” and Police and Courts) disguised as being banned, banned from a Property she was Arrested and or Ticketed on I.E.. not being able to return to get it” Even Though Leslie Caught on Tape and Video  San Diego Park Ranger’s OPENLY admitting that the Event was Staged Retaliation- Then Caught the Same Park Ranger admitt-” On Tape” on 11/30/15 that he Lied at the Evidentary hearing concerning the Ticket she got at the Staged event in Rose Canyon ( all that evidence is Below- leslie told the Judge and Public Defenders and Prosecutors about this Evidence they COMPLETELY ignored it and whould’nt allow her to present it in Court EVER after 9 request’s)and then Caught them WIDE Openly LITERALLY Engaging in GangStalking Verbal Harrassment that’s Listed Above on her Tape recorder,on 10/23/15 in the Court House San Diego,she Uploaded the Audio of that Harrassment to Video then Uploaded it, to You Tube, that Video Below-) and property being INTENTIONALY targeted by police Confiscated EVIDENCE- and MUCH MORE- Property that was so well hidden ” on Rose Canyon in May 2015, that it could’ve only been taken as a result of Survallance ABSOLUTELY, ABSOLUTELY, LITERALLY – Rose Canyon ) Assaults Property Thefts EVERY SINGLE TIME, in at least 3 State’s LITERALLY, LITERALLY since 2005 and this Technique Alone ” because of this has COST HER THOUSANDS THOUSANDS of Dollars,and Has Kept her Isolated within this Crime which has played a Huge Factor in all of the Explotation’s of it, of her CIRCUMSTANCE their Monoplyzing on THRU the Staged Events thru the Tracking- The Stalking of GangStalking- These Technique’s- allowed the Perpetrators TIME ” Wiggle Room to continue in things they did In between the time Frames of these event’s and event’s and the Effects and results of some of them- WHICH is How GangStalking Operate’s- this is why leslie took thenm to teh Monroe Apartment to prove they Track you to wheir you live and then Employ Techniques to make ypou Homeless to tehn Monoplolize on it THRU THE SURVALLANCE and tracking these Techniques were Applied thru Covert Conspiracy and staged to make them all appear that they happened thru Normal Appearing Excuses Reasons and Mishap’s, these things have also occurred a s a Result of reaching out to Newspapers the ACLU and Amnesty International, in which she was doin all of these things the Month before the Finally Stole her Rent out of the Mail, in Dearborn Mi, 410;00, they  then Expected her to Pay that rent over again and the Up Coming rent ( WITH NO GUARANTEE that whould’nt be Stolen- they Played her, using common Sense, that anyone in this Situation whould Prudently decide NOT pay it again- and the Apartment this occurred in was the Monroe Apartment in Dearborn Mi- In which this Blog INDISPUTIBLY Prove’s she was GangStalked to and at in Michigan) so Google USPS Workers and GangStalking -Then Mail Theft and Mail Delayment and GangStalking Yeah baby-The Goal was to Make her Homeless from this Apartment and to get her to go thru as much money over time by letting her rent it for 11 Month’s Leslie INTENTIONALY got this Apartment to entrap USPS- because they wheir indisputibly used in two Prior apartments thru TWO Postal Workers in Dearborn Mi One of them were directly connected to the Perpetrators that Infiltrated her life in Michigan in 1990-her name was Kate the Other one was Rose-It has been Leslie’s Goal since 2005 to Circle all Identified Prior Individuals and places used to prove their Connection’s to prior and when it was discovered present crime’s- HFCC and U of M ABSOLUTELY included- The Information in This Blog INDISPUTIBLY IDISPUTIBLY Proves that Leslie was GangStalked to at least 4 Apartments in Michigan Including her Last One, and Along her Route’s in Michigan, It proves her exposing to the Hartford Currant Newspaper article, that she complained about being GangStalked in Stamford CT and to the ST Luke’s Homeless shelter in Stanford Ct , She was Also GangStalked to Canton Ct and Hartord Ct wheir a Staged Arrest was implemented of her, Hartford Police Covertly Colluding with Travelor’s Insurance off of Main St and Pearl St, Buisness’s are all over the Internet being Implicated in the Strongest Possible Term’s and So are Police-( and when You Research this Crime Indepthly you will discover that Insurance Fraud is ” IS” one of the Biggest Criminal Motivations of this Crime, also Staged Falsified arrests are also a ABSOLUTE Technique Brought about towards victims of this crime-NEVER Ever trust the Police in any Way EVER if you are a GangStalking Victim, Because they are Literally Connected to this Crime and Completely controlled by it and DO NOT CARE ONE BIT what they do to you and how long the effects last concerning what they do to You- Their absolute CRIMINALS-LITERALLY, AND that’s all they ARE PERIOD. Again Google GangStalking and Police.Here is one of her Comments on a 2009 Post that was already  online Leslie made a Comment on it in 2011 right before leaving Stamford  ct , to go to Canton Ct to then Go to Hartford Ct she went to Hartford Ct to follow up on a Online Complaint she made to the ACLU at St Lukes Homeless Shelter,in Stamford Ct-concerning the GangStalking of her in Stamford Ct to St Lukes Homeless shelter and at it, The ACLU that covers the Stamford Community is located in Hartford, Ct- Google GangStalking perpetrators Cyber Survallance of targets internet Activitie’s, they knew she was goin their, and was arrested at the Bus Stop in front of the Insurance Building for carrying a 3″1/2 Pocket legal Pocket knife UnConcealed-( the Hartford Police changed the reason why they arrested leslie 5 TIME”S, and they kept changing the trial dates to then Position it right up to the date leslie was scheduled to leave Ct for San Diego- GEEZE HOW Conveinent, ( How Could they Know What her plans were ” She told this Couple from a Baptist Church them Being the ones who Took her to the Stamford St Luke’s shelter- Google Churches and GangStalking- Yeah Baby- always KNow This Down to the Marrow of your Bones This Crime could never even be expedited off the Ground without Conspiracy top committ it, and in order to Conspire a crime against someone You have to think it thru and to think is to share Information and BUILD around It- the Entire Crime of GangStalking is Based on Survallance Information Sharing and Conspiracy , their foundational Schemes built around the Information that is Accumulated thru the Survallance and Illegal GPS tracking,. ABSOLUTELY- so research Conspiracy Laws to see whats Stated within them to deduce the Pathologies of Criminal Thought, and remember EVERY CRIME that is Committed even in certain circumstances concerning crimes of passion have Conspiracy involved. “( you will also notice another woman replied to leslies Comment who was GangStalked to the Connected Homeless Shelter Company they owned at least 2 Homes one in Stamford ” St Luke’s and ,one in Norwalk, Norwalk is One Block Physically adjacent to Stamford Ct, Leslie also had to call the Police on the Activities she was expereincing at this Shelter THEY DID NOTHING,Observe,:–

    Connecticut Gangstalking – Get Satisfaction

    This is the Manifesto of  a Manager of GangStalking Crew’s, it was Wrote Offline She then went to a Internet Cafe and posted It- HUNDREDS of Target’s of this Crime have Incorporated it within their Blog’s-( It is Authentic _But its Not everything you need to know-Eight Thing’s things for you to immediatly Notice
    1: How Entire Police departments have Been Taken over,
    2: How these Crime Syndacite’s are Nation wide and use the Courts to Trapp their Target’s-
    (” That could Not occur without Police, District Attorney’s, Prosecutor’s, Public Defender’s, Judge’s Yeah Babbbyyyy- Welcome to your Introduction to Organized Crime in the system using the System to acheive their Objective’s, and to protect their Criminality- ( UHHHH– CT- Dearborn Mi- San Diego- Detroit Mi ” )
    3: How they STAGE Events ,which are called ” Street Theater’s” and Script them Out “PLANN them Out” before their Played out ” EXECUTED
    against a Target”- “and That right their should immediatley tell EVERYONE in order to stage a Event against a Target they Obviously have to know wheir the Target’s at- SURVALLANCE- Illegal GPS Tracking-The Stalking of GangStalking”- The Gang of GangStalking  is when they stage a Event and or Harrassment, and then use different persons to Gang Up on you to bring about a desired effect “Result”- the Motivation of the Event-the Result is Then Monoployzed on to gain something from the Target either Immediately and or in the Future Including using Police SDPD UCSD SDSD
    4: How their Capable of Making Sure the Right Mayor get’s in Office and How Mayor’s Aide’s are specifically Mentioned”-Hummmmm
    5:How the Syndacite is set up Compartmenalyzed IE…The Beureau of techknology- the Beureua of Travel” Bus Drivers Local and Maybe Greyhound ETC Amtrax? travel Agents,TSA ? Rental Car Companies ETC , aint nothing like provavcy and being tracked all over the Country Baby…
    6:Now Right here is something for you to Just take notice of- Victims of this Crime OVERTIME realize that the Only real entities that could pull off and protect what they do against them and THOUSANDS of Others is that its a Crime being expedited thru Alpha Bet Agencies, and their Local Connetcion’s ( Otherwise at the very least they’d be invesitgating them)
    and trust me some of the things target endure are LITERALLY beyond the average persons imaginiation, so lets consider takeing a look at something in this Manifesto.
    It discuss’s Life Extension Techknologies, Just stay with me- ok, so it states it Obviously it was stated because the person who wrote it was aware of something and thought it was significant enough to mention it- So lets look at this Briefly
    Below is a Link of the Ground Zero Show of 05/01/13 Leslie is On with Clyde Lewis but before he takes her call Freeman Clyde’s guest discuses how the International Space station has Mind Transfer techknologies,
    Now leslie is on another Clyde lewis show its link below on 2/5/14 with Daniel Estulan who’s all over You Tube Exposing Remote Neural Monitoring he was discussing his Book concerning transhumanism ( which is Part of the Illegal Non Concensual Human Experimentation occurring to GangStalking Victim’s) anyways leslie asks him if he’s ever hear of the Blue BRAIN Project- Which is the sister project of the 2045 Project he says no whier did you find this term Leslie states she ran across it as a Result of researching Mind Uploading Mind Hacking Mind Transfer techknologies- he said no Its Called Remote Neural Monitoring and then what he states about RNM-
    RNM is ALL ALL over the Internet Being Utilyzed on GangStalking Victims- so why whould leslie be researching this to begin with what has she? experienced that led her to this research.
    Now Google NASA and GangStalking Mind UpLoading and GangStalking RNM and GangStalking, SPAWAR and Mind UpLoading” Which is Located here is San Diego.
    So why whould Freeman Discuss NASA doin research into Life extension Techknologies and Mind Uploading and its also mentioned in the Manifesto written by a Manager of GangStalking Crews- also Below Anthony Patch discloses the LaJolla Busisness the ” Lognegiveity Institutre” being intrested in subprojects of this and today 12/16/16 in the San Diego Tribune the Salk Institute is doin research into the Prevention of Aging- the Point being made here is that well who’s possibly taking part in the research that is occurring to GangStalking Victim’s
    Also Consider how does the syndacite have the Resources to give someone a Brain Tumor or Induce a Abortion of a Victim DOCTORS- it takes extremely educated Doctors to run RNM and Doctors are clearly called the Money Bags in the Manifesto “INSURANCE Fraud of the Targets insurance when their Criminally Intentionally falsley diagnosed  to discredit them and take illegal criminal Probate Control of them For Racketeering Purposes, this is part of the Reason they Intentionally covertly place the target into the Homelessness and then claim the Victim cant take care of themselve’s, so imagine you being a Perfectly completely sane person being made Homeless being Gangstalked and factually harrassed everyday-every aspect of your life is INTENTIONALY DESTROYED by these demented Criminaly insane Psychopaths, and then your made to endure the homelessness while having to worry everyday, EVERYDAY about being setup thru a absolute Low Life Criminal Maggot cop who’s looking for a Kickback by playing his/her role against you working for them ,Not to mention the Non Stop Monetary and Property Loss and CONSTANTLY having to move because their propping up Low Lifes to Camp on the same property the target selects so they can be used for staged events and thefts, God only knows what their paid off with, THIS IS WHAT LESLIE ENDURES DAILY DAILY, and the USPS created the Homelessness and Leslie used them for it to prove they were connected to Gangstalking techniques employed towards her using USPS Mail Service’s when she had at least 2 Prior apartments in Michigan leslie circled their wagons to entrap them , in which its what she did-NEVER EVER EVER Underestimate Leslie resolve concerning these filthy Maggots EVER
    So let it be Made perfectly clear Any filthy Criminal Maggot that Targets Leslie OR ANY other Fellow Targeted Individual Will experience being exposed., if leslie has discovered Credible Information that implicated them- see its real Simple These Absolutely Criminaly Insane Maggots LITERALLY , LITERALLY believe they can Target Perfect Strangers PERFECT STRNGER’S, Completely innocent Human Being and Subject them to Horrific Unimaginable crimes Including useing their Employment descriptions and POLICE against the Target and that they get to walk away Scott free, that they get to go home pay their Mortgage, Food Bill, Car Payment’s, Vacations etc with Leslie’s paid Tax’s while she is left homeless enduring massive mental and Psyhical duress diue to it and suffering massive finacial losses because of it and  ABSOLUTE Statged thefts that ARE DENIED some even Court Ordered,..I dont F e’n think So, so by ReIntroducing this Their being sent a Message, Committ Crimes against the Innocent and EXPECT to be Exposed ALWAYS EXPECT IT ,PS Leslie has Been Immedaitely Assaulted before as a Result of Exposing the San Diego District Attorneys Office TWICE Whould that stop you, I say ” Gut up” take what they dish out, and expose that too,no matter who they use for it and use them everyway you legally can ABSOLUTELY,PS Leslie’s Tax’s pay these Maggots Saleries, your’s to,PS before you continue Know this as well Members of the San Diego Homeless Rescue Mission are ABSOLUTELY Connected to this Crime Syndacite Leslie knows it for  a FACT, and when you witness whats in This Blog YOU WILL beleive that statement
    Fellow Americans , trust me are they aware this is being incorporated-well why whould a Criminal Maggot expect privacy concerning their Crimes- Gangstalking is the Most Personally invasive crime that can happen to a Human Being LITERALLY
    Why is San Diego District Attorneys Office Officer” and More” Curtis Web Implicated in Child Trafficking, Payback for what leslie endured and more in the Past 5 Days
    Paste the Above Paragraph in a Email Predict leslie will be Assaulted Robbed Aressted , Ticketed,or Go Missing in the Next 30 Days and you will witness retaliation when it occurrs, that includes being banned from any buisness and or coming down physcially sick
    Here is the Manifesto- read it slowly keep it research this Crime and Cross reference the Testimony of targets to it it will come to light in your understanding eventually-and remember when they Stage a Event EVERYONE that is Utilyzed against a Target acts PLAYS out their Role That bring about the effects while Making it appear that the Event occurred for ANY reason except for GangStalking-WHY do you think SDPD UCSD SDSU Police REFUSED over 21 SEPERATE Occassion’s to file a Poliuce report that Leslie is Being GangStalked, because once they do they know it will be easier to Prove the 2006 San Diego GangStalking Harrassment in San Diego Towards her and leave Every Person and Place that has Participated Criminally and Civil Liable, ANY Police Officer who Denies they know about GangStalking is a Lying Colluding Criminal PLAN and simple
    Geeze do you hear this Victim ( Whom they Eventaually made homeless) discuss How he’s harrassed everywheir He goe’s including at his own Home yeahhh Baby BUT SDPD Claims their Not aware of wht GangStalking is, before watching this also Ask yourself Even if any Police department claims they dont know what GangStalking is Once you report it to them Their Obligated to research it to find out what it is so they can Investigate it THAT’S Common Sensce- they Play Dumb to Misdirect the Targets thinking about why their not getting assistance- Observe
    Gang Stalking, “Bullying on Steroids.” AKA Organized Stalking, Vigilante Stalking, Cause Stalking.
    Above Paragraph Continued- Picking back up from the 6 mentioned techniques  above concerning the Gangstalking Manifesto
    And How ALL ALL of the Targets Communications are Monitored Phone ALL CYBER ACtivity and Any Mail Service’s- ” Survalllance- Yeah Baby
    And How the Target is Considered a Lab Rat- Non Concensual Human experimentation ” Including by the Military ( And Torture is ABSOLUTELY Part if it ABSOLUTELY)
    Now this Blog INDISPUTIBLY Proves Leslie was GangStalked in Michigan, ALSO Their are Two Video’s in this Blog -1  of her experiencing OPEN GangStalking Harrassment at U of M Dearborn Mi Library Then a Video of her Goin immediately from that Library concerning that event to report again ANOTHER Incident Occurring their Towards her that was absolutely Gangstalking related You literally hear her state Shes Being GangStalked in the Library and that she is reporting it AGAIN, you hear the Campus Police state to the effect a Previous report was made- then she goes to a Law Firm in Michigan within two Weeks of that event then another event occurr’s and they evict her from the Wooded area DIRECTLY across the street from U of M Dearborn Mi and HFCC- BUT WHOULD NEVER Once invesitigate or stop what was happening to her- U of M Campus Police or the Dearborn Police- it got so bad at U of M Leslie had to call the Dearborn Police on U of M Campus Police that occurred on 3/28/11, on 4/01/11 is when They Evicted leslie, 6 days later she left Michigan For good and Went to Ct and from Ct to San Diego Ca, You Will Notice how Long ago leslie made the Comment in this Article, it was made in Ct, from Stamford Ct St Lukes Homeless shelter
    Now Think ABout what your reading and then When You Witeness the San Diego GangStalking of leslie that has Been Exposed within this Blog Whats exposed Concerning California is what she has Experinced since 8/8/11 upon arrival to San Diego and since ( what’s Exposed in this Blog is not even 0:000001 Percent of the Evidence leslie Has on her person and they know she has it, so consider this Blog exposes her reporting it in Michigan in on 1/20/11- it show’s her Commenting about experiencing it in Connecticut- and then This Blog Massively indisputibly Proves her experincing it ALL OVER San Diego County and evidence of her experiencoing it when She went to Yucca Valley Ca for One week From LaJolla Ca and then Came Back, and massive evidence since, here is the Ct Posted Comment Leslie Made LOOK how many years ago the Comment was Posted next to her name then Look at the Comment below it.

    Nov 3, 2009 – Would you be willing to investigate the gangstalking which occurred to my son and I? It is … Thank Duana and Rick and thank you to to blog.courant/rick_green/ …. Leslie Williams–Stamford Ct-Evenetually goingt to Hartford …

    You visited this page on 10/13/16.

    Think to yourself what whould you do how whould you feel if Criminally Insane Individuals who COMPLETELY wrecked EVERY Aspect of your Life including for years at a Time, who were reponsible for some of the WORST crimes that can and do Happen to victims of this Crime make you homeless and then use it as a Control Mechanism to keep you isolated within the Crime,. IE.. they can See thru Survallance Psyhsical and Electronic If your Preparing to get Help they Track you to have you Arrested Ticketed ( Illegal Lodging Trespassing Encroachment- Staged Probable Cause and or a Assault ETC…. in order to have the Police come to the Area) and THEN USE YOUR Tax Dollars , and the Victim’s, to prosecute their Victims, Welcome to SDPD UCSD Police the San Diego Prosecutors Office and the San Diego District Attorney’s Office,

    the Target is then dragged thru seemingly Endless Hopes of trying to get out of the Judicial Ramification which are ABSOLUTELY Completely Staged ( YOU JUST WHOULD NOT BELIEVE What Leslie has Witnessed in San Diego City Hall the San Diego Court House the San Diego City Council Chambers and the SDPD HDQ, as she is Being prosecuted by ABSOLUTELY CRIMINALLY INSANE Animal’s, who treat you like the Criminal while their  LITERALLY LITERALLY Engageing in professional Misconduct and Felony Harasment and Intimidation either towards you directly and or Overtly, Leslie has the Audio File’s to COMPLETELY PROVE IT UNDENIABLY

    Project 2045 and GangStalking, This Project is Dedicated in the Aspirations, Objectives of “Including Mind UpLoading and Creating a Artificial Brain,” The Blue Brain Project” By and Thru Creating Software Algorithms, that are Harvested Processed EEG Signature ‘s ,Photonic Signal’s, Pshysiological Signal’s and Emotional Clusters , EMG frequenice’s ,THEIR Frequencies, that are Incorporated within Neural Pathways within Neural Network’s taken from the Target,Once their Harvested they are  laced upon Artificial Neural Pathway’s, and then Placed within these Software Algorithm’s, Their Harvested from the Experince’s of GangStalking Victims, whom are INTENTIONALLY made to Experince Horrific Crimes thru GangStalking Program’s,GangStalking Victim’s are also Experincing Neural Encoding Data Dump’s , as a Result of the perpetrator’s, having a Remote  Neuralogical Access, mplants and Remote Neural Monitoring are two of the vehichle’s used for the Neural and Physiological Corregraphing, All of the Biological Systems are Monitored Corregraphed Harvested for HUNDREDS of Projects and SubProjects Including transferring the Mind Not Only into Computers and Fiber Optic cable Transmissions But even For,” Posssible- What” Quantum Time Travel BELIEVE IT Google it- Even Anthony Patch has Exposed this, After, AFTER Leslie Exposed it on the Ground Zero Show on 05/01/13 “(it’s radio Show Link Below)”.

    UNDERSTAND- Listen to Everything Freeman States Concerning Mind UpLoading Mind Transfer Techknologies whos in Play Concerning it, then Listen TO EVERYTHING Leslie States Concerning non Localyzed Time Travel- ( its actually Probably BiLocalyzed – 05 01  

    Look at the Shows Date that you just Listened to

    Then Listen to Anthony patch in this Video at and Between the Time Frame’s Written Then tell me Who is Smart, PS Leslie Never EVER before this Show researched this Idea of BiLocalyzing Photonic Signals for time Travel

    @1:10:00-1:16:40 , into this Video,DECODING THE 4096 KEY & ANTICHRIST APOLLO W ANTHONY PATCH  DECODING

    I decided to Incorporate this Link on 12/13/16-to expose to America that another GangStalking Organized Stalking Victim Committed Suicide on 10/12/16

    ReSearch This aspect of this Crime and Then Sit in Your Chair and Say to Yourself what whould Honestly Provoke a Human Being To ignore the ENTIRE Built in Self Preservation instinct to stay alive- RELENTLESS 24/7 Torture, so research this aspect of this Crime and Come to Know The Filthy Maggot CIA NSA and all the Rest of these Degenerate Government Agencie’s that Factually Covertly Host this Demented crime INTENTIONALLY INDUCE,

    Leslie has NEVER EVER Been Suicidal or Homicidal Not Once so if she disaper’s know This ALWAYS it was setup up thru Alpha Bet Agencies and Always remember who wheir and What she exposed, REMEMBER UCSD, SDPD POLICE, and the Dearborn Mi Police

    Now Before I continue, this is a Commerical Break Its Being included THESE TWO Video’s So you can get a Introduction into the Criminaly Insane Mindset of what the Criminals despots who control Things Currently in America will do to the Innocent, Including CHILDREN, and to people who attempt to expose it

    UNDERSTAND Their are persons in this Country Who Give Everything and Have Everything EVERYTHING taken from them because of trying to expose thing’s TO KEEP YOU SAFE, ” Including trying to Keep Police Safe-” Their not all bad” But their all CONTROLLED, You really need to think about that with a Mature Posture Look around you whould you give up your Home Your Money your Freedom your Life in order to try and preserve it- THIS IS the LITERAL Heroism of Whistle Blowers,

    So Witness TRUTH- KNOW IT,  and Absolutely REMEMBER IT , ALWAY’s

    USA Militia Declares Civil War!! Cops & Military Watch!! 2015

    David Crowley was the FilmMaker of the First Video You Just Witnessed Now watch This HIM His Wife and 5 Year Old Child END up Found Dead in their Homes,

    Fellow American’s, Use your Thinking, BE SMART- and Remember this NEVER EVER EVER Trust the USA Government, Law Enforcement- NATO, or the UN EVER

    Did Freemason Elite Kill David Crowley

    This Blog was Updated on 12/09/16, Fellow American’s this Immediate Information below ABSOLUTELY WAS Forwarded To the Department of Education,

    And DHS for Strategic Purposes,( Concerning the 9/17/13 Ground Zero  Show and This Blog Once you review it You Will Conclude even With Just Common Sense that they will Continue to isolate Leslie until they Contain her, including  ABSOLUTELY using circumstances that she is in now the Homelessness, and or Staged events that lead to arrest’s, ANYWHEIR, and or the  Targeting  of her Finance’s to exploit the Effects of it ,to creatively steer her into Enviroment’s they control and or Can Control from behind the scences, “Including Jails Detention Centers Churches Homeless shelters Group Homes, low Income Housing Google ALL these descriptions to GangStalking” in which is ABSOLUTELY what they Did to her in Michigan and Connecticut and what they did towards her in San Diego in 2006 USING SDPD, ALWAYS REMEMBER this Truth-( The USPS INTENTIONALLY Aided and Abbeded in the Creation of the Homelessness of her By and Thru Stealing her rent -RENT that was Mailed Certified Mail return Receipt in Dearborn Mi, thru the Dearborn City Hall Post Office”) The Homelessness was created to monoplize on it For they Completely Understand EVERYONE has to go Somewheir to sleep These are STAGED SCHEME’S ,Tracking her to areas to Then Create Probable cause to ticket her and or Arrest her, including thru Assaults Property Thefts and or Using Neighbors Property Owners Social Deviants and or Homeless persons Google USPS and GangStalking, the Police and Gangstalking, and GangStalking creating the Homelessness of Target’s.

    This Email PDF and the Screenshot Directly Below It will be  ReOreintated soon

    This Campaighn is UnderEstemiating leslie RIGHT NOW- and She is Looking Up Law Firms NOW and will Go to them In December lets see if she is Creatively Forced to Move Arrested Ticketed Assaulted Robbed ANYWHEIR,



    Do you Notice How Repeating Words and GangStalking are Connected to the Activation Of the Implants Resulting in Torture and Health Effects that lead to death LESLIE DOE DOES Have Ear Implants and Everyday she feels them being ELECTRONICALLY accessed at least 12 Times a day AT LEAST, and they are being Using For TORTURE ABSOLUTELY



    Part 1 Artifical Intelligence-Lucifer’s Vessel – Can U Hear Me Now

    If You Cannot Zoom In On the Immediate above Diagram, The Video it Came From Is Here Watch the Entire Video But the Implants and the Fact that the Diagram does show how Gang Stalking are Connected to them is at 2:40 into the Video Snap Screen Shot it then Zoom Notice how Trigger words are used ( done thru the GangStalking Harassment to assist in Activationg the Implants , so are Cell Phones that 3’rd parties are Given that have the Radio Frequency of the Implants acheved thru WiFi and Radio signals”

    What Words are being Repeated around leslie,

    WHICH this Blog INDISPUTIBLY Proves along all of her Routes and at Wooded Areas

  4. Suck Dic#
  5. SuckMy Dic#
  6. Suck a Dic#
  7. Now the Above Three Phrase’s are being Repeated while these Words ” See Immediate Below Word’s in the Paragraph Immediately Below” are being Said And Know this in Buisness’s its happening at Most of the Time NonStop their Playing Music non Stop  as its Occurring while Loud Noise’s are being Made as its all Occurring this is Done to Push and Pull the Senses, a INTENTIONAL Technique
  8. The Above Three Phrases are said while These Words are being stated as their repeating Them NON STOP

GangStalk, GangStalking,GangStalker, Oh My God, Stalk, Stalking, Crazy Wierd, and these words are stated Back to Back NON STOP Around her at , even these Following  Locations And Employees are involved , Right now she cant upload the Verbal Harrassment at Buisness’s because their Playing the Radio in the Back Ground as its occurring and Leslie has Already Got You Tube Notifications about this concerning Copyright Violations Geezzeee how conveniant FLAT OUT

Vons LaJolla 2 Stores Leslies Bank Wells Fargo, Coffe Bean and Tea Leaf Govenor rd and Gennessee Ave, Two San Diego Librarys The North University San Diego Library and the SD Library off of Governor and Gennesee ave- Carls Jr off of the Same Last named mentioned road-Star Bucks LaJolla Ca Bus Routes and Stops and Security Gaurds and Business’s are being used in either one on one Harrassment of leslie and or their Used as a Security ,easure to bann Leslie after a Staged event in these and other Places, these words and statged events are ABSOLTELY being Non Stop Utilyzed around her at Wooded Areas- and persons and Companys are being propped up to work around leslie at wooded areas that are saying it as well THIS BLOG INDISPUTIBLY Proves it INDISPUTIBLY- She is Subjected to this EVERYDAY and Staged events periodically to bann her from Buisness’s and Buisness Plaza’s and wooded areas EVERYDAY NON STOP she is also being Subjected to Massive Massive Noise Campaghns in Buisness’s and at Wooded Areas this is Done fpr sensry Overload Google Noise Harrassment and Sensory Overload and GangStalking and these are just a FEW of the Crimes SHE ENDURES DAILY DAILY EVERYDAY NON STOP , the Implants are Used for FLAT OUT 24/7 NON STOP Neuralogical and Psysiological Torture NON STOP

And Understand The Perpetrators connected to these Absolute Horrific Criminalitys are in Control of managing the Non Stop Verbal Harrassment around leslie in Buisness Library’s Bust Stop’s and Routes and wheir she rests at,” Repeating Words and Phrase’s ” ( a Section of the Sensitization Methods of GangStalking Crimes propped up around the Target thru the Criminal GPS Tracking and covert Pyhsical Survallance of the Target ” Which is the Stalking of GangStalking Crimes, is INTENTIONALLY managed and expedited to keep the Targets Focused on the Fact the Crime is Occurring to them to keep them in a NON STOP Victimized Mind Set as a Result of what they are Constantly presented with thru the Tracking, NON STOP Noise Harrassment is Also being Utilyzed against leslie including at her resting area’s- this s Done for Sensory Overload ANOTHER Method of this Crime described all over the Internet as a Being a Method of this Crime-Now -Google the name of 8 Well Known Buisness Chains and Gangstalking what you will witness is Not a Accident,

So imagine living thru this EVERDAY Non Stop and then being a Victim of the Implants Video and Audio Cortex Implants ” included” this is Done so the Implants can Obtain a Neuralogical Access for daily torture crimes Like The Computer to Brain Feedback Loop wheir Negative Phrase’s Words and Melodys are CONSTANTLY transmitted into the Targets audio Cortex in a LOOPED transmission Its called V2k Remote Neural Monitoring and Voice Morphing the Targets Voice, Using the Computer To Brain Feedback Loop,Like Imagine hearing in Your Own Mind in your Own Voice “I’m Being Tortured, I cant Take this Anymore, im never goin to escape this “- then imagine another persons voice print being transmitted in your Audio Cortex ” Were Goin to Rape You, whats the Matter with Him/her, shes/he’s Crazy, NON STOP NONSTOP.

Imagine  Seeing Horrific Image’s Played out in your Dreams Like Woman Being Raped and Tortured, FLAT out Research Extensively Dream Insertion Dream Manipulation and Gangstalking Crimes ITS Done thru Remote Neural Monitoring, dream Manipulation is also Clearly exposed by a San Diego Veteran On the 9/17/13 Ground Zero Show With Clyde Lewis Leslie is On That Shows Link is attached within this Blog,” Geeze is this Why they Staged a Assault towards leslie AT the San Diego VA Bus Hub on 12/02/15, and the Knife they Absolutely Lied and Claimed she pulled during this Assault has Magiclly disapeared from her Camping Gear she hid, at a Wooded area it was Noticed around 2-3 Months ago”why did they also stage this assault at the San Diego VA, Well Outside of Filing a Falsified Police report about it ” it was done also because their aware leslie has Audio Files of GangStalk being repeated around her at the San Diego VA Bus Hub and the Fact, THE FACT that their Employee’s were caught saying it around her at the UCSD Club Med Restraunt in 2012 and 2013, It caught being said by them on Leslie’s Tape Recorder, and Her openly Asking them before and After them stating it ” Do You Work at the VA and Why do you come Way Over hear to eat, Leslie knew they weir VA Workers because they had On Clothes that San Diego VA and had Name ID Badges that said the Same and Guess How the Criminaly Insane Filthy Maggots Escape from Being Prosecuted from these Crimes

1 the Governemnt at the State And County Levels are completely Completely Controlled and so Is Law Enforcement ABSOLUTELY and the Target is Intentionally CRIMINALLY Illegally Falsely Diagnsed with mental Illness’es they do Not have in order to discredit them to discredit the truth of what is Factually happening to them ,to Contain Them,” Jails Detention Centers and Group Homes wheir their Exploited for Federal Fund’s per Client Massive Continued Insurance Fraud, Human Trafficked, and For Continued Experimentation in Isolated Enviroments their Never allowed to escape from So next time you see a Cop – KNOW what their Filthy Lying Maggot ass’s are connected to, Leslie is a absolute Perfectly Sane Person who is Being Victimzed in Ways that your mind can Conceive and Cannot So watch the Following Witness and Know Truth RESEARCH whats Described and ABSOLUTELY Stay tuned

and if you dont believe this is Possible Watch this NOW NOW

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S03E07 Brain Invaders

Also Listen to this Geeze why do you think this is Being Included and the Next Video

This is the Youtube Video that Has a Picture of the Implants

  • Gang Stalking Mind Control HOLOCAUST : Illuminati Satanism : THE Great Deception

    Former Navy Officer Dave Voigts Walks Across Country To Raise Awareness Of NonConsensual Experiments

    You Can Snap Screen Shot the Photo and Zoom In on It

    GangStalkers in Action-Stealing Biofrequency Turning on Implants 4G LTE Cell Phone Implant Operation


    And Do You Notice how Persons Arms Can Be remotely Controlled as a Result of these Crimes In This Video

    Consider Controlling someones Arm Using EMG Implants during a GangStalking Staged assualt Controlling them to What ” Pull out a Knife- why ARRESTS Tickets for eventual Containment,for exploitation Yeah babyyy…Google EMG Implants and Gangstalking and then watch this

    Observe this is a You tube Video Title and its URL

    Leslie Doe’s have Two Retina Implants and NanoDots in her Eyes- and She Know’s for a Fact THe Military is Controlling them,She KNows it for a FACT

    REMOTE CONTROL-Getting You Ready For The Mark of the Beast

    .Thier is a SLIGHT Possibility that Alpha Bet Agencies could’ve Hacked into Rutherford Institues Accnt and sent leslie this REply IMMEDIATELY Above, JUST JUST trust me on this The Reasonable Caution concerning this is From this Fact ” Google GangStalking ” Intercepting ReRouting and Faking Email Replys RESEARCH What Comes up and you will conclude that This is a Method of this Crime and the Alpha Bet Agencies including the United States Military ABSOLUTELY have this Capability”, If this occurred its done by the Perpetrators to Make the Target believe who they contacted Recieved what was sent and that their deliberating if they will help and then the Target is sent falsified Info about not being able to help and or If the Reply is Authentic they will monitor the Gmail Account and intercept the Authetntic reply from whoever the Target contacted so the target will belive they were never contacted, concerning what was sent by the Target,Research what is beteen these qoutes EXTENTIVELY and you deduce that this is a resoannable Concern”.PS this is done to keep the Target in the Isolation of this Crime to buy time so additional Criminal Motivations can be acheived thru the Gangstalking CrimALWAYS Remember the Main Police Departments that Have Been Utilyzed against Leslie in California are UCSD Police SDPD,SDSD,SDSU,USD,and UCSD Police have Surpassed Leslie’s Utter Distain for the Criminal Animals of the Law Enforcement Agencies that have HAVE been Used in these Campiaghns towards her and Within this UnderStanding of these truth’s THEY ARE aware who’s steering this Because they were used BY THEM, why has Leslie Elevated their Importance- because of what they’ve done and the Fact she was LITERALY Criminally Banned from UCSD a Tax Sunsidyzed University FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER – in which in Turn Brought her into Continued extreme dangers Because she is Not able to go their Now to use the Public Computers to expose ANYTHING she is Currently Experiencing and WILL

    THE MOTIVE of being Banned- NEVER Underestimate Leslie’s Resolve in Exposing them. EVER.Its all over the Internet this Crime is Conneted to Rape GangRape and Human Trafficking GEEZE was it the deliberations of these Universities to Disconnect themselves from Leslie By Stageing Complaints and events to use them to Bann her BECAUSE they absolutely Know their connected to these Crime’s-( YOU CANNOT be Connected to the Perpetration of the Crime ACTIVELY Participating in the EXACTING methods of it, then Claim your not Connected to it, and this Blog INDISPUTIBLY proves their Connection to it.REMEMBER PENN STATE and Jerry San Dusky How the Rape of Little Boy’s ON THAT Campus went on for over a decade, their still losing Millions to this Date because of the Exposure of that situation Yeahhhhh Babbbbyyy

    Money Money Money Money, are we now begining to see

    This is the 2/1/13 SDSU Staged Event and Resulting Brutal Arrest of Leslie because of it PAY attention Closely Here is its You Tube Title and Its URL Link

    Witness this Before Proceeding, Still Frame it at 00:00 the Useful Idiot that was used to Complain About leslie within 1 Minutes of her Arriving is the Jerk in the White T Shirt standing at the Counter- This was ABSOLUTELY and Completely a Staged event, Cleverly Executed, using a Staged Complaint to Validate Normal Appearing Probable Cause to approach her, In which leslie predicted whould Happen 5 Minutes before walking into the  SDSU Love Library  on this Date in her Tape Recorder and 36 Hours before in a ANONYMOUS Contact to Senator Feinstein- ANONYMOUS PROVEN IN THIS BLOG, Leslie was all over the Internet Exposing SDSU t0 Provoke this event to Expose their Criminal participation in it, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE Leslie resolve in Goin thru hell to expose these Hells are being Orchestrated, Do you Notice her telling this criminal SDSU Officer GangStalking is Connected to Human Trafficking and her reply to it- this Event Occurred on 2/01/13 in the Media Room at SDSU Love Library

    YEAH Baby

    1/22/14 Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES Video of SDSU Brutal Arrest 02/01/13

    Now in the Immediate Above, Video you clearly hear leslie state You Guys Got him to come and get you- That’s a SDSU EVENT well the Immediate below Video Indisputibly prove’s that These Universities were Colluding with each other because teh Harrasssment on all Universities IS IDENTICLE  caught on Video and Audio and Well Read then Listen

    And This Was Caught on 11/20/13 AT UCSD

    A UCSD  Library Security Guard OPENLY OPENLY Admitting a Staged Complaint can Cause her to be Banned Caught on a Running Recording Tape Recorder leslie was Weiring

    This You Tube Video was Forwarded to the Criminal Animal UCSD Director of Library Security SHE COMPLETELY Ignored it then Banned Leslie thru a Letter GIVING NO EXCUSE for why,and within this Letter leslie was threatened with Arrests Tickets and a 5000:00 Fine for ever Returning to Campus- A TAX SUBSIDYZED UNIVERSITY Just like SDSU

    SDSU and UCSD’s Particpation of the Gangstalking and More of Leslie is INDISPUTIBLY exposed in this Blog, INDISPUTIBLY-Now before watching this Confession of a UCSD library Security Guard, Remember in the Above SDSU Arrest Video You clearly hear leslie tell these SDSU Police Officers that” You Got him to complain about me that SDSU Event took place on 2/01/13- this UCSD Confession took place on 11/20/13, and this Blog INDISPUTIBLY proves the Verbal Harassment Caught on VIDEO and Audio at SDSU is IDENTICLE to a Tee of what was Caught at UCSD, and other Places Witeness truth

    Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES Library Security ADMITTING Staged Complaint can Bann her UCSD


    Before you Continue UNDERSTAND Leslie has Been the Victim of some of the Most Henious Crimes Your Mind can Conceive AND NOT, and still is.

    For Instance And what Is about to be Described can be researched by Each Description -Imagine a GangStalking Victim being Raped and Or Human Trafficked During these experiences the Victims Brain Visually Stores at Least Segments of this Event-

    The ABSOLUTE Filthy Criminaly Insane Maggots that Staged these Criminality’s use a Feature of Remote Neural Monitoring that is called Memory Mapping and Memory Stimulation- They will ,thru the Memory Mapping, cooregraph the Visual Representations of these Physical Attacks and Explotations and then stimulate them Back Into the Consciousness of the Victim in order to have the Victim relive the Expereince, and KNOW this as the target is Visually Reliving the Experince because of this, The Same Filthy Maggots responsible for the Attack and the Stimulation of the Memory of it Will transmit V2K Taunting Mocking Dialog about the Attack and even Take Responsiblity for the Attack and then GasLight the Target about what their Experincing/Thru the Perceptions Their Brain’s, as their Reliving it as a REsult of the Event Being Stimulated- All of this was/ is Done for the Sake of Traumatization and ReTraumitaization and to attempt to Keep the Targets Consciousness in a Dissacotiated state, So Google these Descriptions Including Rape and Human Trafficking and Gangstalking ,and See TRUTH,Also ABSOLUTELY Understand The Alpha Bet Agencies responsible for this and Make no Mistake About  it, their Filthy Criminaly Insane  Maggot ass’s are, will Claim the Target is Mentally Ill Hallucinating and even Commit them to discredit them to at least discredit THESE ABSOLUTE TRUTH’S and they will use Local Police and the Courts Systems within the Juristiction’s the Targets in for this, Using a Staged event to bring it about,and You Just whould’nt beleive the ABSOLUTE Lying Criminal Animals of the Court’s, Jail’s Detention Center’s, and Hospital Doctors who Aid and Abbed in the Mental Discrediting of the Target They are LITERALY nothing But Criminal Animals, Complete Liar’s. Google The Police and GangStalking( a Employment Description Targets Taxes PAY for, So research whats stated here and then Look at this Book What do you see in its Title- Look at it and then Google and YouTube the Descriptions, Pay Back Mother Feer’s for everything Leslie has Endured and IS

    Ohhhh Geeeezzee whats This, PASTE it at Your URL, then Research its Descriptions Its a Book

    You Will Absolutely In your Face Witness leslie being GangStalked in San Diego Ca and Yucca Valley CA, and you will witness Leslie being GangStalked at U of M Campus Library in Dearborn Mi , and her reporting it to U of M Dearborn Mi Campus Saftey,  AGAIN, and you will deuce she was Tracked 3000 Miles from Dearborn Mi to , Connecticut then To San Diego California, and when She went to Yucca Valley Ca for 1 week From LaJolla Ca in 2012, Because the Harrasment Is The Same exposed in Both of These Countys- Research the Following and Witness Truth and Extreme Felony Criminalitys leslie Endures DAILY

    The Following was Done Foremost For all the Right Righteous Reason’s, and Leslie Knows that as a Result of Being on this Show what she exposed on it and then what was exposed ALL OVER THE COUNTRY on the Immediate dates following that they will make sure she never escapes this Crime LESLIE knew this before Calling this Show that Night, yet she did it for the Sake of exposure to save LIVES, so pl;ease pray for her saftey

    But If I had to also Be Specific Concerning Jabbing the Filthy Animals who ARE responsible for  what leslie has /IS enduring EVERDAY

    Lets just Say one Jabb, is because of the Human Trafficking and Rapes Targets of this Crime endure- and How these Maggots are controlling Police at the Local Level Leaving the Traget in the Continued  Horrific Criminal Victimization’s,  24/7 for Years even decades at a Time , THIS is Part of leslie Mentally Rapeing them Review it Cross reference EVERYTHING that Leslie states in this 9/17/13 Show ” ELF Wave Transmissions,her Husband Being a Ex Subramine Radar Antenna Electrician In the Navy, Ringing in the Ears take these 3 Things alone Look at the Date of the Show she exposed it and Obviously what the Shows About GangStalking being Connected to the Crime disclosed on the Show then Cross Reference it to the Material thats Pasted Directly below this Shows link and Their Dates and see truth ELF Wave Transmisions then read this blog,and see how she has exposed Also Specific Things she stated she was/is Enduring in Ca caught before and after trgevShows date” Persons getting around her and INTEMNTIONLLY Repeateing GangStalk GangStalking Oh My God Weird Crazy -that she stated on the Show,,and its being Predicted leslie will be Arrested and or Assaulted and or Robbed and or Forced to Move, soon for Including this.No Matter Whos used for it, Alpha Bet Agencies Enginered it from behond the Scenes ALWAYS know this

    Its Here Between these 3 -7’s


    Their are ” The U.S. population is expected to reach 320.09 million on Jan. 1, 2015,”

    Why is the Immediate above statement included in this Blog

    Leslie is one of that Number of the Enclosed US Population- Yet she was the ONLY ONE in the Entire US Population to be on a NATIONAL Radio Show on 9/17/13- Stating GangStalking Perpetrator’s have Techknology that ” USE ELF wave transmission’s and Ringing in the Ears”  and the Fact that Leslie’s Ex Husband was a Submarine Radar Antena Electrician ” leslie was Married to him in SAN DIEGO Point Loma Submarine Base him at that time stationed on the USS McKee , listen to this Broadcast Leslie is on on 9/17/13 then Observe what was exposed in EVERY NEWSPAPER and New’s Broadcast in the Nation the Very next Day, you have better chances at wining the Lottery, then this being a Coincidence

    Pay ATTENTION CLOSELY Cross Reference Dates and KNOW TRUTH

    This was Recently Noticed on THe FBI’s Web Site-Notice Submarine Radar Antenna’s, Remember What Leslie Stated on teh 9/17/13 Show

    ELF Technology and Mind Control with Dr. John Hall-Sublimminally Controlling is Remote Neural Monitoring and The MicroWave Hearing effect coupled with Voice Morphing

    What is Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) ?

    After You Research the Patents and the Other Info Immediatly Above and Below Go Back and Cross Reference each one to First GangStalking then To Organized Stalking, And ask yourself Does anyone honestly believe Targets Targets arent telling the Truth

    Geeze Whats All of this, research it then ask Your self DOES anyone Honestly Believe that Agencie’s, Company’s ,Person’s, Whould Patent Something THAT DOES’NT exist,Take a HONEST LOOK at what you Just Read , THEN READ.
    Witness TRUTH
    US Patent # 5,123,844. June 23rd, 1992
    US Patent # 5,289,438. February 22nd, 1994

    U.S. patent #3,566,347, February 23rd, 1971
    A device/weapon which can actually deafen the target.

    US Patent # 5,123,844. June 23rd, 1992
    US Patent # 5,289,438. February 22nd, 1994
    These systems stimulate the brain with different frequencies and wave forms to alter the subject’s state of consciousness.

    Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) monitoring/interference is one of the most insidious and secretive of all methods used by the agencies. N.B. Similarly, EEG cloning feeds back the results of EMF monitoring in an attempt to induce emotional responses (e.g. fear, anger, even sleep etc.). This could possibly work on certain members of a crowd or audience…again this could facilitate scams etc.

    Dr Ross Adey concludes that all aspects of human behavior can be affected, even controlled. He used 0.75 milliwatts per square centimetre of pulsed, modulated microwave at a frequency of 450 MHz.

    Notably the Alaskan HAARP project (featuring the B.J.Eastland patented technology – U.S. patent #4,686,605, 11/4/87 – “Method and Apparatus for altering a region in the Earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere or magnetosphere”. AND others) also facilitates experiments in the disruption of human mental processes. It’s the largest, most versatile radio frequency radiation transmitter in the world also allowing experimentation in weather “modification”, wireless, electrical power beaming and communications “disruption”. Its systems like this which could one day see attempts made to brainwash/control entire populations. And that is just as feasible as a wholesale nuclear holocaust.

    Microwave Weapons

    Twenty years ago a scientist, Allan Frey, found that if a microwave carrier were to be sliced and carried audio modulation, that modulation could be heard by someone in the signals path. The thin pulses of radio carrier wave cause currents to flow through the nervous system – the result is a remote transmission; no wires or contact is needed.

    “A hearing system” U.S. patent #4,877,027, 31/10/89. Wayne Brunker.
    “A hearing device” U.S. patent #4,858,612, 22/8/89. Philip L.Stocklin.

    Eg. The latter involves microwaves aimed at the auditory cortex. A mike turns the sounds to electrical signals which are treated so as to provide multi frequency microwaves which are applied to the brain area. Whatever sound the mike picks up (like a voice) is relayed to the target.

    The first known experiment with microwaved voices was conducted by Sharp and Grove in the early 70′s. However, the Defense Intelligence Agency and ARPA (The Advanced Research Projects Agency) are principally to blame for the abuse of such technologies since. eg Project Pandora etc. The CIA’s Langley Research Center as well as an army of “mad” scientists working in Energy/Defense department labs across the U.S. are also responsible.

    As with the NASA Apollo program, many of those originally involved were ex Nazi or Russian Cold war scientists (even WWII Japanese) recruited, regardless of their earlier crimes, to commit more crimes, this time for the U.S.A.

    It’s worth noting the reported experiments carried out in bygone days included The MKULTRA (mind control)/LSD experiments, germ and nuclear fallout testing (on military and civilian personnel), elector-shock treatment on institutional victims and so on. The U.S. Energy and Justice departments are now involved in such programs so the U.S. can escape violation of international defense/agency treaties. That’s also why the “D” for “defense” was dropped from DARPA.

    In any event, once a technology is labelled “Top secret-classified” they can use it any way they like on anyone.

    Brainwave Monitors & Analyzers

    Lawrence Pinneo, a neurophysiology and electronic engineer working for Stanford Research Institute (a military contractor) is the first “known” pioneer in this field. In 1974 he developed a computer system which correlated brain waves on an electroencephalograph with specific commands. In the early 1990s, Dr Edward Taub reported that words could be communicated onto a screen using the thought-activated movements of a computer cursor.

    (Currently under secrecy provisions; “Classified”)
    In 1994, the brain wave patterns of 40 subjects were officially correlated with both spoken words and silent thought. This was achieved by a neurophysiologist, Dr Donald York, and a speech pathologist, Dr Thomas Jensen, from the University of Missouri. They clearly identified 27 words / syllables in specific brain wave patterns and produced a computer program with a brain wave vocabulary.

    It does not take much thinking to realize that the US agencies have access to a perfected version of this technology. In fact the relevant computers have a vocabulary in excess of 60,000 words and cover most languages. In fact, the NSA’s signals intelligence monitor the brainwaves of their targets by satellite and decode the evoked potentials (3.50Hz 5 milliwatts) that the brain emits. So, using lasers / satellites and high-powered computers the agencies have now gained the ability to decipher human thoughts – and from a considerable distance (instantaneously).

    How is it Done?

    The magnetic field around the head, the brain waves of an individual can be monitored by satellite. The transmitter is therefore the brain itself just as body heat is used for “Iris” satellite tracking (infrared) or mobile phones or bugs can be tracked as “transmitters”. In the case of brain wave monitoring the results are then fed back to the relevant computers. Monitors then use the information to conduct a “conversation” where audible neurophone input is “applied” to the victim.

    Human thought operates at 5,000 bits/sec but satellites and various forms of bio telemetry can deliver those thoughts to supercomputers in Maryland, U.S.A, Israel, etc which have a speed of 20 BILLION bits/sec each. These, even today, monitor millions of people simultaneously. Eventually they will monitor almost everyone…worse than any Orwellian “Big Brother” nightmare you could possibly imagine, only it will be a reality. Yet our world leaders, who know this, do nothing.

    UPDATE (2005) – IBM’s Blue Gene computer can reportedly process 227 trillion flops per second. Even if each calculation involved only one ‘bit’ of information, one such computer could process more information than five times the earth’s total population… With supercomputers taking overt brain downloads within 40 years, total computer consciousness looms as an open threat for the future of mankind, just as, secretly, it already torments those victimized as covert targets of high tech brain monitoring technology. Usually the targets are aware their brain waves are being monitored because of the accompanying neurophone feedback. In other words, the computer repeats (echoes) your own thoughts and then the human monitors comment or respond verbally. Both are facilitated by the neurophone.

    NB Whilst the live/human comments are individualistic and unrelated to the victims own thought processes oftentimes the artificial intelligence involved will parrot standard phrases. These are triggered by your thoughts while the human monitors remain silent or absent. To comprehend how terrible such a thorough invasion of privacy can be – imagine being quizzed on your past as you lie in bed. You eventually fall off to sleep, having personal or “induced” dreams, only to wake to the monitors commenting / ridiculing your subconscious thoughts (dreams).

    If the ability to “brain scan” individuals expands from the million or so currently under scrutiny to include ALL inhabitants of the planet (as per the Echelon surveillance system which already monitors ALL private/commercial telecommunications) then no-one will ever be able to even think about expressing an opinion contrary to those forced on us by the New World Order. There will literally be no intellectual property that cannot be stolen, no writing that cannot be censored, no thought that cannot be suppressed (by the most oppressive/invasive means).

    The Neurophone: U.S. Patent #3,393,279.
    July 16th, 1968. Inventor – Dr Patrick Flanagan (Invented 1958).
    Description: A device that converts sound to electrical impulses; allowing information to be transmitted to the brain by means of radio waves directed at any part of the body (skin). In other words, recorded or live messages, noise, music can be directed at an individual and, through the nerves, the signal will be carried (involuntarily) to the brain, bypassing the inner ear, the cochlea, and the 8th cranial nerve.
    Purpose: Practically, the Neurophone could be used to communicate with the deaf but, more often, it is used to terrorism political/military targets. The tracked individuals hear recorded/live threats, propaganda etc, which those around them do not hear (delivered mainly via satellite laser). This harasses and discredits the targets; especially if the problem is communicated to those unaware of the relevant technologies.

    Advanced Neurophone: U.S. Patent #3,647,970.
    March 7th, 1972. Inventor – Dr Patrick Flanagan. (Invented 1967).
    Description: This Neurophone incorporates an electronic circuit duplicating the encoding of the Cochlea and 8th cranial nerve themselves. The NSA placed a secrecy order on this development for over 5 years because of the military applications of the technology. Further Neurophone advances include the development of the time recognition processor, improved memory applications and the advances in satellites incorporating neurophone technologies.
    Purpose: As Above

    Psycho – Acoustic Projector; U.S. Patent #3,566,347.
    February 23rd, 1971.
    Description: A high directional beam, radiated from a number of transducers and modulated by a speech, code, or noise beat signal. It may take the form of a radiator mounted on a vehicle, aircraft or satellite.
    Purpose: To produce aural/psychological disturbances and partial deafness.

    Methods & Systems for Altering Consciousness :

    1. U.S. Patent #5,123,899. June 23rd, 1992.
    Description: A system for stimulating the brain to exhibit specific brain wave rhythms and thereby altering the subjects’ state of consciousness.
    2. U.S. Patent #5,289,438. February 22nd, 1994.
    Description: A system for the simultaneous application of multiple stimuli (usually aural) with different frequencies and waveforms.
    Purpose: To disorientate/manipulate a target.

    Silent Subliminal Messages: U.S. Patent #5,159,703.
    October 27th, 1992. Inventor – Dr Oliver M. Lowry.
    Description: A communication system in which non aural carriers (in the very low or high audio frequency range or the ultrasonic frequency spectrum) are amplified or frequency modulated with the desired “intelligence”, and propagated acoustically or vibrationally for inducement directly into the brain. This can be done “live” or recorded/stored on magnetic, mechanical or optical media for delayed/repeated transmission to the target. Sound can also be induced by radiating the head with microwaves (in the range 100 to 10,000 mhz) that are modulated with a waveform consisting of frequency modulated bursts.
    Purpose: To instruct or pass messages; in theory. In reality it’s used to torment political/military targets. (One unpublicised application was the Gulf War)

    For more Information on these Technologies visit the website


    Remote neural monitoring basic description

    Corporate Government Greed and Illegal Human Experimentation

    Greedy corporations have purchased & been given access to our government’s most classified technologies and are now using it to track U.S. Citizens as well as conduct unethical human experiments. If you have a friend or loved one who expresses to you that they have been FOLLOWED, TRACKED OR HARASSED BY VEHICLES/PEOPLE ,or expressed HOME INVASIONS WITH NO SIGN OF FORCED ENTRY, CEL PHONE HACKING, POISONING or SILENT SOUND (hearing voices) then please take into consideration that your loved one may be a victim of ORGANIZED STALKING METHODS used in conjunction with illegal human experimentation practices. DO NOT automatically assume that your loved one is on illicit drugs, or has a mental disorder. Organized Stalking is very real, please research it and become familiar with this widespread problem and bring awareness to Organized Stalking!

    Watch YouTube Video: Declassified Human Experimentation

    On the 9/17/13 Clyde Lewis Show leslie also discusses how she is being GangStalked at her current hiking area at that time
    WELL OBSERVE and see truth—Look at the Dates

    What is Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) ?

     This show immediatly below is a Commercial Break because the StingRay Tech exposed in this show,is another Assett the perpetratirs use to track their Tareget’s, to set targets up,listen to whats exposed concerning it,in Case they Attempt to ever CLAIM Leslie was/Is Hanging around persons she isnt-( She doesnt hang around ANYONE) and isn’t aware of anyone camping around her Effective still 11/24/16

    REMEMBER THIS After you research what’s in this  Blog concerning what was Exposed in EVERY Newspaper and News Broadcast ALL over the United states on 9/18/13 Concerning Aroan Alexis and ” This is my ELF Weapon” Look at what leslie stated on the 9/17/13 show “That GangStalking Perpetrators use ELF Wave transmission’s and the Fact her Ex Husband was a Submarine Radar Antenna Electrician when she was married to him in 1983-84 IN San Diego him being stationed on the USS McKee at Point Loma Sub Base off of Rosecrans St and Nimitz Blvd well , Submarine Radars are all over the Internet to be Directly Connected to the Micro Wave Hearing Effect  and more , what did David Brian Ognian do to Leslie in San Diego and Michigan between 1983-1988

    Clyde stated on the 9/17/13 show that Aron Alexis complained of being MicroWaved, and that electrical shocks were being sent to his body-9/17./13 Ground Zero show link in this blog, well the 8/1/11 Conencticut Blog clearly shows
    Leslie clearly stating they did this to her in 2010 Monroe apartment in Michigan- the Fifth Apartment she is aware that she was GangStalked to and in, in Michigan -their is ABSOLUTE evidence in the Blog-she was.
    UCSD and Law Library are they Networking GangStalking”  Blog this one and more show’s her being GangStalked to over 8-9 Camping area’s since 8/8/11 to this date 4/16/16 Including the first one which between 8/9/11-2/21/12 was 150 Feet Next To DIRECTLY Next to wheir the SanDiego FBI Building used to be at off of Ruffin Rd and Aero Dr
    UCLA Student using a Telsa Machine to Schock a Elderly Couple as their Sleeping in the 70’s-compare this to the Above Connecticut Blog of it happening to leslie in 2010 in michigan before the date of this Coast to Coast am show of it being exposed on 2/14/13 and the 9/17/13 Clyde lewis show

    Coast To Coast AM Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment EDITED Only OGS EH Portion Low


    When you Witness this Blog YOU will witness the  Genious Implementation’s of a Learning Disabled Woman Who Took on who is exposed ALL BY HERSELF to Box in the Filthy Maggots that Committed UNSPEAKABLE Crimes of her ( That are Still Occurring) witness these methods by researching whats in this Blog, and Know EVERY Human Being has a Right to say if you Victimize me I will use you to expose you doin it, and that is what she has done and is doin..

    Follow Leslie on Twitter  This is Her Twitter Handle it was Named after her Cat Higgins who was Viscously Murdered in Dearborn Mi ( the Perpetrators entered her Upper Flat and Poisoned her, that was the same Flat, the 2’nd  Flat, she was Gang Stalked to in Michigan once the Open GangStalking Started in Michigan and One of the Flats she was living in when additional Loans were taken out, Higgins Died a Slow Death in Leslie’s arms, Google Gangstalking Murdering Pets of Targets-and as she was dying they Mocked leslie about it on her Stairwell, and then Leslie had to spend 100 Dollars to have her disposed of, Understand Leslie Forgets Nothing, the Flat that is Discussed above does relate to information that is exposed in the 2006 and 2008 Email’s that are referenced as a Ken 5 PDF Link below and its cross referenced to the Stalked in San Antonio Section of this Blog Witness it and you will SEE INDISPUTIBLE TRUTH, and a portion of the Duration of how Long IN PART she has been suffering from this Crime

    This is her Twitter Handle, she make Prediction tweets almost everyday and also exposes Evidence on Twitter Make sure You  discect whats in her Pinned tweet to her Account, gettie up and Make Sure you Absolutely Proceed

    @higginsgggg——-Exposingthruth ,, PS Alot of Leslie’s tweets within the Pinned Tweet Chain have Connected tweet’s within them, so Click on Each Tweet especially that ones that have links in them when you click on them, Scroll

    This Blogs Title and MUCH MUCH MORE was Sent directly to the Departments of Education on 10/21/16, Express mail-and the Redetermination Application clearly states that leslie’s signature on the Application is to be Considered Nill and Void unless The enclosed attached Documents are Thourghly reviewed and Scrutnized and Considered as Indisputible Evidence that was Attached is ABSOLUTE Evidence that the School Loans were Cohersed to be taken Out by third Parties in order to Be Monoployzed on later, Extortion Schemes, Racketeering Scheme’s,( Massive Ricco Act Violation’s,) Human Trafficking, Illegal Criminally Obtained Probate Control and Non Concensual Military Human experimentation,Which ABSOLUTELY Encompasses Torture, these are only a few of the Criminal Motivations ONE Target can Expereince Including for Decades at a Time,these just forementioned crime’s are Cleverly Brought about and can  be extremely hard to Prove.  The Information  and Evidence in the Blog is INDISPUTIBLE, that Indisputibly additionally proves the Filthy Maggots that Infiltrated her Life in Michigan, who Coersed her Repeatedly to take out these Loans are being Exposed ALL over the Country as a Group that is Perpetrating this Crime, their Targets Complaints concerning it, and how those Complaints are Identicly Perpetrated towards leslie here in Ca San Diego and when She went to Yucca Valley , CA,for a Week in 2012 from LaJolla Ca, Yucca Valley’s Harassment Proven in the Video’s within this Blog  is Identical to the Harrasment she endures EVERYDAY everywheir and Part of it, is absolutely Identicle to the Harrassment she endured in Michigan, From 2002 thru 2011 and in Connecticut, getting around her and repeating Oh My God- JUST Continue DO IT and you witness how important Leslie actually Is

    PS and ALways Remember Leslie’s Last Apartment in Michigan She knew she was Going to be GangStalked to it, because she was GangStalked to at least 3 Prior ones

    ( which this Blog INDISPUTIBLY Prove’s)and along all of her routes Up to and thru  the signing of the Lease on 11/29/2009, at this Apartment so she Itemized their prior and Current techniques they Utiylzed, against her at Flats, and Developed her own Template of Protocols to prove her being tracked to apartment Complex’s and the Resulting Creation of homelessness from them, she knew it whould be next to impossible to get Landlords and property Owners confessions concerning them being privatetly colluded with to allow and even assist in the GangStalking of her at her Apartment and on their Property ,so she utilyzed Paying her rent thru a Already Identified Participant that was Utilyzed at Prior Flats” ( Apartments) The United States Post Office, in order to leave a Paper trail that whould be connected to the Technique to make her homeless from this Apartment Complex , Paying her Rent to the Property Owner thru USPS by Purchasing a USPS Money Order and Mailing it Certified Mail Return Reciept, which was stolen on 9/03/2010, she made Notaries predicting what they whould do to create the Homelessness and Predictions in Emails and Audio Files and what they Did to create the Homelessness from this Apartment Complex The Monroe Apartment’s Dearborn Mi is Identicle to what she predicted within these Forementioned Prediction Methods,  the Notaries have been scanned and ARE Incorporated within this Blog She carried them With Her for 7 Years, so Google Postal Employee’s and GangStalking  and Mail Theft and Mail Delayment and GangStalking, USPS being a Federal Agency and Stealing mail is a Federal Offense, this was leslie circling their Wagon Because she knew what they whould do based on Prior Techniques and employment descriptions connected to them, in order to Prove Covert Collusion to bring about a effect, the creation of Homelessness so it can be used exploited to then Eventually exploit her and her Finances, illegal Probate Control Committed Locally within the State and County and City Juristiction’s the Target is in, PROVING a  Nation Wide Organized Crime Syndicite within the System at the Federal State County and City Level, working together to achieve a Criminal Motivation (S)., No GangStalking Crime can be Perpetrated against Any Target in The United States without it occurring to them Within the States their In, meaning that their Being Perpetrated Locally withingthe Commnunitys of the States their In Meaning that State and Local Government’s and  Munuicipalitys are involved Other wise they’ed be Prosecuting them, additionally meaning that Not only Fedaeral Crime and Constitutional Violations are being Extremely perpetrated but so are State and Local Penal and Government Codes are being Violated Including Violation’s of FCC Codes

    Observe what was sent- the Redetermination Application was Filled out Correctly and Additional Information was Written On it.. I E… The Title of this Blog and that Handwritten Statements that  States that whats enclosed in the First ABove Paragraph- This was Hand Wriiten on the Redetermination Application right next to the Signature it has been Copied and will be Scanned as soon as leslie can Cover Up the personal Identification on  it ( Social security Number the school Loan Identification Number to protect her from Identity Theft concerning who may view it once its incorporated within this Blog-what Method is Used by them to keep her entrapped in these Loans and or Any Other effects that come from Local GangStalking staged events that will be done to Physically tie her up in the effects Soi she cannot find a Un Corrupt Lawyers to assist her in Getting out of them ARE THE schemes used for the Continued entrapment and they will use anyone for it while dressing it up to make it appear that the Event occurred thru Normal Appearing Reasons -Excuse’s- MisHapp ( I..e. Including staged events so the Police can claim they have probable cause t0 approach her to arrest or ticket her-THEY WILL USE ANYONE, any type of person ANY AGE- all Achieved thru the Criminal Illegal GPS Tracking of her and the Illegal Covert Physical Survallence of her ) Illegal Lodging Trespassing encroachment Tickets and Arrests) These Immediate Below Attached PDF Links are the 40 Plus Pages sent with the Redetermination Application Whats exposed in this Blog INDISUTIBLY Proves that these School Loans were Cohersed for Leslie to Take Out thru Criminal Maggots that infiltrated her Life in Michigan Thru a State Sponsered Self Help Group, Disect this Blog Slowly,Now this here is Just a Eamil Pdf Link that has Pasted Web Pages within it in order to Immediatley Prove to you that  School Loans are being identified as being Part of GangStalking Sheme’s ,Criminal Motivations- DEBT BONDAGE


    This Blog Title and Its URL is within The 2’nd and 3rd Link  All were Incorporated within the Information that was Attached to what was sent to the Department of Education in October 2016- It Connectes a Self Help Group who Members in it are the Ones who repeatedly Verbally Enticed and Cohersed her into Taking Out these School Loans leslie connected the campaighn of GangStalking to them to HFCC &  U of M To Apartments and their Techniques concerning other ones their Victimizing ( Meaning How this Self help Group is Being Utilzed ALL over the Country” the Techniques that are exposed online their Using are IDENTICLE to a Tee to what they did in Part to her after the school Loans were taken out, and check this out, also Know this,  concerning 99:899999999999 Percent of the Evidence in this Blog Is IDENTICLE to whats being Exposed as being the Techniques these self help groups are using on their Victims, this Connects them to her and to the Gangstalking of leslie in Michigan Connecticut and San diego, including  San Diego’s Involvement in 2006 and since 8/8/11 Up to and thru this Date 11/16/16 Leslie has been PLANNING this Pay Back for years and the Department of Education will claim they never Got any Evidence from Leslie ABSOLUTELY, because they already have EVEN though they Signed for the Package when a Prior Package of Evidence was sent to them- Once any Goverment Agencie,( Including Police) admit’s they received evidence they then have to answer why they Didnt scrutinize it and Investigate it, the Department of Education is a Federal Agency they even have their own Swat team, logically we then need to deduce if they wont acknowledge it to have been a Criminal Act especially since its connected to the Continuing crime that has and still Involves Interstate Stalking, ( a Federal Crime)  we than Have to measure our deliberations why, Are they Being steered not to Acknowledge it and then By Possibly  WHO, well at any tine we can Research at Google the Following to GangStalking

    The United States Military

    FBI CIA NSA DHS, Fusion Centers, The United States Postal Service, the Department of Education, when we cross reference what Comes up we can Easily deduce the only way all of these Agencies could be Implicated is that their Privately Colluding togehter, and if they are DO YOU BELIEVE they’ll Lie about it and NEVER ADMITT IT,

    Consider also the Non Concensual Military Human experimentation that IS Occurring to GangStalking Victims that absolutely result in 24/7 Torture, EVEN fpor decades at a Time LITERALLY, Illegal Monitoring and Influencing , Rapes and Visious Assaults and Menticide are also attributes of this Experimentation ( This Abuse assists them in Intentionally Disacoasiating the Targets Mind thru Traumatization and retraumaization) which then assists the techknolgy to be More Neuralogically Effective because its Making a Neuralogical Access remotely, and a Disassociated mind has a Harder time Perceptually being aware their Being Manipulated under the Perceptual Radar- Review the Remote Neural Monitoring and Influencing Video’s and PDF Links in This Blog, including the Hetro Dyneing

    That Technique being The Repeating of the Same Words and Phrases around their Victim’s including about their Victims, what was sent to the Department of Education INDISPUTIBLY Proves it, A Email is Within this This Immediate Below, Blog THAT  WAS SENT TO THEM AGAIN,Look at Its Date Look at What Leslie is Stating and who she is Exposing The Same Persons that were Within this Group that were Responsible for the Student loan Coersment are the Same Ones that are responsible for over 10 Other Major Massive FELONIES that occurred to Leslie FOR YEARS before leslie finally Escaped the Explotation of her, her Insurance and her Finances and MUCH More in Michigan IT ONLY STOPPED Because she left Michigan on April 6th 2011, she went to Connecticut in which the Syndacite in Connecticut took over to attempt to propp up the Same exact explotation of her their USING the Homelessness as the Conduit WHICH IS THE same exact thing their attempting here, In San Diego ,the Homelessness was ABSOLUTELY Created thru a United State’s Postal Clerk stealing her rent out of the Mail RENT that was Mailed  Certified Mail Return Reciept- Leslie knew they whould do this its why she used this Service- so it whould leave a Paper trail USPS is a FEDERAL AGENCY- Leslie has been Planning this Pay Back FOR YEARS Using them to expose them, because she knew they whould GangStalk her to this New Apartment and she knew the Post Office was Utilyzed in at least 2 Other APartments ( in Which Those apartments leslie was living in when the Loans were Taken Out) also Know have Clever methods been Utilyzed thru any Family Members of Leslie that were used to Associate the Crime to them to her, to bait her to  mentally believe their Connected, do these crime do things as well you cant prove.


    Google and You Tube EXTENSIVELY Family INfiltration and GangStalking DO IT —DO IT

    Observe – Do you see any information in these links showing Victims state ” PERSONS are getting around them and repeating the same Words and Phrases”

    Observe it, the date it was stated, then KNOW the Evidence in this Blog San Diego and Yucca Valley Gangstalking INDISPUTIBLY Proven SAME METHOD, connecting this Groups Gangstalking methods to Leslie across INTERSTATE Lines Making it a Federal Offence

    Before you Read it and this Blog KNOW_Leslie is Not a Alcoholic and NEVER has Been or a Drug Addict

    She was set up thru a Staged event in Dearborn and Redford Mi to attend these Groups Intiatally thru a Human Trafficking Gangstalking Dearborn Police Officer, whom leslie will WILL eventually Go after LEGALLY

    Here is the 12 Step Article of GangStalking being exposed happening all over the Country at these meeting
    This is a Copied and Pasted section of the About Feature

    Read the Blog here The Emails within it Then proceed to teh Evidence coorelate that back on to whats Exposed within the 12 step Links and SEE UNDENAIBLE TRUTH

    leslie has Thrown them Into them

    This one Here departmentofeducation2016redetermination023

    And this one Here

    This is 99 % of what was sent to the Department of Education The rest will be Incorporated within a week -UNLESS Leslie is Robbed and or Arrested and Robbed, the First two Reflect Copies of the Reciepts of the Amount of Cost’s connected to make all the Copies she made of what was sent































  • departmentofeducation2016redetermination029
  • departmentofeducation2016redetermination030
  • departmentofeducation2016redetermination031
















  1.  Google the Name of ANY BUISSNESS any University, any Mail Service and Police to GangStalking- they stage events against the Target at these places to bann the Target spo the Target cannot Function within the Community their In , causing them to continually having to move Cleverly steering the Target  into Circumstances that are then Exploited thru the Continued Tracking The Tracking is the Stalking of GangStalking Crimes the Gang Is weir they Gang Upon you thru Staged events and Effects Using anyone Police Courts Duped Comuinty Citizens who are lied to about the Target and Syndicite Members Also Google GangStalking and Libraries
  2. Welcome to thru and Debt Bondage schemes for Human Trafficking and Racketeering


    leslie Phone and Computer are being Targeted NOW


    Leslie Had to replace her Phone and Computer on 11/10/16 Its discussed in a Enclosed Gmail PDF Below

    UpDated on 11/12/16 Department of Education Do Not Dismiss the Evidence in this Blog You were forwarded it to prove it was sent to you, The Organized Crime Members connected to the Crime of GangStalking of Leslie in Michigan who ABSOLUTELY Coersed her into taking out these school Loans and MUCH more, Is INDISPUTIBLY Proven in this Blog and how their Exposed online perpetrating their Crime’s ALL OVER The Country is IDENTICLE TO A TEE Methods she has Caught and Exposed occurring towards her in 4 States,  The Evidence show’s leslie reporting being GangStalked to Multiple Apartments in Michigan Including the Apartments she was living in when all Loans were taken out,and as she was Physically Attending HFCC, and at the Last Apartment wheir the Organized Stalking GangStalking Crime INTENTIONLY made her Homeless “again” Which also was Located within 1.5 Miles of HFCC and U of M Dearborn Mi, and It clearly shows her Being GangStalked at and Reporting it to U of M Dearborn Mi Campus Saftey, on 1/20/11 on video and one of the Perpetrator’s that participated in the Event that caused her to Go to Campus Saftey, U of M Dearborn Mi,which is within Miles of all of these Apartments and 25 Feet from HFCC property and to her Dearborn Camping area across the street from U of M -HFCC- Wheir she was absolutely GangStalked To and Continually harrased at, Whats exposed in this Blog exposes 40 Percent of the Evidence leslie has, and it alone also ABSOLUTELY beyond any ANY Reasonable doubt that the Evidence she exposed occurring towards her in Michigan Connecticut and San Diego is absolutely caught Occuring all over San Diego since 8/8/11 and is still Occurring OPENLY and in Yucca Valley California when she went their for 1 week in 2012 from LaJolla Ca- This Blog Indisputibly Proves her being GangStalked to Multiple Camping area’s  in San Diego and Along her Routes, harrased in the SAME EXACT IDENTICLE way, This Blog also Indisputibly Proves leslie exposing how she is Being Harrassed thru GangStalking Crimes in California San Diego Yucca Valley Ca, on the 9/17/13 Ground Zero Show with Clyde Lewis” Its Link Below” and Massive evidence of these Explained techniques she stated on the 9/17/13 Show being caught SINCE the Shows Broadcast and BEFORE, On Hundreds HUNDREDS of Audio Files, Video Files and even Twitter Video’s

    This Blog indisputbly includes Multiple law Enforcements agencies DIRECT Connection and Particpiation to this Crime and Confessions

    This Blog also Indisputibly Exposes and Proves that leslie was set up on San Diego MTS Bus Route 928  on 10/10/11 and Brutally assaulted A STAGED ASSAULT and the Absolute Provable fact that MTS sent her a Altered Video of the Assault and the Fact SDPD Altered the Police Report Concerning the Assault, this Event and the details concerning it along with the Assault Video is Exposed within this Blog Indisputibly proving Collusion and Conspiracy to commit Multiple Felonies, MTS is a Public Transportation service with Federal Oversight and Connections, The Video evidence and the Falsified SDPD Report is INDISPUTIBLE Evidence of Massive Corruption and the Assault was Directly Connected to gangStalking – Prediction woill leslie be Reported arrested ticketed Psychologically Intimidated to Move in order to tie her up in resulting effects so the Department of Education situation isnt resolved thru leslie Attorney she is currently attempting to Find- THIS WILL OCCUR- Prediction applies for 2 Years Date of this Prediction being effective 10/24/16;1:21 PM

    This Blog Everything in it INDISPUTIBLY and Completely Not only Discloses Massive GangStalking Crimes Occuring to Leslie, it also includes Strategies she employed to Box as Many Participants in the Crime she could and she did and Make No Mistake about it before this is OVER and it will never be, in Leslies resolve to unless SDPD and UCSD Police Admit in Open Court their Particpation in this Crime and who gave them their orders IT WILL OCCUR

     Whats between these two rows of 7’s Had to be Incorporated due to what occurred on 10/24/16 and the Results and effects of it (that ARE STILL ONGOIN)


    EXPOSINGTHRUTH (@higginsgggg) tweeted at 8:19 AM on Wed, Oct 26, 2016:

    Observe the Following Carefully- Follow Instruction’s Carefully and witness the Exposure of Leslie Being GangStalked in 2006 in San Diego and how the 2006 emails relates to ( In Part, the Current evidence she is Catching all over San Diego and how it is Now exposed occurring Currently in San diego Libraries- and More)

  3. Watch this Video and Proceed
  4. Stalked in San Antonio TX
  6. Now The Following between these two row’s of Astericks are what you need to Read and then Read how they Apply, OK here Go’s
  7. ***************************************************************

The First Woman Interviewed within the Stalked in San Antonio Broadcast,” Immediately Above” made many Statements within the Broadcast  What’s exposed within Qoute’s ,””are relevant Section’s of her statements and then the Secound Woman’s Statements which are also n Quot’s pertaining to the Point being made, concerning why their being included, all Section’s are in Qoute’s, that are relevant ,Now the Show’s Transcript is Printed and Scanned by Leslie and is incorporated within the  Attached PDF Link Immedetley Below that looks like this — smncopier215091613300-ken-5.pdf- it is also incorporated with the Description of the Broadcast Itself, Now Within this printed Scanned transcript within the enclosed PDF Link- are 2 Email’s One from 2006 Written in San Diego at the San Diego Point loma Library on their computer’s, the 2008 Email was Written By Leslie at U of M Dearborn Mi Library, So here are the Instruction’s to Follow Concerning  Two Videos, the One Above Stalked in San Antonio and then the Video  that is Incorporated right below these Pertinent section’s within Qoutes pertaining to the Video Above

“” She suffered months of oddness:Lights left on. Doors open. Furniture moved. Her clothes dryer disassembled. Her friends said they noticed the strange happenings. They tell the I-Team they even witnessed a gas oven left turned on.””

“” Another friend said she and Vurbeff were stalked at a mall.””

And this is a Section of the statements of the Secound woman in the first News Broadcast above

“” Linda Johnson says someone poisoned her water supply with heavy metals in northwest San Antonio. Then, theres the story of the bracelet that went missing, and then reappeared.””

Now what do you hear at Exactly 0:28:0:30 that when they Entered her Home”” they turned on all the Lights””, in this Broadcast of a Woman and Her Son experiencing GangStalking at her HOME, here in San Diego this Broadcast was just Broadcasted on 10/13/16-watch it then Read the Dialog Right below The Video,

” San Diego mom thinks she’s the victim of “community stalking”

The Reason these Sections of these 2 Broadcasts from these Total of three woman from them is what,

Compare what’s stated within the Qouted sections of the Testimony’s of these these 3 Woman to whats ()Parenthesized {Bracketed} with the 2006 and 2008 Email’s,Leslie stating her experiencing the SAME EXACT IDENTICLE to a TEE SAME thing’s, in relation to 3-4 of her Apartments in Michigan 2 of them  She was living in when she was a Student at HFCC and when the School Loans were taken out- this is being imediatley incorporated within this Blog to ABSOLUTELY prove that the Sick Filthy Criminaly Insane Maggots that are using IDENTICLE Techniques on their Victims, which you even hear one woman state in the Stalked in San Antonio Broadcast , Now this Blog and the Attached Blog Links within these Blogs incorpaorate Massive Evidence- WHICH IS NOTHING Compared to what Leslie is Carrying on her person, LITERALLY, ALSO you will notice in the 2006 Email Leslie states many Things

1 of them being- “” Check Around the Point Loma Library you Never know what you might here” MEANING HEAR”around you once you go into the Bathroom fter Reading it and Doin everything thats been Disclosed so far then go to the Twitter Link right below the Ken 5 PDF Link and Look at the Tweetv Leslie Posted on 10/06/16- of the Harrassment being Caught at teh North University san Diego Public Library and then when you proceed in this Blog You will witness it being Caught at Hiking areas Buisniess Other libraries and Universitys and on Bus Routes-which is the Same Harrassment leslie exposed on the 9/17/13 Ground zero Show leslie was one That Link is Below-Leslie was Laying the Groundwork in 2005-6 She warned them in 2005- how do I mean this” in Part”well after you review this PDF Link and see leslie wrote this statement in 2006 Go to the  Ken 5 Link discussed Above IT IS Below  right here-and proceed to see what her plan was the Ground work layed out for it in 2005

And here is the PDF Link that holds the News Transcript and the 2006 and  2008 email’s discussed Above- what do you you Notice within them compare it to whats between The Qoutes as stated above then Continue

  1. ***************************************************************
  2. smncopier215091613300-ken-5
  3. Also Know that John hall who is Clearly featured in teh Stalked in San Antonio You Tube Video Featured above is ALL OVER the Internet at Google and You tube Exposing what, How remote Neural Monitoring is DIRECTLY Connected to GangStalking Crimes and this Blog clearly exposes Leslie being Undeniably GangStalked all over San Diego, Michigan, Connecticut and when she went to Yucca Valley Ca for one week from San Diego in 2012, Gettie Up for 1 Learning disabled woman Has Kicked the Ass of the Intellenece Community, research the Information exposed in this Blog and you will WITNESS INDISPUTIBLE TRUTH and the Depth of it, Batta Boom
  4. EXPOSINGTHRUTH (@higginsgggg) tweeted at 3:01 AM on Thu, Oct 06, 2016:
  5. GangStalk Suck My Dick Oh My God Repeated AGAIN ON 10/03/16 @ the N U San Diego Public Library around Leslie Williams C Attached Tweet
  6. And it was caught on Multiple Camera Videos and at least 2 Phone Videos, and One long Rinnuning Recording Audio File It was Massively perpetrated towards leslie at this Library today she also experinced Massive Massive Computer hacking for over two Hours and Phone Hacking the persons caught WERE Library Staff Memebers ABSOLUTELY

North University san Diego Public Library Gangstalking Caught on Multiple Videos, 11/03/16
  1. j0jathongangstaking
  2. envelopesjonathongangstalking
  3. This Immediate section was Posted on 10/23/16: Proceed Please

    Today’s Date is 10/23/16, this blog was updated on this date,Leslie Synthesized a Host of massive Evidence that Was/has been sent to the Department of Education on 10/19/16 -Over 45 Pages of Massive Evidence attached to the 4 page Redetermination Application, ( those 45 Pages will be Scanned and attached within at least this blog, predicting arrests and or robberries in order to steal it before this can Occurr.)Indisputibly INDISPUTIBLY Proving to them ” You” she has /is a Victim of the Crime that is exposed and its connection to the School Loans and it is Absolutely being predicted they will state nothing concerning this Crime has been recieved by them or that doe’snt establish to prove the Loans to be Taken Out were Coersed/ and Influenced for her to take out INTENTIONALLY to be Used later for Extortion, Debt Bondage, Human Trafficking, Racketeering, and this aspect of it will be brought about within the state she is in,California San Diego County,”7″ (and or Any County she is forced to move to,” thru” By the Means Brought about to influence her to have to move to,)” 7 Continued” and Law Enforcement will ABSOLUTELY play a Role in it, “how” the Circumstances that are created that bring her into Enviroment’s and Situations that Lead to it ABSOLUTELY, thru STAGED Event’s and or Staged Probable Cause ” Street Theater’s” using third Parties for them,” ” The Buffer” between Leslie and the Police” STAY TUNED, this Blog Link, and The Other Blog Links incorporated within this Blog, and Much more was sent to the Dept Of Education on the Date Listed within the First Paragraph of this Blog-  October 19 2016 Thru the USPS Overnight mail that requires them to sign it, in order for them to accept it,and lesslie has on her Digital Tape recorder the weight of the Package sent to them being verbalyzed by the USPS postal worker who weighted on her Accepted the Package and kept it to mail it, on 10/19/16.

    This was Incorporated to educate the Public concerning Torture and Explotation of GangStalking Victim’s


    This Gmail Prediction is being included in order to Expose what May Happen to her while these Matter’s are Being Reviewed and never resolved pertaining to the truth’s of these matter’s, PS their is Information incorporated within this blog Indisputibly proving another target of these crimes are Literally verbally Implicating the Department of education being connected in the perpetrattion of gangstalking crimes.



    How much of the  GangStalking Crime leslie Has/is Enduring Exposed within this recent National Radio show that expose’s Aspect of this Crime and SubCrime’s attached to it- Everything stated within this Show can be Googled and when Appropriate  You Tubed-

    “Attention Department of Education” it will Take you a Little while for you to see what is Meant for you to Review, and Conclude ,EVERYTHING in these 4 Blogs at least is being Incorporated and forwarded to you thru/ with what you were sent with the October 2016 Redetermination Application, so thru the Disecting of whats enclosed that was forwarded/ Mailed, you can deduce that the Past And CURRENT Crimes of GangStalking and who’s,Specifically Identified (has)/is, played (ing) a Role in it, not only Verbally repeadedly Coersed her into taken out these Loans, until she did , but you will also witness within these Materials of Discovery i.e..Evidence that the Group and its members that Solictited her to take out these school loans were caught by leslie later to be directly connected to these crimes and the Fact that they are also all over the Internet being Absolutely implicated in Participating in them, all over the Country and the Methodologie’s they used on Leslie and other targets is ABSOLUTELY part of the Criminality’s she has Caught on OVER 1000 Audio Files and Additional Video Files Happening to her all over San Diego County and its still being experinced towards her and absolutely around her even up to and thru these dates .That Technique,( and Other’s) that Correlates them to what she has/is experienced(s) in San Diego and Michigan and Connecticut is the Technique known as GangStalking Sensitization Technique of Repeating Words and Phrases around her and even directly at her, Especially THE SAME EXACT WORDS and Phrases, Absolutely Indisputibly Proven within this Blog

    Welcome to Years of Torture Abuse and the Continued Connection of the Same Crime Leslie is Forced to ENDURE DAILY,

    Leslie has Been Planning this For Years, in Paying Back all identified Parties

    Witness the Genous of  Leslie Williams, Fuck You To SDPD UCSD Police can not be More Clearly Stated- and whats exposed in this Immediate Below Email is Nothing Compared to the Evidence Leslie has REMEMBER this



    What your Meant to Review THOURGHLY is ALL EVIDENCE and descriptions that assists you in Desciphiring it, Concerning Evidence But everything that is in this Blog is also meant for you to thourghly read so you can also see what leslie has Had to endure DAILY DAILY since at least 2003 in 4 States, and how the Evidence OPENS this up in Being Self evident in Materials of Discovery.These Matters will be taken up for proofs.

    Updated on 10/23/16-Their Targeting Leslie’s Computer, at San Diego Libraries Making her Work Dissapear after long Time Durations in Composing it and restarting the Computer over 20 Times in each Visit, and their Targeting her,at her Current Resting area’s, and Area’s that they have seen her Ride her Bike By and Probe-and One specific One, Coded within this Blog, Right during the Calender Period wheir she is using both as Assistance in Functioning that allows her to do what she has to due in Handling the Current Things that need to be Immediatly done concerning a Redetermination Thru the Dept of Ed pertaining to the School Loans the  GangStalking Perpetrators Coersed her into Taking out in Michigan, and the Information in this Blog Connects Michigans GangStalking to San Diego’s GangStalking in at least 6 Calender year Periods,and Connects this Crime to at least 6 Apartments of leslie’s in Michigan which also resulted in the Creation of the Homelessness of leslie and at least 12 Camping areas in San Diego in relation to living arrangment’s, and resting area’s, What needs to be ABSOLUTELY Understood is that this is a Nationwide Organized Crime Syndicite Operating within the Government AT EVERY LEVEL that communicates with each of their partnering and even Competeing  syndacites per state the Target is in and Moved from,the Criminal Motivation’s remain the same, the Techniques are usually 98 % Identicle and all protection mechanisms and scheme’s to bring both about are heavly connected to the Police and Courts, and absolutely Connected to the ILLEGAL GPS Tracking of the Target and the Illegal IN REAL TIME Survellance of the Target to bring about the Staged Harassment Staged events Staged Assaults Robberies , Arrests and or Tickets,and or Evictions from the property, Understand San Diego’s Connection to Michigan’s Connection to this Crime has been Indisputibly Proven ABSOLUTELY,so ALL Predictions leslie has Ever Made are in EMERGENCY Protocol(s) Effect for the next 60 Days , that absolutely includes leslie being Banned from ANY San Diego Public Library as of 8:59 AM 10/17/16, and or ABSOLUTELY Concerning her being Ticketed Arrested Forced to Move Assaulted Robbed Raped,on any property. A EMERGENCY EMERGENCY PROTOCOL is ABSOLUTELY in effect as of 10/17/16 12:00 PM The Most Important Emergency Protocol EVER EVER INITIATED, in the Past 13 Years, Is now active ESPECIALLY for the next 7 Days especially the Next 4, This is ESPECIALLY in Relation to SDPD UCSD SDSD CHP Police Used in Conjuction with the Property of ” Code Description of it here

    ANMNCALILLVRP,LLIG RD CT “especially at any spot within 800 Feet of the Last 6 Letters of the description of this Property and 3 Other ones within the Code and any spot on it  ANYWHEIR within 800 feet of this Spot, and in conjuction with this Applys to Homeless Men Woman Punks criminals Social Deviants Mentally Ill Persons, Neighbors, used to participate in any event that brings the Police to this Area, including using persons that are propped up Upon it before leslie arrives on it and Absolutely Any wheir on the Property But Especially Within 1000 Feet of the Exit of it, and when this crime stages anything they can Stage the Witness’s while making it also appear the Witness isnt connected to whos directly used against leslie, the reason this is being stated is that it was noticed on leslie’s computer today,at the North University San Diego Public Library, by leslie, in her email account, that someone opened up a Gmail email, in front of her face and wrote,” that homeless persons have been Put up on a Property you recently went by that had older property of your’s on it, we dare you to use this Property for any reason at anytime,because you will be creatively led to a Arrest/ticket, they also described the area LOCATION of this Property, the Code of it is above, they Know Leslie recently went their Looking thru some older property for things for the Department of Education that she had to leave behind on it when she used to be Connected to it,so their Obviously baiting her to go back

  4.  Their Plan is To Ticket and or arrest Leslie to Monoploize on the effects from it so these effects lead leslie closer to the Finacial and or Sexiual explotation, and is it so that the Federal Student Loans Can Never be Legally removed from leslie  in refernce to the Totality of the Loan Balance ,because of ANY event person Agencie that assists in bringing about Eeffcts Circumstances that Physically  prevents her from being Mentally and Phsycially attentive in taking care of ALL things to get it permentally removed from her and or to steer her to and   IN A ISOLATED ENVIROMENT and this Includes RAPE within them ,additionally using the Courts for it and anything attached to the Courts and or Detention Center she is put in TRUST ME ON THIS.and this is the Library she noticed this Threat and Computer and Gmail Hacking at on 10/17/16, the same harassment you hear in this Twitter Audio has BEEN CAUGHT ON THIS PROPERTY that is Discussed and revealed in the Code Above., WHICH IS ,IS the Same Exact IDENTICLE TO A ABSOLUTE TEE that’s been Caught by leslie of the San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders saying it, which is the Same Harrasment Leslie reported to SDPD in 2013 when she called them at the Jack In the Box on Rose Crans and Nimitz that audio is Exposed in this Blog as well,Incorporated within a You Tube Video , this Connects SDPD to who and wheir , this Identicle Harrassment has  been  Caught at, and it also Connects SDSD because They Played a Hige Role in Apsects’ of this Crime and Have been Caught on Tape Recorder in the San Diego Court House Repeating GangStalk oh my God as well ABSOLUTELY.

    IT is a Absolute Through mistake to Underestimate Leslie’s resolve in using the Police to expose their Filthy maggot ass’s  for what they are “Organized Crime member’s of this Syndacite using their employment descriptions to aid and abbed  in the criminalitys atttached to it and even the  Host of  these criminal expedition’s, leslie made a Vow in 2005 in Michigan as she was being exploited and laughed at as it was occurring that she will NEVER EVER EVER Stop EVER until these filthy criminally Insane maggots are brought to Justice, Under fucking estimate this resolve, for the Names that leslie was goin to name her children are attached to this Resolve

    leslie aced the track and locked the Flow–( meaning she set the Parameters for, “to” bring them to, her, and locked the tempo of them doin it, to prove the stalking to prove their involvement to bring 2006 alive ” SDPD” and attached to the current expedition to prove the duration of this Crime to then connect it to the Other states- UNDER FUCKING ESTIMATE me now SDPD—- How did she doe this- smell it in the secound Song, and then witness the evidence of her taking them from place to place, by and thru provoking the police to come to her hiking area because of exposing them, to prove the Identicle harassment at each throwing them into them, and that includes the ALTERED MTS Assault video  sent to leslie by MTS ALTERED and Both known falsified SDPD Police report’s, consider who really provoked that MTS Assault, if it was Leslie I whould think that this whould tell anyone the lenght’s she will go to in exposing who’s used wheir it occurr’s and, well ask yourself though Why did MTS Alter the Video-Why did SDPD Falsify the Report  are we now waking up to leslie’s resolve, when she finds it prudent to execute methods in bringing it about, who wrote this section is it better to be physically abused in Public by Identified participants to this crime then use it to expose the Police or to wait until they OBTAIN ABSOLUTE CRIMINAL Probate control of the Victim and assault them in Isolated enviroment’s including rapes, Believe SDPD your in Control for your Continued Vanity is needed, leslie was goin to name her son Mark Israel and her Daughter Clara, this was Raped from her life and her thru the Most Violent Horrific crime your minds cannot imagine, the secound song details taken them from city to city enjoy, the MTS Assault Video is Incorporated within this Blog and Information Concerning it-PS this One Event ABSOLUTELY Proves  Felony Assault Conspiracy Collsuion Obstruction of Justice and Faslifiying a Police Report ALL FELONIES ALL of it done thru the Government and Law Enforcement

    Before you Proceed this Song is Dedicated to every GangStalking Victim and their Children that are currently Sufferring this Absolute Horrific Crime.

    Puff Daddy/Faith Evans/112 – I’ll Be Missing You

    Welcome to truth and God’s providence- one down one to go another town one more SHOW- Mi to Tennesse to MI to CT to San Diego AGAIN infiltrating these Mother Fuckers to prove their Exsistance and attachment to this crime

    Yes – Leave It (Official Music Video)

    EXPOSINGTHRUTH (@higginsgggg) tweeted at 3:01 AM on Thu, Oct 06, 2016:

    GangStalk Oh My God Repeated AGAIN ON 10/03/16 @NU San Diego Public Library around Leslie Williams C Attached Tweet

    EXPOSINGTHRUTH (@higginsgggg) tweeted at 4:01 AM on Mon, Oct 10, 2016:
    Predicting Assaults Property Thefts Accusations Harassment B N Banned fromAnywhere I go along my Routes today GangStalking CRIMES Against LW

    What’s Incorporated within ” AT Least this 1 for now-( the 1’st of a 3 Part Email Series , which is immediately below) Indisputibly Connect’s the Places that are Exposed within it to Leslie’s Previous Hiking Area,Not far from UCSD Because the Harasment IS INDENTICLE to a LITERAL Tee, and it is the Hiking area Leslie was Set Up and Arrested at Thru- WHO- “UCSD Police” Privately Colluding? with -Who-” SDPD” on 11/10/14, and this was the Camping area that leslie was discussing on the 9/17/13 Ground Zero Show with Clyde Lewis she was on and what she stated on this show how she was being harrassed their and along her routes ( that Show’s Link and More associated to that show is below so you can listen to it) Fellow American’s DO NOT CONCLUDE what’s exposed in this Email to be the Only Thing leslie is Enduring ( & still Enduring) it is Actually the Most Minor Thing she is Enduring but its one of the Biggest thing’s that Leslie use’s to expose the Fact this Criminal Reality is Occurring to her, SO TRUST me the Meat and Potatoes are after and Between this Evidence, it needs to be ABSOLUTELY reviewed for the Sake of Proof and How it Ties in with what else is EXPOSED Stay With This Blog DO IT ,  I Gaurante if you Do you will be Glad you did ABSOLUTELY,

    Deliberate by Cross Referencing Date Videos Were Made When They were Published Wheir they were Made at What Leslie is Exposing and wheir its Caught at

    OK Here Goe’s Click on this Email PDF Link Follow Instruction’s then Continue with this Blog, but before you do it Do this, Bring up this You Tube Video and look at what leslie is stating at exactly between the time frame’s 10;15-10;27- and then compare it to whats exposed and who is exposed  and wheir its happening at on 10/23/15 doing the same exact identicle to a tee Literal thing ( the First Video was Made at the previous Camping  also look at the 1’st Video Publish date- Whats Identicle within these Designated Time frames in relation to these two Videos Leslie states in the First One The Comedy Video ” The Homeless freaks they set up to hike out 100 feet away from me constantly yell” GangStalk Oh My God and then Laugh as their doin it, and then leslie indisputibly catches the San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders doin the same exact thing IN THE SAME EXACT IDETICLE WAY on her Tape Recorder  doin it in the San Diego Court House on 10/23/15 Exposed years later at a location 30 miles away from wheir the 1’st Video  Video was Made at” – a Previous Camping area-( Leslie is GangStalked at ALL ALL Resting areas Camping area’s ANY WOODED AREA she uses for any reason she is on This means that the Persons who orchestrated and propped up the Homeless Men at that previous Camping area  that HARASSED HER EVERYDAY FOR TWO YEARS AT TIMES NON STOP ,are the Same people that controlled the Public defenders and prosecutors to do it LINKING THEM TO LESLIES WOODED Area’s Prosecutors and Public Defenders are LAW ENFORCEMENT UNDERSTAND

    12/21/13 Learning Disabled Woman makes a Xmas Comedy Video To Make you Laugh

    San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders Repeat GangStalker Suck My Dick GangStalk Oh My God

    4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disabled Woman Lajolla Ca

  6. 11/27/13 Learning Disabled Woman tell UCSD Police How she’s GangStalked-Evidence Caught after – 2

    11/01/14 UCSD & Hiking Area GangStalking Methods Caught R IDENTICAL & Caught @ Both Places



    This is One of Many Documents that is INTENTIONALLY meant for the Department of Education to use in its Continued Deleiberations concerning the Intentional Coersion of leslie  to take out these School Loans thru GangStalking Perpetrators in Michigan


    The Audio Recording of the NU SD Public Library GangStalking Harrassment of the 1’st Tweet of this 3 Part Tweet Chain is from 10/03/16 It is Audio File 10 -Folder 1- The Time segment is 1:54:22 Into the Audio File , Its repeated many times and This method was Stated in the Police Report I got when I reported the GangStalking Text Messages Tweet from EXPOSINGTHRUTH (@higginsgggg)

    EXPOSINGTHRUTH (@higginsgggg) tweeted at 3:01 AM on Thu, Oct 06, 2016:
    GangStalk Oh My God Repeated AGAIN ON 10/03/16 @NU San Diego Public Library around Leslie Williams C Attached Tweet

     The Information within this Blog Indisputibly Prove Leslie was GangStalked to at least 4 Apartments in Michigan it also Proves indisputibly she was GangStalked in San Diego in 2006, it also Indisputibly Proves she has been and Is GangStalked EVERYDAY since upon ReArriving in San Diego on 8/8/11

    This Video Here is only a EXTREMELY Small Illustration of what Leslie Endured DAILY in her Last Apartment in Michigan,

    12/31/15 WATCH WATCH Leslie’s Last Apartment the Gang Stalking Created the Homelessness At/From

    The Key to this Blog is To Take a Look at what leslie states, and wheir it is being stated at, and then how its caught after the Videos are published, then you will witness Videos of her staing she was experincing it all the way back in 2012

    The Audio Recording of the NU SD Public Library GangStalking Harassment of the 1’st Tweet of this 3 Part Tweet Chain is from 10/03/16 It is Audio File 10 -Folder 1- The Time segment is 1:54:22 Into the Audio File , Its repeated many times and This method was Stated to the Police, when leslie reported the GangStalking Text Messages, in August 2015, That police report was cleverly Falsified by SDPD But the Video’s of her reporting it show what she said,and then how the Report is, its being scanned today and it will show how it was creatively falsified,Tweet from EXPOSINGTHRUTH (@higginsgggg)

    Listen Carefully between 0;005-0;008

    4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disabled Woman Lajolla Ca
    3/18/16 Learning Disabled Woman GangStalked in LaJolla Ca to Hiking Area’s



    Emergency Predicting Arrests Tickets or anyone forcing her to move or claiming they seen leslie enter /exit the property she rests on For the Next 30 Days effective 10/16/16, also predicting property thefts,


    This section here Concerning this Ground Zero Show and what was Broadcasted all over the Country the Next day and the FBI report on 9/25/13 and their is a John Hall Interview concerning this incorporated as well, this Section Concerning this is also incorporated below so just skip it in reference to reviewing it again but it does fit in with whats exposed in this Blog so Follow instructions Throughout this Blog

    Leslie on Ground Zero on 9/17/13-Exposing ELF Wave Transmissions Used on GangStalking Victims, exposing how she is Harrassed in Part in San Diego and at her Hiking Area’s and Exposing her Ex-Husbands Employment Description in the Navy and More, listen well and Cross Reference it to what was exposed all over the Nation in National News Broadcast’s Local News Broadcasts and newspapers all over the Country, THE VERY NEXT DAY, Does anyone HONESTLY believe their not still Targeting leslie -and they absolutely will soon start targeting her Finances

    Only one Target in the Country did this Leslie Williams , Cross reference the Dates Leslie Testimoney came FIRST

  7.  Remember the Dates, What Came First The Ground zero Show was on 9/17/13
  8. The San Diego Prosecutors and Public defenders were caught in the San Diego Court House on 10/23/15 doin exactly what leslie stated she was experiencing at the Older Hiking area she was referring to on the Show concerning men being Propped up at that area repeating GangStalk Oh My God Now Correlate that to the Lies exposed in the Report the SDPD Officer made when Leslie reported the Text Messages to him, he was Absolutely told that people are getting around her  and repeating GangStalk GangStalking GangStalker Oh My God she has it on Tape, Observe Closely the evidence that it is happening then Proceed

San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defeders Repeat GangStalker Suck My Dick GangStalk Oh My God

8/20/15 Video of GangStalking Text messages & More sent to Learning Disabled Woman
11/04/14 BEST EVIDENCE Video GangStalking Of Leslie Williams Learning Disabled Woman
This Video at the end clearly shows leslie stated to him that it was a Tweet sent to Zimmerman on 8/8/15 and that she got the Illegal Lodging ticket the Next day
This is the Park Ranger on 8/9/15 OPENLY Admitting they came to Rose Canyon because of the Tweet Sent to SDPD Cheif zimmerman the Day Before

This is the Tweet sent to SDPD Chief Zimmerman on 8/8/15

Then the Bottom Tweet on the Tweet Chain was added on 8/10/15
the Secound Tweet shows evidence of what took place 22 Hours after the Tweet was sent to SDPD Chief Zimmerman

8/26/15 San Diego Park Ranger Says It Worked when told she Baited Police to come to herr

8/20/15 Video of GangStalking Text messages & More sent to Learning Disabled Woman
Notice how he keeps Interupting her–And he is Lying his ass off in this Video because leslie tried to show him all of the Text Messages and he stated I dont have time to look at all of them

8/12/15 SDPD REFUSES Again to Acknowledge & Report Leslie is B N GangStalked-1

8/12/15 SDPD REFUSES Again to Acknowledge & Report Leslie is B N GangStalked-2
MVI 1979
MVI 1980
MVI 1956
9/01/15 Full Audio of Leslie W and SDPD Det Bernstein’s Conversation GangStalking
Now Look at this
U of M Dearborn Mi GangStalking Leslie Look at these two Video The 2’nd One is a Small section of what occurred in U of M Dearborn Mi Library on 1/20/11 It is what caused leslie to go in to U of M, Dearborn Mi Campus Saftey after the event , The small section of the GangStalking harassment at U of M Dearborn Mi on 1/20/11 is the 2’nd Video
 Her Goin to U of M Campus Saftey because of the event is the First one here listen watch Both Look at when they were published and then Think to Yourself U of M  Dearborn Mi is 3000 Miles away from San Diego
 The Description Feature of the U of M Video’s Were Hacked By the Perpetrators in San Diego – Leslie Didnt write any of what’s in the Description of these Two Video’s, this is a Technique that is done by them to alter your perception about leslie they posted MANY Blog from Leslie’s Accounts in Michigan and Connecticut as well
U of M GangStalker-Harassing Victim Torture in Dearborn Mi-Gangstalker Caught-January-20-2011
U of M Torture Victim in Dearborn Mi-Gangstalker Caught-January-20-2011
8/12/15 SDPD REFUSES Again to Acknowledge & Repor…:
SDPD REFUSES Again to Acknowledge & Repor…:
8/12/15 SDPD REFUSES Again to Acknowledge & Repor…:  7/12/13 UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE of the GangStalking o…: 8/9/15 GangStalking Audio Evidence Played to SDPD…:  1/5/16 GangStalkers Send Text Messages that Polic…: 3/18/16 Learning Disabled Woman GangStalked in La…:  8/20/15 Video of GangStalking Text messages & Mor…:

This is a resulting Police Report Creatively Falsified by SDPD and The 2’nd PDF Link is a Draft explaining how it is Falsified it

( which is Not Compelte, they relates to the 3- 8/12/15 Videos of leslie talking to a SD PD Officer in San Diego City Hall relating to the Text Messages The Perpetrators sent to her Phone





San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defeders Repeat …:     4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disab…:    11/27/13 Learning Disabled Woman tell UCSD Police…:   9/01/15 Reporting Text Messages To Detective Bernstein  MVI 1956:  UNIVERSITY GANGSTALKING EVIDENCE LAWYER:   11/28/13 Learning Disabled Woman Predicts GangSta…:  11/27/13 Learning Disabled Woman Predicts being E…: 11/27/13 Learning Disabled Woman Exposes GangStal…: 4/11/14 Update GangStalking a  learning Disabled …: 4/15/14  UPDATE GangStalking Learning Disabled Wo…:  11/12/13 Learning Disabled Woman being GangStalke…: 7/15/13 Do You Hear Gang Stalk ( Ing ) Oh My God …:  U of M  Torture Victim in Dearborn Mi-Gangstalker…:  3/18/16 Learning Disabled Woman GangStalked in La…: U of M  Torture Victim in Dearborn Mi-Gangstalker…: GangStalking Henry Ford College U of M Dearborn Mi Federal Student Loan Coersment | GangStalking Henry Ford College U of M Dearborn Mi Student Loan Coersment

What’s between these 2 Rows of 5’s Os a Addedum to the Exposure of the Military Non Concensual Human Experimentation Occurring to Target’s of GangStalking Which encompasses within it TORTURE Fellow Amerixcans WITNESS and KNOW Truth

3/26/16 Remote Neural Monitoring EVIDENCE GangStalking RESEARCH C Description

Mind Control Brain Implants – Targeted Individuals

@17:05-18:10 into this Show- is Identicle to what Leslie stated in the Designated Time frame of the 2’nd Video Right Below It- at its designated time frame LESLIE’S Video came first in reference to publish date’s

Former DOD Contractor Bryan Tew Discusses Conscious Computers & Mind Control


The Informer Report 8-15-2012 Leslie Williams Explains & Exposes Organized Gang Stalking Tactics

This a You Tube Playlist of GangStalk oh My God Repeated Around Leslie in San Diego Social Service’s whom is Reported in the Video Directly Above, on Multiple Dates

4/22/14 GangStalking @ Social Services Caught Again-Do You Hear GangStalk Oh My God Said

Darpa Brain Mapping Broken Down and Fully Exposed

Mind reading, Neural Decoding, Synthetic Telepathy, Targeted Individuals Europe

Black Project Tech: Electronic Telepathy – v2k

Voice-Hearing, Synthetic (Artificial) Telepathy-also Neural-Decoding-Harassments


Harassment/Terrorism) Reality and Awareness!

V2K: “Voice to Skull” Technology

Touchless Tourture. Target Humanity. Full Length Documentary

Notice Artificial dreams in this Video, listen to it then research Artificial Dreams and Remote Neural Monitoring- then to GangStalking Crimes

President Obama, “Please help us.” Connie Marshall – Electromagnetic Assaults 09 27 2013



Nano Dots Put in Leslie Eyes SEE the White Dots



 This Video Indisputibly proves leslie sent the Department of Education Massive amounts of Evidence Again ( in which they signed for then stated they did’nt recieve it) the evidence clearly shows leslie being GangStalked in Michigan and San Diego


Exposingsdpd1 Account UpLoaded on 2/21/13

This will be ReOriented at the spot in this Blog that discusses How and why they Intentionally create the Homelessness of Target’s

10/22/14 EXTREMLY IMPORTANT PREDICTIONS New Hiking Area Learning Disabled Woman

These are a You Tube Video Serie’s Published in June 2013-THe Best thing to do is Copy and Paste the 3’rd Video Title in You Tube Search Box Bring the Video up, watch it then watch Video One Listen Carefully, then Repeat step One for the 2’nd Video Using its Pasted Title

8/01/14 – 1 0f 3 Video Series Learning Disabled Woman Gang Stalked in Lajolla Ca

Published on Jun 28, 2013

8/01/14 – 2 0f 3 Video Series Learning Disabled Woman Gang Stalked in Lajolla Ca

8/01/14 – 3 0f 3 Video Series Learning Disabled Woman Gang Stalked in Lajolla Ca

The Immediate Below PDF Gmail that has ” ” Cover Letter to Lawyer and Department and Ed” in it’s Name – is a Cover Letter that Encompasses Evidence Including evidence of Torture Victim’s  Testifieng before the Bio Ethic’s comisssion in Which some clearly state that their also GangStalking Victim’s, is a Cover Letter that will be a

” Presentation, A Preface,” ( that will  then be Preluded accompanied with the Additional Documentaion that will be Mailed to them, Faxed to them, and Concerning Law Firms Handed to them, that will introduce to Lawyers and the Department Of Education the Fact’s Concerning that Torture is Part of the Realitie’s of GangStalking Crimes,

That Intentionally Creatively Covertly Created Homelessness of Victim’s is Part of these criminal Expeditions,and the Covert Managment to keep the Homelessness Continued ,ieeeeee…. Observe these Two Items before Opening up this PDF Link

This is a Class Action Lawsuit Brought about against Amy Goodman who chaired the BioEthics Commision who listened to Hundreds of GangStalking Victims Testimonies about being Expeirmentated on, Stalked, Harassed, Assaulted/ including Sexual Assaults Robbed Made Homeless and JobLess and Much More- That Absolute Filthy Criminal Bitch did’nt do a Dam Thing to Investigate  any crime Occurring to GangStalking Victim or assist any victim – and if you Research All of the BioEthics Commission Testimony Video’s at You Tube  By Typing in   ” OSEH BioEthic’s Issue’s ” you will discover HUNDREDS of Video’s of Testimony’s of whats immediately listed above-” OSEH stand’s for ” Organized Stalking Electronic Harasment” and thru this Research you will discover that, ” NOT 1 Victim EVER getting any Legal or Medical Assistance and Not one Perpetrator being arrested or Prosecuted” that this is a Crime being at LEAST SubContracted thru the System; ABSOLUTELY- the Reason this is being included is because it is Imperative that the Truth be Known about the Horrific Criminal realities of these Crime’s and The Sick Sewer Rats committing them and Protecting them ” The USA Government”

: PS Also make sure you extensively research How Psychiatrists, Psychologist’s, and Mental Health play a ABSOLUTE role in these Criminal Realities INCLUDING thru the Police and Court’s: to discredit Victims of this Crime and to even Contain them? ABSOLUTELY. This is the Class Action Lawsuit Filed against Amy Goodman- Before Opening it Take a look though at this Video In reference to the Designated time frame within it listed right Here 2:08 thru 2:44 Especially the Diagram Between 2:25-2:44 What do you See Freeze Frame it and Correlate it to this Next Pargraph and then The Evidence Below it The Video’s

The YouTube Video , ” Its Title Right her ” Its URL has been Put below the Title of it three times and saved in this Blog and it keeps disapearing it os being pasted wheir-At the North University San Diego Library in San Diego- Google and You Tube the Following to GangStalking, Cyber Survallance , Libraries, Computer and Blog hacking,

Gang Stalking Mind Control HOLOCAUST : Illuminati Satanism : THE Great Deception

It’s Explained here between these Two Rows of 8’s


The Diagram Shows Many things

So I’m Going to Number them and then Detail How each Number corresponds

to specific Aspects of how they applie to these Crime;s.

1: How the Ear Implants are Correlated to Trigger Word,s the Target is Forced to Hear

2:How the Trigger words are repeated around the Target thru GangStalking Crime’s

3: How the Trigger Words “DNLP” are desighned to Harass to Produce a Entrained Emotional Response

4: The Emotional Responses become Negatively Neurally Associated to the Trigger word
5: The Emotional Cluster that is then Created that is formed to the Negative Responses to the Triggger word has a potentiated frequency attached within the Emotional Cluster
6: The Frequency of the Emotional Cluster is Identified by the Perpetrator’s who are using Remote Neural Monitoring on the Target for Hetro dyning the Frequency
7: The Implant frequencie is then modulated to interface with the Emotional Cluster Frequencie
8: As a Result of 7- when ever the Emotional Cluster Frequencie  (That is kept almost constantly Potentiated under the threshhold of Firing because the Trigger word is constantly repeated around the Target “) is Fired the Implant Becomes activated ,and guess what is released in the Targets Body and Brain
9: Radiation meaning that the Target is Being Slowly killed.
10 Research Gang Staking and Hetro Dyning of EEG Signatures and Emotional Clusters, and Remote Neural Monitoring
Ok Now also Notice that the Diagram Clearly Shows that when the Implant is Being Turned On and or Off that the Target experience’s a ” Tinnitus- Ringing in the Ear’s”
11: Leslie experince’s this EVERYDAY Multiple Times in One day and Night, and she is also experincing MASSIVE MASSIVE Sharp Electronic Vibrations in her Inner ear’s- and this has been Goin on to the Best of her recollection since at least 1980.
Now On the 9/17/13 Ground Zero Show leslie was on With Clyde Lewis a National Broadcast you clearly hear her state ” Amongst other Thing’s) that GangStalking Victims experence Long Sustained tones in their Ears- That link is Right here and its also below
12: You will also notice within the Information within the Diagram Video Above ELF Weapons mentioned along with the Apparatus for V2k—well Whats this
  1. Leslie on Ground Zero on 9/17/13-Exposing ELF Wave Transmissions Used on GangStalking Victims, exposing how she is Harrassed in Part in San Diego and at her Hiking Area’s and Exposing her Ex-Husbands Employment Description in the Navy and More, listen well and Cross Reference it to what was exposed all over the Nation in National News Broadcast’s Local News Broadcasts and newspapers all over the Country, THE VERY NEXT DAY, Does anyone HONESTLY believe their not still Targeting leslie -and they absolutely will soon start targeting her Finances

    Only one Target in the Country did this Leslie Williams , Cross reference the Dates Leslie Testimoney came FIRST

  2.  Remember the Dates, What Came First

San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defeders Repeat GangStalker Suck My Dick GangStalk Oh My God

Remote Neural Monitoring Patent and More
Look at the Encompassed Commebts feature Concerning GangStalkimg Syndacits Operating within a Nationwide COURT ORDERED Self Help Grpoup AA- Notice how it states ” People Getting around this Personb and Intentiionaly repeating TRhe Same Words and Phrase’s- Lesie was Setup back in 1990 thru the I’Illegal Tracking and Survallance and Possible Manipulation of her thru a Dearborn Police Officer and had her arrested for drinking and Driving and was Court Ordered to the Dearborn AA- Alcolholics Anonymous Members are the Ones who Coersed her into doin MANY Things including taking out the School Loans Before looking at how this 12 step self help group is being ABSOLUTELY Implicated- Listen to this VERY CAREFULLY- what does he state concerning using DUI’s
Interview with army medic about gang stalking spe…:
and this is a Secound GangStalking Perpetrater admitting the same thing
MUST HEAR FOR T.I.’s….Listen to Interviewer Bad…:
Also Notice Alcoholism and Drug Addiction being Brain Symptomologies that can Stimulated in this Brain Fequency List
Here is the 12 Step Article of GangStalking being exposed happening all over the Country at these meeting
This is a Copied and Pasted section of the About Feature
As a Result of you Cross Referencing the Date and Locations of what leslie states she experiences when and whier and whats Caught you will clearly deduce this- that she is Experencing Federal Felony Stalking and Criminal Harassment and Much Much More,
Here is one of Many Laws Concerning Stalking- and a VERY VERY VERY Small Section of Evidence is Right below it CORRELATE the Dates to Location’s to How she is Being IDENTICALLY Harrassed  and you will deduce Federal Felony Stalking
UCSD Gangstalking caught being Repeatedly said 8/…:
San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defeders Repeat …:    4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disab…:   12/07/13 CAUGHT IN YOUR FACE EVIDENCE of GangStal…:          11/04/14 BEST EVIDENCE Video GangStalking Of Lesl…:     12/05/13 Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES San Dieg…:
San Diego Public Defenders & Prosecutors Human Tr…: 06/25/13 Evidence of GangStalking Torture in San …:
 06/25/13 Evidence of GangStalking Torture in San …:
7/12/13 UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE of the GangStalking o…:
GangStalking Audio Evidence Played to SDPD…:  MVI 1956:  1/5/16 GangStalkers Send Text Messages that Polic…:

8/14/13 Learning Disabled Woman Makes Prediction about GangStalking Harrassment

4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disabled Woman Lajolla Ca
UCSD Gangstalking caught being Repeatedly said 8/16/2012 around Target of this Crime 1-of -3
Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES Library Security ADMITTING Staged Complaint can Bann her UCSD
Learning Disabled Woman Exposes GangStalking Harrassment- Direct Conversation’s at SDSU on 1/26/12-2
11/01/14 UCSD & Hiking Area GangStalking Methods Caught R IDENTICAL & Caught @ Both Places
Thanks Giving Perpetrator Walks By My Hiking Area AGAIN 32714
ThanksGiving Perpetrator’s Continue to Move
11/04/14 BEST EVIDENCE Video GangStalking Of Leslie Williams Learning Disabled Woman
MVI 0619
San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defeders Repeat GangStalker Suck My Dick GangStalk Oh My God

12/05/13 Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES San Diego Police Gross Negligence of Duty ?

12/07/13 CAUGHT IN YOUR FACE EVIDENCE of GangStalking on Audio File Learning Disabled Woman
1/24/2013 Learning Disabled Woman Proves GangStalking Direct Conversation Method is Happining
8/20/15 Video of GangStalking Text messages & More sent to Learning Disabled Woman
10/29/15 Learning Disabled Woman GangStalked at San Diego Library on First Visit



If this Link Doesnt come up then Thourghly EXTENSIVELY Research Two Thing’s Erica Dean Gilmore Ca GangStalking Target

and then Google and Even You Tube GangStalking Creating Homelessness of Target’s

Erica Caught a Prospective Landlord that she applied for Tenancy with admitting that a man Approached him and Told Him not to rent to her, ( done to keep the Homelessness Ongoin- she also discloses how they attemoted to suchk her into Prostituion)


After Caring these around for ALMOST 7 Years they have Finally been Scanned- they Finally Stole Leslie’s rent on September 3’rd 2010, rent that was Mailed USPS Certified Mail Return Reciept, at the Dearborn City Hall Post Office, leslie Used Online USPS Track and Confirm for 6 Months tracking the Delivery status of it and after 6 Months she just gave up tracking it ( IT STILL HADNT been Delivered) – I suggest you also notice How Krogers is mentioned in one of them – Krogers owns Ralphs,also you clearly see in these Notaries that leslie was complaining about being Gang Stalked at this Apartment you also clearly see how she stated that the Homelessness whould be created thru stealing the rent thru the Mail and ITS EXACTLY what they did STAY Tuned- you will also notice AA, mentioned in at least one of the Notaries








This Blog is Being Created and Exposed to Prove to the Department of Education AGAIN that Leslie has Been Telling them the Truth from the Very Begining ( Going all the Way back to at Least 2003 that the Department of Education School Loans, WERE RePeadedley Coersed for her to take out by Individuals whom creatively Infiltrated her life and Kept themselves in it who were later discovered to be Pshyically directly connected to Organized Stalking GangStalking Crime Syndacite’s that are exposed all over the Internet to be ABSOLUTELY Directly connected to Organized Crime within the System) at every level, the Goal using the School Loan’s for at least 4 Possible Outcomes, Extortion, Debt Bondage for Human Trafficking and or For False Imprisonment under the Guise of Leslie wont make her school Loan Payments this can be done for Federal Funds per Inmate Racketering, and Detention Center Human Trafficking, Illegal Probate Control using the Legal Appearing reasons that Criminal GangStalking Expeditions Use , ( By Claiming But Not Limited to that the Target is a Threat to them selve’s or other’s , And or that  the Target Cannot Take Care of themselves due to a Mental Issue because the Target is Homeless but yet wont get out of it, and that the Target Believes their being stalked ( Even though they are). or Both of the Immediate Above, The Motive Racketeering, Human Trafficking, Insurance Fraud that Can Last for decades even Up to the Target’s death.

Make NO MISTAKE About it Leslie will start creatively using them ( Department of Education) to expose them, they were told at least 12 Time’s  since 2003 ,thru the Mail and Internet Communications whats happening to her Not to mention the Phone call’s, they were given INDEPTH details about this Loan Coersement and what their doin is acting like their not understanding the Issue by sending her Form’s that have to do with Identity theft, Fellow Americans they know what goin on HOW could they Not when they have been thourghly Told over 12 Times and massive evidence has been mailed to them, which they claim they never got yet they Sighned for it, so why whould’nt they address the Truth behind the Crimes of coersion and all of the INTENTIONALY covertly created circumstances this crime put her in INTENTIONLY since 2003, that has kept her swallowed up within them, LITERALLY ABSOLUTELY Psychically and  Financially and that has totally kept her from Finding UnCorrput legal Assistance concerning Any aspect of what she has been enduring since 2003- For instance- Since 11/10/14 Leslie has had to move OVER 14 Times, And the Police played a Huge role in it and Have been Caught on Video and Audio Confessing it was Staged  ” Literally ( That’s exposed in this Blog- Absolutely ) and if you had any idea what it takes to move when your homeless, while being GangStalked you’d absolutely know that just in doin this and staying currently afloat with food water and Property and  Security and everyday errands she has’nt been able to prepare to even approach lawyers- and know this everytime she looked up Lawyers address’s online she has either been arrested ticketed forced to Move and or Assaulted, In MICHIGAN, Connecticut and ABSOLUTELY in SAN DIEGO, so before you Continue Understand Once leslie makes a Choice THEIR IS NO GOIN BACK and the Choice has been Made Concerning the Department of Education, no matter what EVER , they will not be let go of by leslie even if they Forgive the Loans Because of the Mental Anguish she has/and is sufferring because of this aspect of this crime , and their Inaction’s concerning it, UNDERSTAND as you go thru this Blog you will become aqauinted with who leslie actually is, ONCE SHE MAKES a Choice shed rather die then change her mind LITERALLY, Torture and Explotation has this effect on you, and since ITS all over the Internet that the Governement is ABSOLUTELY the Main Responsible Parties of this Crime whould You Pay a Entity that did this to your life Just because they Propp up a Tart at a Hearing that states we dont know what the victims talking about- get Fucking real, in the Strongest posssible terms that can be expressed I strongly suggest you stay with this Blog

Fellow Americans Welcome to ABSOLUTE TRUTH- For does leslie have Audio evidence tieing them, the Department of Education, to this Crime

( Understand if Leslie is Being Remotely Neurally Monitored they Know she has it ,remember if leslie is Arrested and or Robbed they will steal it ABSOLUTELY

What is Between these Two row’s of 7’s was added into this Blog on 9/27/16

BY Leslie.

Before you Continue Welcome to Michigan, Leslie always remember’s her Home’s, You Tube this, This song was picked because its a Song about what matters Most, ” People”- Just Average People, Enjoy.

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” – Gordon Lightfoot (HD w/ Lyrics)


Consider Organized Stalking Gang Stalking is a Crime that is Covertly Managed from Organized Crime in the System at the Military, Federal ,State ,County and City Level ” A Connected Networking Syndicate “
The Methods and Tactic’s and Techniques are Overtly and at Time’s Directly Implemented And Extremely hard to prove, because  their Being Covertly Managed and Implemented with Criminal Intent and Malice of Forethought, CONSPIRACY, Extreme Violation’s of  The RICO ACT included ” Racketeering Insurance Fraud, Human Slavery,a nd False Imprisonment even in Group Home’s and or Mental Institution’s “
So what Leslie does  “in Part” is Implement a Two Part Strategie, to prove it’s being Covertly Managed and expedited, Overtly and at time’s Directly, Here is a Preface of this Two Part Strategie
1: She predicts what these Filthy Sewer Rats will do before they do it, in Email File’s Tweet’s thru Twitter Video Files that are Uploaded, Blogs Petition’s, Notaries and Tape Recording Audio Files- ( in order to prove that what their doin to her is being Covertly Managed and Overtly and at times Directly executed, In order to show their TRANSPARENT Participation & to Prove Conspiracy to do what she experince’s, and where it Occur’s, and How, and WHO
2; to prove who’s involved in the Violation of her Constitutional, Civil and Human  Rights pertaining to how their Involved by Baiting them to be more transparent pertaining to their Covert Involvement, and to shine the Light on what they Outwardly due when it comes to the Verbal Harrasment, the Psyhsical assault’s, and the Staged event’s that led Leslie to be Ticketed and or Arrested, Consider.
Right now Leslie has Over 1000, ONE THOUSAND Audio File’s, Stop for a Moment and Take a Look at that Number, On each of these Audio File’s it show the Following being Constantly Repeated ( at Time’s she has Caught it being Said OVER, OVER 60 Time’s in One day at either One Place or Multiple Places, and understand when it’s caught at multiple places it is caught being said IN THE SAME EXACT IDENTICLE TO A TEE WAY, as it was caught at the Other Places she was at for the Day- INCLUDING at places she went to for the First time including by people who were already their Before she arrived.
Now as you continue to Observe this Blog you will understnad that Target’s of this Crime are also LITERALLY TORTURED EVERYDAY in the Most Inhumane ways your Mind can Conceive and Cannot so the Verbal Harrasment the Staged assaults and Arrests and the Intentional INTENTIONAL destruction of the Targets Finances and Autonomy and their shelter being taken away from them we can begin to view the Totality’s of these Horrific Extreme Criminlaity’s, Think about what makes up your life and Even How your Life has dependencys of the System Finances Mail, Phone, and then Commnunity EVERYTHING that makes up a Human Being life and their ability to function including with in the system is Covertly Intentionly sabatoged by the Criminaly insane PsychoPaths that host these horrific Criminal Realities – so understand leslie has already beat them which this blog exposes for catching a spider in thier own web is easy when a spider has to covet its existance from Public scrutiny, SDPD SDSD UCSD USD Police better realize down to the Marrow of their Bone’s NO ONE GOES HOME, is it not Justice to mentally rape those who are doin it to you ABSOLUTELY, when it comes to these crimes Ab So Fuckingloutely
These are the Repeated Word’s Caught on over 1000 Digitally Recorded Audio File’s and their also Many Video’s file’s its been additionally caught on- INCLUDING in San Diego City Hall and the San Diego Court House
GangStalk, Suck my Dic#
GangStalking Suck My Dic#
GangStalker Suck My Dic#
GangStalk, Oh my God, GangStalk Weird GangStalk  Crazy- Caught being Said Back to back even by different Voices saying it Back to Back the Main Players- SDSU, USD,UCSD,UCSM,San Diego Librarie’s, Ralphs Grocerie’s two Location’s Jack In the Box 4 Location’s, Wal Mart 2 Location’s-, San Diego Court House and San Diego City Hall,San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders and More RePeating it in the San Diego Court House on Different dates, Over 15 Hiking Area’s, since 8/13/11, USPS Post Office’s and MUCH MORE, Tape Recorders and Video Files don’t lie THEY DO NOT LIE-But People, Corporation’s, and the Government ABSOLUTELY Do, which is what leslie counts on
 And Understand repeating Oh My God along all of leslie’s routes was exposed by leslie in Michigan and Connecticut , to prop up these person’s to Intentionally do this Around leslie and at places leslie goes to can only be achieved thru Survalence KNOWING wheir she is at all time’s in Real Time- Illgal GPS tracking her Phone and or Computer and covert Physical Survallance, ” The Stalking of GangStalking” they track you to Gang up upon you to harrass you and for staged events and assault’s “
 SDPD UCSD SDSU and USD Police Refused to File a Police report after almost 30, 30, Sepeaete requests since 8/18/11, so here is a Preface of the Strategie’s she implemented on them.
For Instant OBSERVE Truth and witness her beating them ( FROM the  ( Inside- ” Who’s Involved ” ) OUT ( by them executing their Retaliations  because of her exposing them, it show’s INDISPUTIBLY their Participation OUTWARDLY which is the Out From the INSIDE OUT, Beating them from the Inside OUT
Witness the Truth of this MATTER, by witnessing this EVIDENCE within this Blog and the Video that Illustrates the Strategie’s Used
Cinderella Man (3/8) Movie CLIP – Braddock Beats Lasky (2005) HD
All of the  Forementioned Audionand Video Evidence that  was caught, all of it was predicted that it whould be Caught in sepetrate enviroments , before goin to teh enviroments wheir the Verbal Harrassments and even the Assaults were caught at PROVING the Stalking of GangStalking Crimes
Leslie Has Suffered 7 Brutal Assaults for Whistle Blowing in San Diego ALone since 8/17/11 ( 4 are enclosed within this Blog) yet the Police are still not witnessing in their Soul , in their deliberations, that leslie WILL NEVER STOP EVER, until,they admit what they did in 2006 towards her, A STAGED EVENT”.  and who used them to do it .
When You Witness the Cinderella Movie Video Clip in the Video immedatley Above- Consider by researching these descriptions immediatley after reading  them to get a Instant Peak into the Personality ,the Mind Set Of the ABSOLUTE Wild Criminally Insane Animals who are the Ones Connected to and Controlling the Police, whats described is a EXTREMELY Smalll aspect of the Torture a GangStalking Target expereince’s. Research the Description’s Carefully Cross reference what comes up per Description, Ok Read Carefully,
As you watch the Cinderella Man Video Above ” You Witness a Brain’s Innate Mechanism for Self Preservation, and the Motivation behind it and how Memory’s are stimulated when Something stimulates danger concerning it,
Meaning that The Movie Cinderella Man Is about a Father, Husband Living thru a Living hell under the Constant threat of his Family Starving because of the Depression and what he endures to keep it from Occurring, what he witness’s, his Family experence as their goin thru, andHow the brain Inatley stores these Images of Horrific realities of things that are most dear to Humans,” Our Children” when he is punched in the Ring he backs up and witness’s images of what is Innatley stored in his Memory because its associated to his worst concept of Danger and the fact that if he loses the Fight his children whould continue to be affected” PTSD Memories,
Why is this being included, Because the Criminaly Insane Wild Filthy animals that are connected to what is Occurring to Victims of this Crime will stage a Assault, even Rapes, and then Use Remote Neural Monitoring to stimulate the Memorie of the Horrific event  back into the Consciousness of the Target and as that is Occurring they will use V2K to Mock the Target about it- they can also create Artificial Dreams and encompass within them these memories,and trust me THIS IS BY NO MEANS, BY NO MEANS all of what their doin to targets of this Crime, remember the Connie Marshall Videos below ABSOLUTELY RESEARCH what I just Described DO IT and you will begin to see TRUTH
TORTURE, and Just to let you know Their doin this to Children as well, imagine reliving a Stimulated Memorie of a Rape they Staged then Hearing thru V2K  as the memorie is being reexperienced ” She has to learn who’s Boss, then a Different Voice Print will state Whats the matter with her is she crazy, Welcome to Techknological Menticide using Brain Stimulation and the  Audio Gram’s  of V2k GasLighting For this is ABSOLUTE TRUTH LITERALLY, Now after you research RNM Remote Neural Monitoring and Memory  Mapping and Stimulation and what V2K is then Read this To View that  the doin this is already a Aspect that  they Utilyze in the Psyhsical World against a Target and KNOW TRUTH,,
Geeze what’s this,
Here is a List of Aspects and Issue’s that can Be Brain Stimulated
 Now Consider Leslie has been dealing with being Harrassed EVERYDAY EVERYWHEIR she goes and at Apartments and even Motel Room EVERYDAY since 2003, 13 Years, they Intentionally made her Homeless at least 5 Different Times, has been Brutally assaulted around 14 Time’s, Robbed , Sexually and Finacially Exploited and Lost all of the Belonging she accumulated from 1986- thru 2004, and has lost thousands of Dollars between 2004 up thru this date from Corrupt police and having to forfiet property she couldnt take with her as a Result of running from whats been happening to her ., as You continue with this Blog and I gaurantee if you do your Jaw will drop-nyou will conclude this next statement is relevant.
” HetroDyning and Brain Entrainment  are the two Main Objectives  of the Perpetrators concerning why their doin what they are to targets- they want hate for the EEG Siugnatures and Emotional Clusters and NOW they got it, remember it is possible to use your enemy against themselves.Leslie Body has over 16 Implants in it- walking Tallking evidence and it absolutely assisted in the Torture and explotation= the pupose for them
She has them in the following area’s
up to four in her Private area’s
At least 6-7 in Her Brain not including the Nano Tech in her Brain
at least 3 in her Ears- up to 3-5 between her neck and Jaw- at least 3-4 in her Hands at least 3-6 in her Arms at least 2-5 in her leg’s,, at least 2-4 in her feet, and at least two in her Nasal Passage
she also experiences the Computer to brain feedback loop sometimes constantly everyday and Computer to Brain interface.,I suggest you listen VERY CAREFULLY to the Clyde Lewis Show’s Ground Zero links the Shows She has been on enclosed within this Blog, and you will begin to witness the Military aspiratiions of what their doin and why targets are kept isolated within these horrific criminally expeditions by criminally insane animals, Imagine Feeling something crawling on your Brain ANd what you feel you can feel by the Way it Move’s it has Purpose, for instance ” Amazon the Book “Electronic Torture Electronic Rape Techknology and GangStalking at the Post Office- written by Jewel Crayon she states tae same thing- that she experienced this same exact feeling- How whould you feel if, you indisputibly feel someone gaining a Neurological Access thru your neck and ears
Before you Continue Aquntaint Yourself and begin to become aware- No Hiding it anymore because of fear- Leslie is Prepering to shake the tree Folks so fasten your seatbelts, for what she is about to do hasnt been attempted yet, but it will cause leaves to fall
This is what their doin to leslie, EVERYDAY So Review and Synthesize AND KNOW TRUTH

TORTURE- How ya doin DOD

V2K: “Voice to Skull” Technology
REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING (Satellite Harassment/Terrorism) Reality and Awareness!
Former DOD Contractor Bryan Tew Discusses Conscious Computers & Mind Control
  I find it Intresting that at exactly 8:06 Sec Into this Video these Two Men Are stating the Same exact IDENTICLE thing that was described to Leslie By Danile Estulan Concerning Remote Neural Monitoring  the Clyde Lewis show below that she is on with Daniel and Clyde
Listen Carefully and Cross reference it Compare them Carefully THEN THEN
Understand in the Video Right Below the Next One is Brian TEW a Previous San Diego Target who did sue SDPD and the FBI, is Exposing How Remote Neural Monitoring and Organized Stalking are Interconnected to Assist in WHAT Project 2045,
Well The Blue Brain Project that leslie asked Daniel Estalun About is Related to Project 2045 NON CONSENSUAL MILITARY HUMAN EXPERIMENTION, Torture to Reverse Engineer the Brain
Welcome to TRUTH,
Leslie being on this Show that exposes Mind Transfer techknologies and her Exposing the Blue BEAM Project-
Google Synthetic Telepathy and GangStalking then to Project Blue Beam
Voice of God Weapon, Synthetic Telepathy, Cybernetic Hive Minds MK Ultra
Former DOD Contractor Bryan Tew Discusses Conscious Computers & Mind Control
This Song is Dedeicated to what Leslie’s Heavenly Father Knows about David Brian Ognian Leslie’s Ex Husband
Billy Idol – White Wedding Pt 1
Ok Folks Gettie Up and Begin to witness the Evidence

Cross Refererence Statements to the Dates they were made to the evidence caught and exposed, wheir it was Caught, when It was Caught and Who was batta Boom

Bringing Alive in Real Time the Fact that this Expedition not only comes to whier you live ,  thru at Least Covert GPS Tracking of the Target’s Cell Phone and Covert Physical Survalence, to evict you,and for Falsified Police Report’s Incident Reports , Information Sheet’s Arrest’s Tickets, Assaults Robberie’s, that are used to bring about additional circumstances that are then Monopolized on in order to bring the Target closer to the Criminal Motivation of why their being Targeted EXPLOITATION including ABSOLUTELY using the Courts for it, but who it is, and who they will also use,Bringing ALIVE in real time the FACT that Leslie has alway’s been telling the Truth.This is Being Dedicated to the Human Spirit of GangStalking Victims who endure Unimaginable Suffering and still try to help their Fellow Man,and who their fighting is exposed in this Blog, Leslie’s been Brutally assaulted 7 Times, ” And the Perpetrators are still Not Smelling that their dealing with a HATE they cannot measure, she taken the Punches in order to show you their being thrown, ” Covertly Managed “, to use them to expose them, In Turn Exposing their Existance and the Extreme Criminality of Law Enforcement, the Main Ones she UTERRLERLY despises are The Dearborn Mi Police SDPD, UCSD, and USD San Diego- ( it is Strongly suspected that USD Police beleive that their goin to walk away Scott Free from What that Campus and Them engaged in Towards Leslie, meaning that they will be legally exposed one day and sued) ABSOLUTELY

Consider this Phrase Carefully

” The First step in Avoiding a Trap is Being AWARE of it’s Exsistance”

So if Leslie is Being Remotely Neurally Monitored in Real Time at all Times How then Could’nt The Police exposed within this Blog and on the Internet  by leslie see before hand what she was doin- (“, I beleive Just By You Reviwing this Book We all can Deduce that Topological Mathamtical Equations have been Assined to Syntax- ” Language being  Processed within the Brain  “) at least 2 Reasons

ONI, ONR,CIA ,And what their Doin to leslie is More Important then the Police Being Exposed,and they Know wheir their Goin to ” Inter Agencie ” take leslie to, including Utilyzing Local Authorites, for it and their Just Biding their Time getting the Documentations in between to contain her

Or that their are Glitches in their Techknologies that make it hard for Non Linear Processers like leslie to be Accuratley  Remotely Neurally Monitored,, ahh but leslie Verbally told them in Michigan what she was goin to do and doing before she did it, and she exposed what she was doin in Blogs and Videos before she employed what she did- so who is controlling all of this

ONI, ONR, CIA, NASA, and Possibly SPAWAR, do you believe that leslie is a Fool, Fellow Americans what else does leslie know about and concerning them that’s not exposed online about them by leslie personally

, Here is a Hint, TRUST ME it apply’s, You Tube this Title, Doe’s Its relate to Nano Bot’s being put in the Opticle Nerve’s and or Retina’s of Organized Stalking Military Non Concensual Human Experitmentaion Targets

( Corey Hart – Sunglasses At Night )” ” It Relates to What Daniel Estalun Told her on the Ground Zero Show she was on with Clyde Lews” Its Link Below

12/10/13 Learning Disabled Woman Do you Hear GangStalking at Exactly 0:20 As she is making Video

8/20/15 Video of GangStalking Text messages & More sent to Learning Disabled Woman

Gmail – SDSU GangStalking a Learning Disabled Woman She say’s Lets See If I hear GangStalking

MVI 0619

1/06/13 Learning Disabled Woman Makes Immediate Predictions of Future Events GangStalking x

What you Viewed in the Above Cinderella Man Video -Beating a Man From the INSIDE OUT

This Video of Leslie being Assaulted on a MTS Bus on 10/10/11 IS ABSOLUTE UNDENIABLE Evidence of FEDERAL STATE COUNTY and CITY Collusion ” a Forensic Video Specialist will absolutely Conclude MTS Altered this Video”
This is the 2’nd of 7 Brutal Assaults, and the Attached PDF Link below the Assault Video Clearly Proves leslie predicted this Assault and wheir it whould occur 11 Days before it occurred in a Email File

Learning Disabled Woman Brutally Assualted on MTS Bus- San Diego

Look at the Text below this Video to see why it’s being Included, and how it relates to the MTS Video of leslie being assaulted, to observe how its altered

Bus driver refuses to help dying man | San Diego wrongful death lawsuit
What Do you Witness at Exactly 0:42
Stop the Video at 0:42

Look at what direction the Mirror is facing that’s on the Rail

Look at what Side of the Bus the Rail is on that Holds the Mirror

Look at the Side of the Bus the Back Door is on in  relation to how its on the Same side of the Bus as the Front Door in the Front of the Bus

NOW Compare the Sides of the Back Door, to the Video of Leslie being assaulted on the MTS Bus Video ABOVE What Side is the Back Door On

Also why is the Mirror backwards in the MTS Assault video of lesle being assaulted

Also why is Leslie and the Person who assaulted her sittting on the Opposite side of the Bus in the Video in relation to wheir they were actually sitting at before the Assault

Why arent their passengers that were on the Bus in the Assault Video NOT THEIR in the Assault Video that were actually on the Bus the day of the assault in the Video,

Why was the Police Report concerning the Assault Falsified and Fact’s Omitted by the SDPD

also Look at the Fact leslie predicted she whould be assaulted and WHEIR 11 days before in a Email Observe

Observe this Prediction  Video made on 7/06/14- then look at the Video below it ,the assault she predicted on 7/06/14 occurred 2-1/2 Days later at the very spot she made the 7/06/14 Video Prediction at, They Use Homeless Men to Assault her because their Easily paid off and easily relocated and the Police can then use the Normal appearing excuse How are we supossed to find them Leslie their Homeless

7/06/14 BRUTAL Assault Predicted Two 1/2 Days before it Occurred See Description…

7/09/14 ANOTHER Brutal GangStalking Assault Learning Disabled Woman

Now this 1/30/14 Assault was Predicted in a Tape Recorder 30 Minutes before it Occurred 5 Minutes before it Occurred 90 Secound’s before it occurred in a Running Recording Tape Recorder which also recorded the Assault, she still has the Audio File

1/30/14 Learning Disabled Woman BRUTALLY Assaulted in Lajolla Ca GangStalking Read Comments

12/31/15 UPDATE UPDATE Audio Of Brutal Assault at SD VA on December 2’nd 2015

Learning Disabled Woman Exposes July 3’rd 2012 Hazard Center Ultra Star Movie Theater

Published on Jul 9, 2012

3/29/16 LaJolla Ca GangStalking of Leslie Williams LAW ENFORCEMENT Connected

Now Notice all of this

GangStalk being said in Rose Canyon ” the Instagranm that state’s RR Colony 5 and the One that show Ralphs SAME Harrassment Their is also 2 Video’s within this Blog exposing it occurring at Ralphs

1/24/2013 Learning Disabled Woman Proves GangStalking Direct Conversation Method is Happining

12/05/13 Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES San Diego Police Gross Negligence of Duty ?

11/01/14 UCSD & Hiking Area GangStalking Methods Caught R IDENTICAL & Caught @ Both Places

11/01/14 LaJolla Ca UCSD GangStalking Victim FORCED to Move By UCSD Campus Police Whores

Learning Disabled Woman exposes USD Campus Saftey Banning her from Library 3 1/2 Hours

4/17/14 GangStalking Methods against Learning Disabled Woman ijn laJolla Ca EXPOSED

Listen to how their ” U of M Campus Saftey ” Crimminal ass’s only cared about a Video Camera being used by The VICTIM of GangStalking, I guess they care about evidence BEING CAPTURED- This is Being Included to Prove thru this Video Leslie Clearly telling Campus Saftey shes being GangStalked in Michigan-Voice Prints dont lie – Then When you witness the INDISPUTIBLE evidence of her Being GangStalked here in San Diego ” AGAIN ” You Will Witness TRUTH, and will conclude Leslie has Been Telling the Truth From the Begining, PS do you Notice how Leslie tells them that their using Hand Signals, listen to this Video then go to the Next one to witness one of them harrassing her ” Which Occurred right before she went to U of M Campus Saftey, then LOOK at the San Diego GangStalking OPENLY Admit ” They were put on the Bus to Engage in Gang Stalking Psyhical Gesture’s on 1/28/12 1 Year 8 Days after the U of M Campu

U of M GangStalker-Harrassing Victim Torture in Dearborn Mi-Gangstalker Caught-January-20-2011-

U of M Torture Victim in Dearborn Mi-Gangstalker Caught-January-20-2011

Learning Disabled Woman Catch’s Gangstalker Admitting they were sent to Harrass her-Read Comment

THis is two of Many of Leslie’s Post’s ” Comment’s ” on ACLU Blog’s FROM MICHIGAN

Do you Notice GangStalking being Mentioned Look at the Date”s as well

To prove leslie went to the FBI in  Michigan to expose to them she was being Tortured in 2006-7-09- their Office in Detroit Michigan which is the Field Office of surrounding community suburb’s as well, the wall’s within their Lobby had picture’s of Dead FBI Agents on it, who were killed in the Line of Duty all of them Solved EXCEPT 2

And this is a Introduction to the Exposure of San Diego’s GangStalking.

IT HAS Alway’s been leslie’s Goal to throw the Perpetrators into themselves thru proving the how & where its occurring to expose the POLICE, from DAY 1.Leslie has been Planning this FOR YEARS

What do you here Leslie state 2012 at a Hiking Area BEFORE Moving to LaJolla In November 2012, wheir MASSIVE Evidence is Exposed THOURGHOUT this Blog of her Catching on Audio and Video WHAT she is stating this MTS Bus Driver is Doin Look at its Publish Date Cross Reference DATE’s TO Location’s


Learning Disabled Woman Exposes Overt Oragnized Stalking tactics used by MTS Bus Driver

Look at this Video concerning  its upload date what leslie is stating people stating specific things around her, then look at ALL of the Videos in the Immediate above Pinned tweet -it shows leslie catching what she is stating in the 10/10/14 Video BEING Caught Before and after it was made and UpLoaded, and remember the Immediate above 2012 Video of a MTS Bus Driver pulling up RIGHT off the road wheir her camping area was BEFORE Moving to La’Jolla in November 2012, the Pinned tweets show her Catching it, all over La”Jolla since THAT Video was UpLoaded, PS also Observe the Law Library has Been in this Blog’s Titled SINCE the date of its Creation

10/10/14 Law Library Prediction GangStalking LearningbDisabled Woman 

Who do you see in the Inner circle with Richard gear FBI- the Police protecting the Outer Circumference of it, In the Video imediatley Below Pay attention  ” Fate, made to Fate” ” Michigan to Connecticut to San Diego AGAIN to prove the Interstate Stalking of Organized Stalking Crimes of Leslie to expose the Filthy Maggots Responsible for all of it,

1/22/14 San Diego GangStalking CAUGHT In Your Face Caught Learning Disabled Woman

ALL ASSAULTS were predicted before they occurred, some are in this Blog and the stalking on more that one occasion makes it a Felony SDPD UCSD Police, not to mention concerning the Alteration of the MTS Assault Video BY MTS,Included in this Blog, the Falsified SDPD report concerning the Assault and the FACT they Omitted in it that leslie told them CLEARLY the assailant had engaged GangStalking Physical Gestures on the day of the Assault and ON OTHER Occassion’s on the same route PRIOR to the date of the Assault, and the Report even reflects that Ms Williams had never seen him before 10/10/11 a ABSOLUTE Complete Lie The Assault, and wheir it whould occur was predicted 11 days before in a Email file “included in this Blog” as well, So who is Connected to SDPD and Controlling them, Observe how she caught 3 teenagers admitting they were put on the same bus route 2 months and 18 Days later to do that very thing on 1/28/12

Learning Disabled Woman Catch’s Gangstalker Admitting they were sent to Harrass her-Read Comment

Learning Disabeld Woman GangStalked in San Diego-Small Illustration of Sensitization

 Leslie also Caught between the Dates of 10/07-10/10/13 three seperate UCSD Students admit, and  Caught on her tape recorder they weir put in her physical prescense to engage in these Physical gestures on her Tape recorder, two at the Bus Stop at Gillman and Meyers 10/7/13 and one at the Bus Stop right off of Villa LaJolla Dr Intersection 10/10/13


leslie UpLoaded this Video and made it private , the Perpetrators hacked into her You Tube account and made it Public, notice its publish date

11/04/13 Learning Disabled Woman GangStalked n LaJolla Ca Develops Shell Game to Entrap GangStalking

Cross Reference the Next 2 Video’s to the Ct Blog Immediately above

Confession of PERJURY pertaining to the 11/16/15 Evidentary Hearing that was related to the 8/9/15 Rose Canyon Event and its resulting Ticket

And here is the Event that produced the Ticket that Brought leslie to Court wheir the Ultimate Perjury Came from, proving the Confession , the Perjury was the Lie about WHY THEY CAME and How they Knew wheir she was, In Rose Canyon on 8/9/15 which was always leslie’s goal to prove they INTENTIONALLY came to her Camping area ,” SDPD” in 2006, proving the GangStalking comes to whier you live to Victimize you

8/26/15 San Diego Park Ranger Says It Worked when told she Baited Police to come to her

And this is it being Caught at RR Colony 5 ” Rose Canyon” on May 10 2015 This is it B N Said In Rose Canyon, right after you hear leslie state ” Ja Hear that he just Said GangStalk ” ITS repeated by the person who said it LISTEN VERY VERY VERY CLOSELY proving she heard it to begin with, Meaning that their using people to REPEAT IT around her, , and then coorelate that to this Video, and its Publish date and the date/wheir the event took place and what’s exposed in it,

11/27/13 Learning Disabled Woman tell UCSD Police How she’s GangStalked-Evidence Caught after – 2

and these are the Filthy Criminal Whores coming to her Hiking area ( RETALIATION? on 8/27/14 UCSD POLICE

11/04/14 Video of UCSD Police Coming to UCSD Whistle Blower GangStalking Victims Hiking Area

and whats this Geeze is it evidence

1/01/14 UCSD & Hiking Area GangStalking Methods Caught R IDENTICAL & Caught @ Both Places

And Leslie Went to Rose Canyon From the area that is included in this tweet, the area within Rose Canyon that the 8/9/15 Event took place at was LITERALLY RIGHT UP THE Street from wheir the Hiking area was that is in this Tweet , Look at all Evidence Dates to what the Evidence is and wheir the Evidence’s was Caught at , The harrasment  is Identicle to a Tee, Stalking from Location to Location to Location,to Intentionally let her know she’s being stalked from Location to Location by REPEATING the Same EXACT IDENTICLE to a Tee Verbal Harrassment, at all of them, all of it predicted in Tweets Audio File’s email files and video files BEFORE the evidence was Caught in these forementioned Media Platforms

Now Just for a Minute Review how your tax dollars are being used by these sick Criminaly insane Filthy maggots to prosecute the Innocent the ones their Targeting, LESLIE,

MVI 1938

10/25/14 NEWEST Prediction LaJolla ca GangStalking Victim Learning Disabled Woman

UCSD and SDPD Came to the Area the Video was made at on 11/10/14- 22 Hours after this Prediction Tweet was Posted,  she was arrested and Then the San Diego Public Defender assighend to the Ticket CRIMMINALY without leslie’s knowledge or CONSENT consolidated that ticket to a Ticket she got From UCSD Police at the same area on 8/27/14, she was 3 Days away from Moving she had video’s online Published within Late October 2014 and the First week of November 2014 so they decided to come to the area BEFORE the Move could happen in order to bring about the Motive Ilegally CRIMMINALLY put on Probation she was then ILLEGALLY put on 3 years probation that ABSOLUTELY stemmed from this INTENTIONAL Criminality, It was In Part the Purpose of the Arrest, she was also Brutally Assaulted in the San Diego Court House on 11/13/14 While in a Holding Cell waiting to be seen by the San Diego Public Defender, IT WAS ABSOLUTELY STAGED

Observe how their Crimminal Ass’s were Caught on 10/23/15 INSIDE the San Diego Court house, and what was caught that you will hear was predicted by leslie on the same Tape Recorder BEFORE arriving at the Court House THAT MORNING, and when you listen to it, go back and listen to and observe the date of the Video that is RePasted below it

San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defeders Repeat GangStalker Suck My Dick GangStalk Oh My God

Published on Nov 10, 2015

1/22/14 San Diego GangStalking CAUGHT In Your Face Caught Learning Disabled Woman

It was Caught outside the Door of Department 9 on 10/23/15 observe this Cross reference all data…e

Now Here’s the Kicker-What’s This- between these Two Row’s of 2’s, Absolutely Show’s the Same Exact IDENTICLE to a Tee Behaveirs being described and Experined at a Previous Hiking area ” Wheir she was arrested at,11/10/14.

And whats this Leslie stating in 2012 BEFORE MOVING TO LaJolla Ca, her stating lets see if GangStalk Oh My God is Repeated and look at its publish date, cross reference it to the Video of the San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders saying it PROVING ONCE again she has been telling thr TRUTH from the Begining then ReObserve this

Learning Disabled Woman Exposes July 3’rd 2012 Hazard Center Ultra Star Movie Theater


Psychological harrassment Batterring Abuse and Psychological Sexual Harrassment EXPOSED

Start listening at 19:47-20:10 Do you hear leslie State that their saying GangStalk Suck My Dick

Also in this Video when she plays the Audio File Within it concerning the Verbal GangStalking on the Side Walk you hear the men Yell GangStalk Oh My God Back to Back and Gang A Stalking Ill Fuck You Up- That Event occured right across the street from That Wooded area and one of the two Men that played a role in it was one of the men They Propped up to Hike 100 feet away from her at that wooded area who were bothering her their-off of Gillman Ct and Gillman Road, Cross reference the Date of this Video its Publish date and the Fact leslie showed her phone in it proving the date to the San Diego Public Defender’s and Prosecutors saying it on 10/23/15 Caught on Audio file UpLoaded ABOVE-SAME EXACT IDENTICLE TO A TEE HARRASSMENT- 2 Location’s Years Apart-Connecting this Area “wheir the Arrest took place at, POLICE, TO COURT and the San Diego Government

4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disabled Woman Lajolla Ca

GangStalk GangStalking Suck My Dick Oh My God Caught at Hiking Area Jack In the Box and Mc Donalds LaJolla Ca, Video of it Caught on Audio , Years Before it being Caught AGAIN in the Court House on 10/23/15 LISTEN CLOSELY especially at the Jack In the Box and McDonalds

GangStalking Witnessible EVIDENCE of August 3 & 4’th 2013 Video 2 Of 3 Learning Disabled Woman

This was Caught on XMAS Day 2012 Ralph’s Grocery Store LaJolla Ca LaJolla Villiage Sq Dr

1/24/2013 Learning Disabled Woman Proves GangStalking Direct Conversation Method is Happining

You Hear Suck Dick Oh My God REPEATED GangStalk GangStalking in these Yucca Valley Video Caught in Early December 2012 , their trying to confuse it being said  by also saying Gay Shawn so Listen to the First one first

Exposing Yucca Valley Ca GangStalking Learning Disabled Woman Exposes Direct Conversation-1

Exposing Yucca Valley Ca GangStalking Learning Disabled Woman Exposes Direct Conversation-3

Now do you hear it said here at another Jack in the Box off of Bus Route 30 heading towards Old Town LISTEN Carefully Oh my God GangStalk GangStalking Suck My Dick LISTEN

MVI 1940

Now also Closely Consider This That ABSOLUTELY Ties them to this Area Immediatly above to Rose Canyon, wheir she went to when she left this area, on November 14th 2014

Observe: Cross Reference Date and Time’s to the Theme of each Instagram, All of this Evidence OCCURRED IN ROSE CANYON

Now that you have observed Lelsie Not Only FACTUALLY heard what she stated in the First Instagram but the Fact that they sent her a Text Message on the Same  date LATER Time threatining her, concerning the same thing she stated in the Snap Screen Shot of the Tweet she made THAT VERY MORNING  But Look at the Time frame 17:09-20:25 again in the Video Right above that Has Caught Caught in it’s Title Compare it to the Instagrams And the Fact Leslie states that COPS are used in Staged event to make it appear they have a Normal Appearing reason to know wheir she is at, Compare that to This

and here is ” GangStalk” being said around her in Rose Canyon on 05/10/15

This ie it B N Said In Rose Canyon


This First Video was made before goin into the SDPD Northern Division Police Station which is the Secound Video the First Video was made RIGHT before she went to them Mad concerning RIGHT next door to the  SDPD Northern Division on 9/1/15, later that night leslie was on the Ground Zero Show with Clyde lewis concerning her blogs being hacked , that shows broadcast link is below-  the 9/24/15 statement she made in the first video  was the araighnment date for the Illegal Lodging ticket she got in Rose canyon, See below

1/5/16 GangStalkers Send Text Messages that Police will be Called to her Hiking AREA

MVI 1956

Similarities Between Gang Stalking And Human Trafficking

Now look at the times and dates and statements of this Snap Screen shot of a Tweet leslie made in Rose Canyon on 12/25/14, then the Text Messages sent to her on the Same date from the Connected parties of the GangStalking of her PROVING she was telling the truth of what she heard in Rose Canyon which is stated in the Tweet Cross Reference the Times and DATE what was sent by leslie occurred in the Morning the Text message was sent to her phone later on the Same date- a Threat that is Related to what Leslie stated she heard in the Tweet EARLIER on the Same Date

And this was Caught Again in Rose Canyon on May 10th 2015

Sit in a Completely Quiet Room Turn the Volume on your Headphones all the way up and listen to what you hear as soon as leslie says ” Ja Hear that he just said GangStalk- its then said again by the same person Immediatly right after she said it ( she was talking privately in her tape recorder, this occurred in Rose Canyon at a Seperate place in reference to what’s imediatly above related to Rose Canyon on Xmas day 2014

NOW Also review Whats in this Text message the perpetrators sent her is identical to whatvthe SD Prosecutors and Public Defenders were caught doin above Months Before

Remember Cross Reference Dates and Location’s, to how the Harrassment is Identical STALKING of GangStalking, to MULTIPLE Location’s including CAMPING area’s MULTIPLE DATES Making it a Absolute Felony and MUCH MORE

11/01/14 UCSD & Hiking Area GangStalking Methods Caught R IDENTICAL & Caught @ Both Places

11/27/13 Learning Disabled Woman tell UCSD Police How she’s GangStalked-Evidence Caught after – 2

1/22/14 San Diego GangStalking CAUGHT In Your Face Caught Learning Disabled Woman

1/27/14 UCSD Police refuse to amke a Police Report from a GangStalking Victim Click About

Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES Library Security ADMITTING Staged Complaint can Bann her UCSD

This Video CLEARLY showing leslie stating almost 1 Month before the Immediate Above Video that she’s begining to think these events are staged, PS on 12/05/15 the GangStalking of Leslie stole Leslie’s Bike total Loss around 400 dollars- today 3/9/16 TWO SDPD Cars were seen VERY VERY CLOSE to wheir it was stolen from ?

10/29/13 UCSD Campus Police harrassment is it Connected to GangStalking SEE DESCRIPTION

Notice the Statements in this Tweet and it’s date

Leslie left the area wheir she is using as a emergency resting area was gone all day went back to it and her area was completely taken over by a Homeless Man, this occurred one day after leslie wrote in this blog that she was creating a list of lawyers Law Firms and activists group’s to sue SDPD UCSD SDSD Police -EVERYTIME EVERYTIME leslie has started to review the same online she has experienced the Following Imediatley after wards,it was also done to squeeze her out of this secluded area into a more open spot wheir anyone can imediatley approach, her leslie has ABSOLUTELY caught Identical Harrasment at this area on her Tape Recorder that is already, exposed in this blog ABSOLUTELY Occurring and being Caught at MULTIPLE Resting area’s DIFFERENT Property’s and along her route’s,

UCSD Gangstalking caught leing Repeatedly said 8/16/2012 around Target of this Crime 3-of -3

12/05/13 Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES San Diego Police Gross Negligence of Duty ?

10/28/15 GangStalking at The San Diego Court House Arraighnment Date of Rose Canyon Ticket

7/10/13 Do You Hear GangStalk Oh My God at UCSD after it was Predicted-See Description for Video

Now these 3 Video Conclude 4 Things the Event Occurred before the 11/20/13 UCSD Confession ( a Staged Complaint can Cause her to be Banned Notice in this SDSU Arrest 2/1/13 Leslie states you guys staged this Young Man To Call You

THen their 1 of many evidence Video’s of the same exact IDENTICLE Verball Harrassment happening around her e Few Months Before and the Fact the Arrest Occurred within 22 Hours of Leslie Contacting Feinstein, which included a Prediction concerning being Banned , The Arrest the Being Banned and the Verbal Harrassment ALL OF it predicted in Audio Files BEFORE arriving on SDSU Campus on the bDates of these Events

2/24/14 COMPLETE Paper EVIDENCE of the GangStalking Learning Disabled Woman LaJolla Ca -1

1/22/14 Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES Video of SDSU Brutal Arrest 02/01/13

Learning Disabled Woman Exposes GangStalking Harrassment- Direct Conversation’s at SDSU on 1/26/12-2

And this is USD- the Phsysical Interaction that took place with USD Officers Took Place 3-1/2 Hours after the First Video Prediction was made Predicting events

Learning Disabled Woman Exposes Video of Eviction and Banning from USD Library-See Comments

Learning Disabled Woman exposes USD Campus Saftey Banning her from Library 3 1/2 Hours



And first know-This is leslie on the Ground Zero Show with Clyde Lewis Agian at exactly 1:42:11 listen to what she states but also take note to what Clyde is stating before he introduces her Clearly showing leslie exposing her Blogs being HiJacked and More and GangStalking CLEARLY being exposed, before the, Evidenray Hearing and the  11/30/15 Mariam Bear Park Event and  Confession During it,on 11/30/15 concerning the lies the San Diego Park Ranger Committed on 11/16/15 Evidentary Hearing- and the fact thatvthe 11/30/15 event was predicted in a tweet and how they came to her within the time frame described within the Tweet made at 4;30 AM on 11/30/15 ( the Point is is that the seemingly discrediting statements of the CT Blog they hacked in Ct was done to discredit her in the Public’s eye’s which they ABSOLUTELY did in Michigan and are doing here in San Diego as well, The Perjury was done and the  confession concerning it has BEEN PROVEN- when ever a Person Lies it has a Objective to conceal the thruth , ROSE CANYON and the Nature of what’s exposed in the 8/8/15 Tweet chain sent to SDPD Cheif Zimmerman,.This is why the San Diego Public Defender’s Office denied leslie’s right OVER 9 Time’s to allow her to Introduce the Rose Canyon Confession at the Evidentary Hearing- to conceal what they did and the Motive OF WHY, Trapping a Lying Rat in a Spider Web of Entangled Lies, Exposes what they are, all of this was done by Leslie because of 1 Event- The staged event they Staged and Implemented in 2006, SDPD Coming to her Hiking area, A INTENTIONAL STAGED EVENT WITH A MOTIVE  Which in turned cause her to Experince HORRIFIC Explotation and Victimization in Michigan , A Nation Wide Syndacite that is CONNECTED

Fellow American Citizen’s I STRONGLY Advise you to read this Blog Thourghly and Follow it’s Instruction’s, this Blog was UpDated on 1/29/16

8/26/15 San
Diego Park Ranger Says It Worked when told she Baited Police to come to her

This was Caught in Rose Canyon around 2-3 Days after Leslie Discovered HUNDRED”S of Dollar’s of her Property Stolen from Rose Canyon-( San Diego Park Ranger’s later admitted it was them they have offered to return it to her 3 Times but majically their never in their Office when she call’s them and they NEVER reply to her email requet’s, and Massive evidence was stolen as well,

OK so listen VERY CLOSELY QUIETLY and Attentively to this Instagram -Leslie is making a Staement into her running recording tape recorder It is as follow’s

” Ja Hear that he just said GangStalk, AS Soon as she say’s this a Young Man ” The One she Heard REPEATED IT, LISTENb Craefully”

This is it B N Said In Rose Canyon

11/30/15 San Diego Park Ranger’s ADMIT They lied at 11/16/15 Evidentary Hearing

12/31/15 Park Ranger Confessing He Lied at Evidentary Hearing on November 16th 2015

This section will be deleted soon because most of it is already above so just scroll past it youll know how much as a result of what you witnessed above

Welcome to other things that were predicted then The Confessions concerning the responses

Welcome to truth Compare Dates to Statements to the Responses to the Tweets from Police and Park Rangers HOW Did they Know wheir she was at at SEVERAL Locations Think The GPS Tracking ” ( which is the Stalking )” of GangStalking

Tweet sent to Zimmerman on November 28th 2015
Do you Notice how it says ” Will I be arrested soon “
This was their Response 22 Hours Later Notice the Confession  ” How did they know wheir she was

 This is the Tweet sent to SDPD Chief Zimmerman on 8/8/15

Then the Bottom Tweet on the Tweet Chain was added on 8/10/15
the Secound Tweet shows evidence of what took place 22 Hours after the Tweet was sent to SDPD Chief Zimmerman

8/26/15 San Diego Park Ranger Says It Worked when told she Baited Police to come to herr

Cross Reference Time and Dates of Prediction’s and who’s Predicted and the Retaliation Responses to them And realize the Illegal GPS Tracking of Leslie’s Phone ( the Stalking of Gang Stalking and By who and then the Confessions-and you will witness Leslie’s strategies coming alive in Real Time Beating them from the INSIDE  “THEM” OUT meaning the Transparent Particpation NO more Covert Participation

Welcome to other things that were predicted then The Confessions concerning the responses

This is the Tweet sent to SDPD Chief Zimmerman on 8/8/15
Then the Bottom Tweet on the Tweet Chain was added on 8/10/15
the Secound Tweet shows evidence of what took place 22 Hours after the Tweet was sent to SDPD Chief Zimmerman

8/26/15 San Diego Park Ranger Says It Worked when told she Baited Police to come to herr

Welcome to truth Compare Dates to Statements to the Responses to the Tweets from Police and Park Rangers HOW Did they Know wheir she was at at SEVERAL Locations Think The GPS Tracking ” ( which is the Stalking )” of GangStalking

Tweet sent to Zimmerman on November 28th 2015
Do you Notice how it says ” Will I be arrested soon “
Tweet Sent to SDPD Chief Zimmerman on 11/27/15
Tweet Made and sent on 11/29/15
The Day after the above Tweet sent to Zimmerman
This is one of Many Tweets Made by Leslie on the Morning of 11/30/15 ” It was edited by the Perpetrators before leslie sent it she didnt realize it until after the Police Left ” Leslie originally stated in it she will be ” MOVING ON” they took out the ON
Compare the Times these above Prediction Tweets were Made and then This Tweet, the Time of it and the TEXT
This is the Video Showing the Audio of what Occurred on 11/30/15 BY THE SAME Lieing Park Ranger, the Evidentary Hearing pertaining to the 8/8/15 Rose Canyon event in which this Same Park Ranger lied on the Stand about, was on 11/16/15
12/31/15 Park Ranger Confessing He Lied at Evidentary Hearing on November 16th 2015
Evidence Tweet’s

The Park Ranger event took place on 11/30/15 Look at the Tweets that were sent between 11/29/15 and 11/30/15 that are between these two rows of *’s this section will be updated soon

THis Assault Took place on 12/02/15 Within 5 Minutes of her arriving at the San Diego VA Bus Hub ( Located right next to UCSD, Arriving their  after leaving WHEIR- “Mariam Bear Park”

12/31/15 UPDATE UPDATE Audio Of Brutal Assault at SD VA on December 2’nd 2015

They dont have the Common Sense to leave leslie alone so she will continue to use them to show their exsistance in what their doin to her and have done

UPDATE 1/5/16-Cross Reference this PDF Link to the One Right Below it Please Pray for leslie and Know this EVERYONE The SD Prosecutors and Public Defenders Office  and Park Ranger’shas Been Caught RED HANDED Indisputibly Cross Reference and Witeness thruth


READ THIS NOW Emergency UPDATE 1/4/16


1/2/16 GangStalk Oh My God REPATED at Ralphs LaJolla CA Grocery Store AGAIN


San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders Repeat GangStalk Suck My Dic# GangStalker Oh My God

4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disabled Woman Lajolla Ca


Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES GangStalking Harrassment at San Diego Police HeadQuarters-A

How did they Know wheir she was

Again Review this

8/26/15 San
Diego Park Ranger Says It Worked when told she Baited Police to come to her

This is it B N Said In Rose Canyon

Whats Between these Two Row’s Of 8’s is  Dedicated to THe 8/9/15 Rose Canyon Event, and the Resulting Cort Case and Evidence and then attached to the 11/30/15 Mariam Bear Park Event and the Confession and Predictions that came true concerning This Event- so what ever is Included within this Blog that is related to what was just described concerning what is between these two rows of 8’s incorporate those items within this Paraemeter of evidence


Fellow Americans you will see the Beggining of this Campaighn of how this Applies so Stay Tuned-OBSERVE WHO Christy is Exposing and What and how she is Being retaliated against for exposing it,

Before Proceeding observe how a Woman Christy Taylor a Woman In San Diego was Exposing the SDPD Connection to Young Girls being Human Trafficked in CANYONS in San Diego- ( how the County Allowed ALLOWS This to Occur Yet Evicts leslie From Rose Canyon  then how they tried to Used ABSOLUTE Corrupt SD Public Defenders and Prosecutors to go after her even though she caught the San Diego Park Ranger Confessing TWICE Once on Video and the secound confession on Audio  ( exposed below), this Woman Christy is now being GangStalked for Exposing it and GangStalking is directly connected to Human Trafficking ( Two of Christy’s Video’s were incorporated within the Tweet Chain sent to SDPD Chief Zimmerman on 8/8/15, 22 Hours before the Rose Canyon event and Confession) its evidence is Below

THis is that TweetChain

LISTEN CLEARLY to  who she is exposing and the retaliation she experince’s

Then Google GangStalking and POLICE-Then GangStalking and Human Trafficking

Christie.Speaking On The Corruption Of The SDPD.Pt.2

Christie. On The Corruption Of The SDPD. Pt.1

McGonigle Canyon Rape Grove Part 1


SD City Council 12 15 15 – Public Comment on Citizens Review Board

SDPD Policing the Police 10 News TV special

POLICE BRUTALITY – Recording The Police is Dangerous, but Necessary!

Consider and Reconsider

The Woman Exposing this Human Trafficking in San Diego Canyons ” Parks” Christie is Being Gang Stalked, her exposing it was exposed in the Tweet Chain sent to SDPD Chief Zimmerman on 8/8/15 and one Tweet added to the tweet Chain on 8/10/15 that evidence is below-GangStalking is Directly connected to Human Trafficking, do not walk away form this Blog I GAURENTE you will be glad you did’nt

McGonigle Canyon Rape Grove Part 2

Due to My Computer being Hacked EVERYWHEIR I use it at This is Being Repasted  what is Here between these Two Rows of 9’s Their is No Time rihght now to explain why JUST Trust me- if anything between these Two Rows of 9’s is Above or Below just Ignore it if Not Incorporate it with what is Above these Rwo Rows of 9’s- its being done because the perpetrators are disrupting what im Composing Constructing, thank You

Look at this Tweet AFTER you review whats between these two row’s of 2’s

UCSD and SDPD Came to the Area this Video was made at 16 Days Later UNDER The Guise of Claiming they were looking for someone who has a Arrest Warrant and Arrested her- Well Look at what she states in this Video, that Police will use the excuse that they are looking for someone,  the Event was Caught on a Tape Recorder, and the Arrest was Predicted 22 Hours before in a Tweet on Twitter ( Twitter Handle @Higginsgggg Exposingthruth) ” Here is the Tweet Click on it-

“–And this is JUST a Small Audio Clip of these Crimminal Rats concerning the November 10th Arrest “-Leslie Telles a UCSD Campus {Police Officer What Make sure you read this Instagram’s Decription THOURGHLY

Now also Look at the Date of the Tweet within The Video – The November 9th Tweet that was Made predicting they’d come is enclosed below in a Instagram Snap Screen Shot as well Which is what you just Viewed and the Verbal Excuse they used is still on her Tape recorder and they had to of filed a Report about it to back up their excuse so AMERICANS what does this prove to 

you, well keep Observing everything else that’s been predicting and has ABSOLUTELY Come true and you will deduce that leslie has Itemized their Normal Appearing excuses and then Predicts which one’s thyey’ll use, -to approach her and she has Itemized how and who Homeless Men and Woman Drug Addicts Alcoholics Punk’s” third Partie’s will be used for the Police who are Using Middle men that then use them

10/25/14 NEWEST Prediction LaJolla ca GangStalking Victim Learning Disabled Woman

As Leslie is playing the Audio of the Thanksgiving event in this Video Do you hear the Men Say Oh My God before and after ” GangStalk GangStalking Gang A Stalking Ill fuck you up ” -listen to it Carefully Now Look at the Publish Date of this Video the Dates leslie describes the evidence is attached to, and they did stage a event in UCSD Bio Medical Library on November 3rd 2014 they used a Individual who threatened       leslie outside of the Bio Medical library on 7/16/14 they allowed him to come back on over 4 occassion’s between 7/16/14 thru Nov 3’rd 2014 and on November 3rd 2014 as the Event was transpiring this Individual said your goin to be arrested soon 7 days later UCSD SDPD Police came to her Hiking area 2 MILES Off Campus and staged a Arrest which is what the Above Video is About, Now 

Check this Out when you not only follow the Instructions in this Paragraph pertaining to the Video below thats been written so far but here is a Clincher- What is Leslie stating within the Video at exactly 18:40-18:54 what is Leslie stating their Doin at UCSD and Along her routes as Well Now this is the Publish date of that Video right below this Paragraph Published on Jun 27, 2014 Then look at the Video’s RIGHT below this one and who’s involved Doin the SAME EXACT THING in the Video Labeled A and the Fact that it was also mentioned in Video C and Caught in Video D Look at the Dates and Locations of Video A,B and Video C,D their Publish dates do you notice Leslie is stating in Video C their doin the Same thing when she was hiking in that wooded area, off of Gillman Dr and Gillman Ct Saying GangStalk Oh My God GangStalk Suck My dick well Look who’s doin it in Video B as her Public Defender ALEX MCDONALD is Standing within 1 Foot LITERALLY of these Prosecutors and her Fellow Public Defenders are saying what their saying and LAUGHING who is a Absolute Corrupt Criminal Skank who has Threatened Leslie thru Intimidation and tried to Influence her to break the Law in a Plea Agreement concerning the Rose Canyon event below-look at the Dates differences of these 4 Video’s and their Locations ABCD

A—6/27/14 UCSD GangStalking ? Human Trafficking- Prediction- Learning Disabeld Woman

Published on Jun 27, 2014

B :-San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders Repeat GangStalker Suck My Dick GangStalk Oh My God

Published on Nov 10, 2015

C—-4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disabled Woman Lajolla Ca

Published on Jan 30, 2014

D — Learning Disbaled Woman Exposes Organized Stalking Direct Conversation Tactics at Social Services

Published on Jul 18, 2012

Listen at 0:35 Secounds and Again at :41 Secounds and Again at :50
Its mentioned Again carefuly at 1:40 and Again Care fully at 2:26

MVI 2297

This is the Tweet Prediction that was Hacked by the Perpetrators before leslie noticed her phone was Jammed from at least 7:AM up until the Patrk Rangers and Police left her Precesence on 11/30/15 they arrived at 9:46 AM–The Tweet Originally Stating ” Whistle Blower will be MOVING On

MVI 1938

Psychological harrassment Batterring Abuse and Psychological Sexual Harrassment EXPOSED

Start listening at 19:47-20:10 Do you hear leslie State that their saying GangStalk Suck My Dick

Also in this Video when she plays the Audio File Within it concerning the Verbal GangStalking on the Side Walk you hear the men Yell GangStalk Oh My God Back to Back and Gang A Stalking Ill Fuck You Up- That Event occured right across the street from That Wooded area and one of the two Men that played a role in it was one of the men They Propped up to Hike 100 feet away from her at that wooded area who were bothering her their-off of Gillman Ct and Gillman Road

4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disabled Woman Lajolla Ca

May 30 th 2013 Do You Hear GangStalking Oh my God at UCSD Price Center by Students ? LISTEN…

06/25/13 Evidence of GangStalking Torture in San Diego See Description for UNDENIABLE Evidence

Published on Jul 1, 2013

GangStalk Oh My God is repeated in beween At UCSD Price Center

May 30 th 2013 Do You Hear GangStalking Oh my God at UCSD Price Center by Students ? LISTEN

Published on Jun 1, 2013

These are Blog Title’s that can be Pasted at Google they Hold UNDENIABLE Evidence that this women is being Harrassed with IDENTICLE Methods EVERYWHEIR she goes because of being argeted with Organized Stalking GangStalking

7/08/13 UCSD Gang Stalking Incident ? Do you Hear GangStalker as Incident is Unfolding Description

Published on Jul 9, 2013


Published on Aug 23, 2013

11/12/15 UpDate GangStalking Leslie Williams LaJolla San Diego-1 of 2

11/12/15 UpDate GangStalking Leslie Williams LaJolla San Diego-2 of 2

4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disabled Woman Lajolla Ca

San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defeders Repeat GangStalker Suck My Dick GangStalk Oh My God

9/24/15 SDPD Whistle Blower Being Setup WATCH NOW San Diego Public Defenders Office Corruption

Published on Jan 30, 2014

San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defeders Repeat GangStalker Suck My Dick GangStalk Oh My God

Published on Nov 10, 2015

It was Caught outside the Door of Department 9 on 10/23/15 observe this Cross reference all data… ggg/status/658821506399535104
August 5’th 13 Predicted GangStalking Caught Witnessible Evidence Enclosed Multiple Places

Published on Aug 5, 2013

Notice at 2:06 into this Video the Black Weatherization Sheet Wall proving UCSD Police came to the Area she was expericing the Harrassment at that was IDENTICLE to the harrassment experinced at UCSD,The Black weatherization sheets are Clearly shown in the First Video above which is Titled “” 4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disabled Woman Lajolla Ca”Look at it at 20:10 and what shes saying at that time frame as well and Cross reference it to The Video of the san Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders saying it on 10/23/15-Stalked to MULTIPLE Location harrassed in the same Identicle Way Proving Multiple Crime’s Conspiracy Illegal Tracking Etc…

11/04/14 Video of UCSD Police Coming to UCSD Whistle Blower GangStalking Victims Hiking Area

Published on Nov 1, 2014

How did they Know wheir she was This Event took place on 8/9/15-the SD Public Defender wont allow her to use this Evidence Video in Court because it proves conspiracy-concerning them coming to this Area- she was ticketed for Illegal Lodging

8/26/15 San Diego Park Ranger Says It Worked when told she Baited Police to come to her

11/01/14 UCSD & Hiking Area GangStalking Methods Caught R IDENTICAL & Caught @ Both Places

Published on Nov 1, 2014

11/04/14 BEST EVIDENCE Video GangStalking Of Leslie Williams Learning Disabled Woman Published on Oct 30, 2014

The Best Video’s of Leslie B N GangStalked at UCSD are 

Leslie is on this Show

Leslie is on these Show’s


Leslie’s on the Show at 1:15:12–1:18:41


MVI 2296

San Diego Public Defenders & Prosecutors Human Trafficking GangStalking Connection

MVI 2300

MVI 2297


One of the Main things their doin to leslie is Tieing her up in the CONSTANT busyness of Moving Moving entails finding a Place, making NUMEROUS trips of taking her property to them creating Multiple Places to hide it, places to hide everyday things she uses , and causeing her to move and remove within one property because of them INTENTIONALLY propping up other homeless persons upon the property even having them take her spots when she is gone during the day, to cause her to have to find another spot and reoreinate her property These are LITERAL Methods of these crimes, LITERALLY

These are the Following locations their Jamming Leslies phone at before and during staged events including assaults and Police

10/10/11 Right after MTS Assault Giveing the Assaliant the Time to leave phone became unjammed after he left

UCSD Property July 16 th 2014-Person who threatened her Physically was given time to leave as a Result, phone became Unjammed after he left UCSD Police Car was then Noticed sitting 70 feet away

Mariam Bear Park 11/30/15 Phone Became UnJammed as SOON as SDPD and SD Park Rangers left her Location

VA Hospital San Diego-12/2/15, Assault, Phone Became UnJammed after assaliant left

VILLCAN RP Reverse 2/7/16 Jammed for 3 Hour’s

Leslies phone is used to Tweet Predictions and Email Predictions about what may occur towards her- She purchased insurance after this Event took place around 11:25 AM on 2/7/16- Its now being predicted Assaults Arrests Tickets for the Next TWO Weeks ANYWHEIR- Especially at the area she has mentioned within this Blog –Notation as well she has her initials carved in a Tree at a Specific Location she uses and they are ARE USING Homeless Men at this Area – SDPD was spotted 3 days ago- Code HIDEAWAY, whats this, and whyb is it being included


Electronic Harrasment and Psycho Tronic  Section

REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING (Satellite Harassment/Terrorism) Reality and Awareness!

PlayList for Electronic Harrasment The Testimoneys of Multiple Target Numerous State’s

Do you notice Psycho Tronic’s in the Original Bill-Read and then Proceed to what below the next two item’s, Google Psycho Tronic’s and GangStalking Organized Stalking

Look how Identicle these two First Items are  ” the Video What Leslie States and the News Link ” Conspiracy with Fellow Tenants, Evictions, the Similarities of Organized Crime in the System Colluding Privately with Tenants and Lawyers to bring about desired effect ” now the Link was on the Internet Posted on the 24’th Leslie Published the Video on the 23’rd she didnt discover the Article until the 28th it being in the San Diego Union Tribune Local Section on the 28th, now Understand their is INDISPUTIBLE Evidence below the Prosecutors Office of San Diego is FACTUALLY Connected to the GangStalking of Her

12/31/15 WATCH WATCH Leslie’s Last Apartment the Gang Stalking Created the Homelessness At/From
UPDATE 12/28/15-1 B LaJolla Ca Leslie Williams Being GangStalked Human Trafficking

2/29/15 UPDATE WATCH OakWood Hospital DearBorn Mi Gang Stalking Leslie Williams

UNDERSTAND You better not dismiss this AT ALL Instead research what is in it, the Bill obove, by reading it, then research whats in it DO IT, then research this after reading it

Non Consensual Military Human Experimentation for the Following Criminal Objective’s, resulting in the ABSOLUTE Torture of the selected target used for these Criminal Motivation’s

Research EXTENSIVELY Mind  Hacking Mind Uploading Mind Transfer Techknowlogie’s into Quantum Computer’s Artificially Intellegent RUNNED to then be transferred to Artificial Carrier’s Hologram’s, Avator’s , Synthetic Biologie’s , Robot’s

Mind reading, Neural Decoding, Synthetic Telepathy, Targeted Individuals Europe

Targeted Individuals Europe – extended version

Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document

GangStalking TORTURE INDISPUTIBLY Proven Video 1 of 2 Learning Disabled Woman Exposes

GangStalking TORTURE INDISPUTIBLY Proven Video 2 of 2 Learning Disabled Woman Exposes
Here are a Few Links that Compliment the Video directly above
Fellow American’s I want you to listen very carefully OK to what is being stated within this Paragraph, whenever most people are presented with UNFAMILIAR things, especially things that come across as bizare, they Immediatley dismiss them, this is not being stated because leslie believe or disbielive’s certain aspects of what’s in the following Video, she is Incorporating it within this Blog with the Prioritie of you listening and researching the Techknologies within it DO IT Leslie has never ever lied to any one pertaining to what she exposes and it is the Main Objective to INFORM , to expose,

The Manifesto of a Manager of GangStalking Crews NOTICE Target’s are Considered as Lab Rat’s

HetroDyning Introduction

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (05-22-2011) James Lambert & Dave Larson on Gang Stalking

GangStalking The Dr John Hall Interview

WELCOME to the Torture of Hundred’s of Thousands of American’s that is CURRENTLy Going on and Continuing Hosted and Perpetrated and when neccasary SubContracted thru the United State’s Military and the DOD

Torture in this realm Literally means 24/7 Torture EVERYDAY for decades at a Time LITERALLY

Touchless Torture. Target Humanity. Full Length Documentary

leslie being on this Show Remote Neural Monitoring being exposed to the Question she ask’s concerning Mind UpLoading Mind Hacking Mind Transfer Techknologie’s, and RNM being exposed concerning part of its capabilites

Leslie being on this Show that exposes Mind Transfer techknologies and her Exposing the Blue BEAM Project-
Google Synthetic Telepathy and GangStalking then to Project Blue Beam

This Blog was Massively Updated on 3/15/16,

When we UNDERSTAND that God made us to serve his purpose then we can EASILY deduce that Wild Filthy Animals will use us to exploit us, using techknologies against us to exploit us in the Worst ways your Mind can conceive and NOT then we as Soldiers of God MUST expose these filthy Maggots for what they are Criminally Insane Wild animals

Do you Notice Human Trafficking in the Secound PDF Link

The Two Frequencies concerning the HetroDyning related to the Above Paragraphs is the Remote Neural Monitoring Radio Signal that is Piggy Backed onto a Magnetic Wave signal that is stepped down MODUALTED to Interface with the BioMagnetic Field of the Targets Brain The Brain Implants are also Radio Signaled and the Resonance frequencies of not just the Magnetic Field of the Brain but the Magnetic Flux that is associated to the Neural Pathways intentionally created and ReEnforced thru the Above Descriptions

FBI and GangStalking so let it be Considered, if this could be the Case will leslie still use them to expose them SMILE, who was Covertly Responsible for all of the Repeated Trauma’s, Harrassment and explotation’s of leslie and did they take a Psychological Profile of her BEFORE they Committed them, Did they know her Personality and Physically Drive her responses “Google Pshyic Driving and GangStalking so the EEG Signatures and more could be Harvested and Incorporated into Artificial Neural Networks thru Hetro Dyning- also Consider How could the San Diego Police Control Harford Ct Police the Dearborn Police and many other Police departments she has suffered crimes from they didnt so who has National Connections to control them

Observe as to a Posible Explanation, why is it being included

Now and to the Perpetrators.observe


Observe these two Victim’s  of THOUSAND”S and they are ABSOLUTELY telling the Truth

Connie M @ 2011 the Study of Bioethical Issues

Research what they both describe

Mirriam S @ 2011 the Study of Bioethical Issues

Amy Goodman is nothing but a Paid Criminal Whore

Electromagnetic Stalking Dr John Hall Incredibly Important EDGEAM Interview with Daniel Ott

Robert Duncan

GangStalking The Dr John Hall Interview

Read the Blog’s Directly Above this Sentence, then  Watch these

CROSS REFERENCE-especially how the Blogs clearly State Electronic Rape of Woman and what leslie exposes in the Videos then What Connie is Exposing Concerning it, TORTURE- Does this sound like a Government that care’s about you

GangStalking TORTURE INDISPUTIBLY Proven Video 1 of 2 Learning Disabled Woman Exposes

GangStalking TORTURE INDISPUTIBLY Proven Video 2 of 2 Learning Disabled Woman Exposes

Cross Reference what’s exposed in the Two Video’s Immeidatly above to this Doc File WRITTEN by a Fellow San Diego Target of these Crime’s


President Obama, “Please help us.” Connie Marshall – Electromagnetic Assaults 09 27 2013


Mind reading, Neural Decoding, Synthetic Telepathy, Targeted Individuals Europe

Targeted Individuals Europe – extended version

Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document

The Manifesto of a Manager of GangStalking Crews NOTICE Target’s are Considered as Lab Rat’s

HetroDyning Introduction

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (05-22-2011) James Lambert & Dave Larson on Gang Stalking

GangStalking The Dr John Hall Interview

WELCOME to the Torture of Hundred’s of Thousands of American’s that is CURRENTLy Going on and Continuing Hosted and Perpetrated and when neccasary SubContracted thru the United State’s Military and the DOD

Torture in this realm Literally means 24/7 Torture EVERYDAY for decades at a Time LITERALLY

Touchless Torture. Target Humanity. Full Length Documentary

leslie being on this Show Remote Neural Monitoring being exposed to the Question she ask’s concerning Mind UpLoading Mind Hacking Mind Transfer Techknologie’s, and RNM being exposed concerning part of its capabilites

Leslie being on this Show that exposes Mind Transfer techknologies and her Exposing the Blue BEAM Project-
Google Synthetic Telepathy and GangStalking then to Project Blue Beam

This Blog was Massively Updated on 3/15/16,

When we UNDERSTAND that God made us to serve his purpose then we can EASILY deduce that Wild Filthy Animals will use us to exploit us, using techknologies against us to exploit us in the Worst ways your Mind can conceive and NOT then we as Soldiers of God MUST expose these filthy Maggots for what they are Criminally Insane Wild animals

Do you Notice Human Trafficking in the Secound PDF Link

The Two Frequencies concerning the HetroDyning related to the Above Paragraphs is the Remote Neural Monitoring Radio Signal that is Piggy Backed onto a Magnetic Wave signal that is stepped down MODUALTED to Interface with the BioMagnetic Field of the Targets Brain The Brain Implants are also Radio Signaled and the Resonance frequencies of not just the Magnetic Field of the Brain but the Magnetic Flux that is associated to the Neural Pathways intentionally created and ReEnforced thru the Above Descriptions

FBI and GangStalking so let it be Considered, if this could be the Case will leslie still use them to expose them SMILE, who was Covertly Responsible for all of the Repeated Trauma’s, Harrassment and explotation’s of leslie and did they take a Psychological Profile of her BEFORE they Committed them, Did they know her Personality and Physically Drive her responses “Google Pshyic Driving and GangStalking so the EEG Signatures and more could be Harvested and Incorporated into Artificial Neural Networks thru Hetro Dyning- also Consider How could the San Diego Police Control Harford Ct Police the Dearborn Police and many other Police departments she has suffered crimes from they didnt so who has National Connections to control them

Observe as to a Posible Explanation, why is it being included

Now and to the Perpetrators.observe


Read the Blog’s Directly Above this Sentence, then  Watch these

CROSS REFERENCE-especially how the Blogs clearly State Electronic Rape of Woman and what leslie exposes in the Videos then What Connie is Exposing Concerning it, TORTURE- Does this sound like a Government that care’s about you

GangStalking TORTURE INDISPUTIBLY Proven Video 1 of 2 Learning Disabled Woman Exposes

GangStalking TORTURE INDISPUTIBLY Proven Video 2 of 2 Learning Disabled Woman Exposes

Cross Reference what’s exposed in the Two Video’s Immeidatly above to this Doc File WRITTEN by a Fellow San Diego Target of these Crime’s


President Obama, “Please help us.” Connie Marshall – Electromagnetic Assaults 09 27 2013






THis email was Made 1 day afetr Leslie Caught the San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders On Tape Repeating GangStalk GangStalking Oh My God and Suck My Dic# Inside of Courtroom Department 9 on teh Secound Floor on 10/23/15 she was their attending legal Proceeding concerning the Criminal Rose Canyon event that San Diego Park Rangers implemented towards her on 8/9/15 in Rose Canyon Look at these 3 Video’s then Read The Email- I suggest you look at the Publish Dates What leslie is Exposing wheir Its Occurring and and who is Particpating Batta Boom

San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defeders Repeat GangStalker Suck My Dick GangStalk Oh My God

4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disabled Woman Lajolla Ca

Leslie did this In order to Prove what she ALWAYS KNEW That she is Being tracked by Law Enforcement

How did she know whier she was ( Google GangStalking and Police and Illegal GPS Tracking and Police then Human Trafficking and GangStalking- dont ever belive leslie will not Use Identified Parties to get teh Bigger ones out into the Open She has suffered 6 Brutal Assaults in San Diego Because of her absolute refeusal to quit UNTIL SDPD Admitt’s in open Court what they FACTAULLY did to her in 2006 and who ordered them to do it- I whould think by now that theyd have a Clue that leslie made a Choice she is Sticking to

Witness Truth

8/26/15 San Diego Park Ranger Says It Worked when told she Baited Police to come to her

And this is the Same Criminal Animal OPENLY admitting he Lied at the Evidentary Hearing concerning the Rose Canyon Event That produced a Ticket

12/31/15 Park Ranger Confessing He Lied at Evidentary Hearing on November 16th 2015

This is Video 3 of the Rose Canyon Event look at its Publish date LISTEN to what she plays tp SDPD and the Park rangers AGAIN,Listen to her Explain it then she Plays it Again this Occurred on 8/9/15 Rose Canyon- then Go Back and Look at what she caught the San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders doin AND IT DATE

Leslie has been Planning this For YEARS Know after looking at the San Diego And Yucca Valley Ca Evidence Compare it to the U of M Dearborn Mi Complaints she made on Video To U if M Campus Saftey on 1/20/11, 3000 Away from San Diego

8/9/15 GangStalking Audio Evidence Played to SDPD Officers they Denie they Heard Harrassment

This is The Video of Part of the 11/30/15 Mariam Bear Park Event Compare it to the Audio one Above when the Park rangers arrived on that Date leslie was sitting down the Confession occurred imediatley, she then got up and was able to then retrieve the Camera out of her Pocket to start Video Taping them


Welcome to SDPD- ANy Group or Person can Think to themselves they can DO ANYTHING THEY WANT TO DO TO ANYONE, Leslie is stating NOT TO ME- I dont think SDPD and the Dearborn Police have Ever met anyone like lesie She came 3000 to entrap them and they still feel confident, welcome to truth


This Blog INDISPUTIBLY Proves leslie Being GangStalked in MIchigan To at least 4 Apartments to her School HFCC and U of M Dearborn Mi and to the Wooded area she camped at after the Organized Stalking made her homeless in 2006 and again in 2010 ALWAYS know that this Evidence within this Blog is not even 0:000000000001 % of the Evidence leslie has on her Person, and whats in this Blog is Massive, this Blog Indisputibly proves Torture the Interntional Creation of Homelessness of Leslie and the ABSOLUTE Crimminalitys of The Dearborn Mi Police Department and SDPD SDSD and UCSD Police who will ABSOLUTELY Lie thru their Teeth to her face, your face, and on any Court stand Proceeding, or legal Document ABSOLUTELY

ThanksGiving 2013 La Jolla Caught Event Right up the street from UCSD AND Ralph’s Leslie Just left Ralph’s 11/9/15 Prediction Arrested 22 Hours Later
Xmas day Rose Canyon Evidence  Yucca Valley

This is the 8/8/15 Rose Canyon Event


This was Made 2 days before being Evicted from Mariam Bear park by the Same Lying Criminal SD Park ranger

4/22/14 GangStalking @ Social Services Caught Again-Do You Hear GangStalk Oh My God Said

7/30/16 Ralph’s Gang Stalkng

1/22/14 San Diego GangStalking CAUGHT In Your Face Caught Learning Disabled Woman

11/10/14 UCSD GangStalking Human Trafficking Leslie Williams TTTTT LaJolla Ca

SD D A Tweet


Leslie on Ground Zero on 9/17/13-Exposing ELF Wave Transmissions Used on GangStalking Victims, exposing how she is Harrassed in Part in San Diego along her Route’s and at her Hiking Area’s and Exposing her Ex-Husbands Employment Description in the Navy,” A Submarine Radar Antenna Electrician”( leslie was married to him when he served in this employment description in the Navy in San Diego at the Point Loma Submarine Base on the USS McKee, a Submarine Tender off of Rosecrans and Nimitz Blvd, Point Loma Ca”in 1983-84- I suggest you extensively review the Attached FBI Link immediatly below concerning Arron Alexis) and More, listen well and Cross Reference it to what was exposed all over the Nation in National News Broadcast’s Local News Broadcasts and newspapers all over the Country, THE VERY NEXT DAY,I suggest everyone Relisten to every thing she states in the 9/17/13 Clyde Lewis Show Ground Zero the the Link below” as well as all description’s concerning  the Military and NASA relation’s to her Family Member’s,

Their was also a Cape Kennedy Ex’Employee that was heavily involved in the perpetration of Gang Stalking Crime’s that happened to  leslie from 1990- 2009 ” Thomas Roger’s” ,

Also Note a Woman by the Name of Lee was propped up into a Lower Flat below leslie’s flat in Dearborn  Mi, between 2004-05-AFTER Leslie Moved in,and thru casual probing conversation’s leslie initiated with her she revealed to leslie that she was retired from the Army her work in the Army was a Cryptologist- Leslie didn’t  become aware that, “that” Military employment description applied to any kind’ve crimes connected to Gang Stalking  because she did’nt know what was happening to her was Called Gang Stalking until 6/09/2009, Google ExTensivly Remote Neural Monitoring,Does anyone HONESTLY believe their not still Targeting leslie -and they absolutely will soon start targeting her Finances, which is a ABSOLUTE Method of these crimes for Control and explotation purposes., this Blog and the Information in it will ABSOLUTELY be Forwarded to the Department of Education, a FEDERAL AGENCIE, ” Leslie Told them on the Phone on 8/25/16 she was on the Ground Zero Show with Clyde Lewis on 9/17/13 exposing she has/was/ IS a Victim of this Contining crime and that it intentionally made her homeless and told them AGAIN that she was ABSOLUTELY Coersed into taking out these school Loans by Criminal Maggots in Michigan , So I suggest everyone reading this Blog and deliberating the depth of what is exposed “whould you believe it’s reasonable to conclude” they will state they never got what was sent to them in reference to evidence ” WHICH THIS IS”for they have already done it- even though they signed the USPS Return Receipt proving they received evidence Mailed to them in 2014.

Only one Target in the Country did this Leslie Williams Remember, Cross Reference what leslie state’s, the Date’s, then whats exposed within the next week including the Following Day, And one of the MAIN reason this is Being exposed because leslie SWORE TO HERSELF and them in Michigan that she whould use them against them one day as a ABSOLUTE DIRECT PAYBACK for what they did to her in Michigan, and no matter what they do to her she will NEVER EVER change her mind EVER in order to preserve this Choice THIS is how much she UTERERLY hate’s the Absolute Criminally Insane Wild Animal’s that are responsible for what she has/is goin thru, for Pi Mathmaticly expressed could not measure the Pure hate she has for them LITERALLY .

9/17/13 Ground Zero Show Clyde Lewis Leslie is on ( leslie has been on this Show around 8 Time’s)

This exposed on 9/18/13, on ABC New’s

This is the Archive on the FBI Web Site concerning the Naval Yard Shooting Compare whats in it to whats Texted Above
This was Televised on the Internet on 9/25/13 John Hal; exposing GangStalking and ELF Waves and the Navy Yard shooting – Listen to it then Compare it to the Section of the Stalked in San Antonio Ken 5 New’s Broadcast on 2/17/2010 and how its Transcript relates to two Email’s  ( THEIR are More) leslie wrote One in San Diego in 2006- the Other in Michigan in 2008- John Hall is in The Stalked in San Antonio News Broadcast- he is all over the Internet exposeing GangStalking and Remote Neural Monitoring crime’s

ELF Technology and Mind Control with Dr. John Hall

 Also in the Above 9/17/13 Show Leslie CLEARLY Stated she was Also GangStalked to several Apartments in Michigan and that this Crime Literally Made her Homeless, and how she is Harrassed along her routes and at her Camping Area ,and of course what is exposed in the first paragrpah’s of this Blog

Observe the Next Few Items, for it will clearly expose this Crimes connection to 4 of Michigan’s Apartment’s and this Blog will indisputibly prove the Connection of this Crime to ALL of her San Diego resting, Hiking, Camping area’s and then will eventually Prove the GangStalking of Leslie to MIchigan’s Camping area’s.

Pay Attention Closely for How the Date of the Testimony and the Testimony correlates to the 2006-2008 Emails Leslie wrote They are below and how they relate to this 2/17/2010 News Broadcast

Stalked in San Antonio TX

Now Cross reference this By Following Instructions and you will witness truth Concerning the GangStalking of Leslie in San Diego in 2006 and to at least 2–3 Apartments leslie lived in in Dearborn Mi- ( Before the Monroe Apartment) IN YOUR face evidence,( and the Below Information Concerning The Monroe Apartment, Dearborn Mi the Blog Leslie wrote in CT on 8/01/11-Which the Perpetrators Hacked into in CT and Put things Into it- cross referenced to how it related to what Micheal Fitzhugh Bell exposed in his Book and On the Coast to Coast AM Show on 2/13/13 Valentines Day ABSOLUTELY proves she was GangStalked to this Apartment  ” Monroe Apartment” and experienced Torture in it, making it at least the 5th Apartment she was GangStalked in in Dearborn Mi goin all the Way back to AT LEAST 1988 LITERALLY,Monroe, The Apartment that made her Homeless REMEMBER Cross reference the Instructions to whats presented)  exposing this is  a legal instrument to prove the criminality occurred in part ,how it occurred, wheir it occurred at, and more, Pay Back  for the Explotation of Leslie she endured because of SDPD  FACTUALLY INTENTIONALLY coming to her Hiking area to bring about a Staged STAGED Event towards her in 2006-that led to the Explotation, the MOTIVE behind it, so now leslie is Using them to exploit them and the Truth attached to them,  Fellow Americans Wild Animals Like this Dont Change their Stripes a Assest you can exploit, the Goal Has Always been to Bait them to come to her Hiking area’s, since 8/08/11 to prove they did it in 2006 Leslie risking it all ALL for this Very thing- now what kindve anger whould someone honestly Justifibly have to risk it all to just prove this one thing if they were’nt telling the truth
Also do you notice in the Emails within the KEN 5 Attached PDF Link ” Pay Attention to what you Here ( Meaning HEAR) once You go into the Bathroom
VERBAL Ques Point Loma Library” ( Which is in  San Diego) It means the RE Peating of Words and Phrases around Leslie attached to GangStalking,  ( which has been discovered to be the Sensitization method of GangStalking crime’s ) this Email ” Description” to the GangStalking of Leslie in 2006 to the, and at, and in The Point Loma Library in 2006- This is leslie coming into their Back Door to make them Shake, what’s exposed in this Blog  the intentional Repeating of the Same Exact Identicle to a Tee Word’s and Phrases ,”VERBAL Ques” being CONSTANTLY Repeated in the Same Exact Identicle ways AT MULTIPLE LOCATIONS and Dates, ABSOLUTELY proving it has ooccurred to at LEAST 4 of her Hiking and Resting area’s in San Diego,which she exposed in the 9/17/13 Clyde Lewis Show look at the Stalked in San Antonio Video Below, the PDF Link that has Ken 5 In its PDF link Name, cross reference it to the Above and Below  Evidence- VERBAL QUES Just like what was Mentioned around leslie in 2006 ( Without the Word GangStalking), PS the Phrases Oh My God was ALWAYS repeated around leslie in MIchigan everywheir she went, and Lived at  in MIchigan and in Connecticut, and was one of the Phrases mentioned around her constantly in San Diego in 2006, Constantly presented what a GangStalking Victim has been sensitized to is how they Covertly Overtly let you know your being stalked and Mentally and emotionally harrassed as a result;JUST Keep Disecting this Blog because alot of evidence is within it.

Stalked in San Antonio TX

Take the IMMEDAIATE above ” Stalked in San Antonio Tx ” Title to You Tube Search Box and This Link should Take you to it as well, the Video to Observe is the Video from CauseStalking You Tube Channel This News Broadcast has the Transcript of iot concerning all of the News Broadcast, ALL Statements within it , The date of the Broadcast on Channel  Ken 5  San Anonio Texas was Febuary 17th 2010- Now a Copy of that Transcript was Printed out by Leslie and Incorporated within the Immediate PDF Link Below the Broadcast here- included as well within the Pdf Link are two seperate email’s (Two of Hundreds)- one from 2008 Made in Michigan and One from 2006 MADE IN San Diego at the Point Loma Library in San Diego WHEIR she absolutley Experinced Massive MASSIVE GangStalking at in 2006 when she was in San Diego in 2006 between 1- 38 days- cross reference her statements that are parethesized with a Pen in the 2006-08 Emails  To whats Parenthesized with a Pen In the Included Transcript of the Broadcast IDENTICLE to a Tee Methods used on Leslie in San Diego and in Reference to things she experinced in Michigan in at Least 3 apartments Up to Those Calender Years, also notice who’s in the Broadcast JOHN Hall- and Remember leslie stated these things happening to her, BEFORE it occurred to these Woman and Before she knew the Name of the Crime happening to her Yet what she describes are methods of GangStalking.

Here is the Ken 5 Link that shows the Transcript of the Stalked in San Antonio News Broadcast and how whats stated within it Section’s of the Woman’s testimony within the News Broadcast ARE IDENTICLE  to a Tee Concerning section’s of what leslie stated she endured in at least 4 SEPERTE Apartments in Michigan and she has experinced them in reference to things they have done at “At Least 3 Hiking area’s in San Diego since 8/8/11 INCLUDING Rose Canyon and one thing they did has a Rose Canyon Connection to Ralphs Grocery store in LaJolla Ca- another is the Previous Gillman Rd Camping area connected to UCSD Campus GangStalking of leslie , taking thing’s of a Target and putting them at different locations target’s frequent- its done to form Mental Association’s, using the 3 places connections to the GangStalking.

SMNcopier215091613300 Ken 5

This is a Email Series so you can Ignore it for Now because Only 1 Has been Completed


    1. leslie was on this Ground Zero Show on 9/01/15 exposing how her Blogs HAVE always been hacked-Including this Blog Made in Ct Published on 8/01/11, 7 Days Before Arriving in San Diego on 8/8/11- Her blogs and Email Accounts and Much More have been Hacked  GOING all the Way back to 2005, Mi Ct Tennesee San Diego
    3. Now when You witness the Blog written in CT , you will also notice WHAT
  1. Leslie stating that “”” In her Aprtment in Dearborn Mi ” Monroe Apartment’s ” That as she was sleeping a Electronic Shock entered her left foot,and the Psychical results because of it READ the Blog and then OBSERVE what was Broadcasted on 2/13/13 Valentines day, remember Leslie’s testimony came first
  3. Compare what’s stated about leslie being electrcialy shocked as she was sleeping in Michigan in 2010, to the designated time frame of Micheal Fitzhughbell being on the Valentine’s Day 2013 Coast to Coast AM Show with Roger Tolces – You Clearly hear  Roger Tolces stating this Method is Used against Victims of this Crime and How and the Fact that is was, towards a  Elderly Couple
  4. UCLA Psychics Students being exposed at 44;23 within this Coast to Coast AM Broadcast “A Elderly Couple experencing”  “Electrical Shocks in their Bed’s as their sleeping “The Show was Broadcasted on Valentine’s Day 2013 – Remember Leslie’s Ct Blog Came First, the Show is about GangStalking Organized Stalking
  1. Coast To Coast AM Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment EDITED Only OGS EH Portion Low

Leslie Left Connecticut on 8/4/11 to come to San Diego arriving 1 day late in reference to its original scheduled arrival ,Arriving on 8/8/11,

This is the Video Leslie Made RIGHT  BEFORE goin into The San Diego Northern Division Police Department on 9/01/15, she did this Finally because of the Video Confession of the San Diego Park Ranger Rose Canyon 8/9/15 Event that Video Directly Below which that confession COMPLTELY Exposes The ABSOLUTE Criminal tracking of leslie in order to set her up to evict her from resting areas Camping Areas Hiking Area’s, How did the  San Diego Park Ranger know wheir she was

1/5/16 GangStalkers Send Text Messages that Police will be Called to her Hiking AREA

Text Messages Illegally Crimminly Sent to leslie williams Older Phone ( which is No Longer in Service) and SDPD responses to the Criminality of it being done) it is Being stated the  almost Unmeasurable hate leslie’s has for SDPD is MINSCULE compared to the ABSOLUTE Hate she has for the Dearborn Mi Police.

This is leslie on the Ground Zero Show clearly stating that her Blogs and More Have always been hacked by the Perpetrators

What prediction’s  within these 3 Videos came true, after they were Published, Its Evidence exposed within this Blog

5/09/14 New H/A Prediction  4/14/14 New Hiking AREA GangStalking Predictions …:

MVI 0619

8/27/15 Gangstalkigers send GangStalking Text messages To SDPD WhistleBlowers Phone
8/27/15 Gangstalkigers send GangStalking Text messages To SDPD WhistleBlowers Phone
8/27/15 Gangstalkigers send GangStalking Text messages To SDPD WhistleBlowers Phone
11/27/13 Learning Disabled Woman tell UCSD Police How she’s GangStalked-Evidence Caught afterwards
11/27/13 Learning Disabled Woman tell UCSD Police How she’s GangStalked-Evidence Caught after – 2
1/22/14 San Diego GangStalking CAUGHT In Your Face Caught Learning Disabled Woman

Always remember Leslie has Been Making Prediction’s about what she may and or will Catch as a Result of being a ABSOLUTE Target/ Victim of this Crime and then Catching what she predicts AFTER THE PREDICTIONS  were made on Video and Tape Recorder’s and PaperTrail’s, thus proving the Crime was/is / happening to her How and who and whier its been Caught, Video Camera Memory Cards Have Time and Date stamp on them Tape Recorders run By Date and Time Predictions are also made thru Email and Tweets on Twitter Both have Time and Date stamps, she then Catches on her Tape Recorder and or Video Camera WHAT she predict’s ALL PREDICTION’S showing the Time they were Made ALL Harrassments and Incidents, and Assaults INCLUDING Arrests and Tickets  when they Occurred Occurred AFTER the Predictions were Made and whats Caught reflects a Later Time, alot harrassment was Caught happening at a Later Time and on the Same Dates the Predictions were Made, like being Banned from University’s ALL WERE Predicted before the events transpired, the Theft of her rent from the Monroe Apartment Thru Certified Mail Return Receipt USPS was Predicted in Tape Recorders and 9 Different Notaries, BEFORE IT OCCURRED, ABSOLUTELY-Its what she stated in the ” AT LEAST 8/01/11 Connecticut Blog” that she predicts what will happen before it does in order to prove Stalking and Conspiracy to do it.

12/31/15 WATCH WATCH Leslie’s Last Apartment the Gang Stalking Created the Homelessness At/From

Now What you heard in the Video Right above this Sentence, Is absolutely Provable because of the Audio Files Leslie still nhas Concerning Michigan, she also still has

9 Notarie’s from Michigan showing leslie predicting how she was being harrased in this Apartment Complex and How they Made her Homeless, before they did it when leslie went to these City Halls to have these Papers Notarized She Tape Recorded the Verbal Interaction’s of having these Predictions Notarized Before they Stole the Rent at this Monroe Apartment, THose Will be scanned and attached as a PDF Link and Incorporated within this Blog ASAP

Now what do you witness here, concerning a VERY Small section of the San Diego Gang Stalking Crimes,

These Two Emails within this PDF Attached Link that Has Ken 5 in the Latter part of the PDF Link   Discuss’s a small aspect of the 2006 San Diego GangStalking and rcimes that Occurred in at Least 4  Apartments in Michigan, up thru 2008 —-( This Specific PDF Link is ALSO Part of the Stalked in San Antonio News Broadcast Evidence  Section of this Blog)


These next Two Items are PDF Attachments of Scanned letters that were Crimminally sent to leslie’s P.O.Box In LaJolla Ca ( how’d they get her address, Notice the Themes of the Threats within them and then remember what leslie stated in the Video directly above, No Understand leslie did make videos back in 2013 before she got these letters in the Mail and BEFORE they started sending her Text Message’s to her ” Now” Older Phone” ( how’d they get her Number) Video’s and Instagram Sanp Screen Shots of a Few of them and things leslie posted on twitter and how that is Conneted to the Text messages CLearly Proves leslie was telling the Truth in the 2013 Videos discussing the Monroe Apartments- NOTE they also Pulled almost Identicle to a Tee Methods in Prior Apartments as well concerning threats etc….



This Video is Leslie Telling SDPD Detective Northern Division About Some of the Text Message’s that were sent to leslie’s Phone on 9/01/15 The Text Messages ABSOLUTLY Back up whats she been Stating about how these Filthy Maggots Nor Only GangStalk and Harrass You EVERYWHEIR, but also wheir you Live at Rest At and anywheir the Target Goes to be By themselves at ,so Harrassment and Staged Events Arrest’s Tickets Assault’s Robberrie’s

8/20/15 Video of GangStalking Text messages & More sent to Learning Disabled Woman

Now in this Video Which you Can Clearly Deduce that Leslie stated that they were Using Byclyclists to go by and Repeat GangStalk, and that low Life Homeless men Were being used at that area to do the same  exact thing it clearly shows what she stated and when the Video was Published so watch it look at its publish date , Listen to how she exposes it, and some of the Crimminal Motivations of this Crime, ( you will also notice leslie ABSOLUTELY Exposing Complaining and Requesting to make SDPD Police reports about this ABSOLUTE Felony Criminal harassment which can only be achieved thru Covert Physical Survalance and Covert Tracking of her ( the Stalking of GangStalking), then Go to the ARea in this Blog showing Leslie catching the San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders Repeating it in the Same way she describe’s and what is in the First Text Message you see at Freezed Farmed at 1:57 Minutes into this Video  right below this One

11/12/13 Learning Disabled Woman being GangStalked Makes Prediction concerning her Hiking Area’s

8/20/15 Video of GangStalking Text messages & More sent to Learning Disabled Woman

3/18/16 Learning Disabled Woman GangStalked in LaJolla Ca to Hiking Area’s

10/22/14 EXTREMLY IMPORTANT PREDICTIONS New Hiking Area Learning Disabled Woman

1/30/14 – UCSD Event 1/09/14-Learning Disabled Woman Set up @ UCSD ?

You Can Observe this Article Just to deliberate the Filthy Criminalitys of Local Officials concerning how they will COVERTLY Conspire to make people Homeless for Monetary Gain

1/06/13 Learning Disabled Woman Makes Immediate Predictions of Future Events GangStalking x

2/26/2013 Learning Disabled Woman Describes Predicts Organized Stalking Events-See Description

As we will Witness in this Audio File is Leslie Telling to Criminal SDPD Officers how she is Continually Harassed along her Routes and at the Jack in the Box off of Rose Crans and Nimitz BLVD ” RIGHT up the Street from Where ” ( Point Loma Library San Diego- 2006 GangStalking of Leslie )”see it being referenced in this Blog)- Leslie called them after Jack and the Box Managment started Openly harassing her, Listen Carefully Cross reference the Date the Incident Occurred, to the Publish date of the Video, to what leslie states she experiences, then Whats been Caught AFTER and WHIER, IDENTICLE VERBAL Harasment , that she told these two Criminal SDPD Officers she stated she was enduring in this Jack In the Box

12/05/13 Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES San Diego Police Gross Negligence of Duty ?

Complete Strangers to Leslie, connected to the GangStalking of Leslie, Send her 3 Letters to her LaJolla Ca PO BOX, using Fedaerl Services to take responsibilty for the Crimes happening to her and for Criminal Threats, BOTH FELONIE’S



  1. This video is Only being Introduced to Make You Laugh this Is Leslie ( She has Thousands of Video’s on You Tube dedicated to several Accounts ) But the Main Reason for exposing it is, do you notice how leslie states in this Video that the perpetrators at this Previous Camping area “yell GangStalk and then Laugh-Look at the Date of this Video, the Date its Published you Clearly hear her state it- well LISTEN to the Video showing leslie catching the Prosecutors and Public Defenders DOIN THE SAME EXACT THING in the SAME Exact LITERAL way almost two years later in DISTANCES at least 15 Miles apart,  that Video shows the Tape recorder of it being caught WHICH shows the DATE and Time, This Cross referenced to the imeditaley Below Video CLearly Proves two things that Leslie was telling the truth about what she was enduring at that area and How the Same Group is Sponsering HOSTING all of it Because the EVIDENCE THE VERBAL HARRASSMENT, IS  COMPLETELY IDENTICLE to a TEE ,UNDERSTAND it means the Court’s are ABSOLUTELY Connected to the Filthy Maggots who are responsible FOR EVERYTHING that’s happened to leslie , and is,UNDERTSAND , In Your Face EVIDENCE, do U YOU believe leslie is Goin to let them WALK I strongly Suggest you Continue.
  2. 12/21/13 Learning Disabled Woman makes a Xmas Comedy Video To Make you Laugh


Do you Notice the San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defender’s Repeating GangStalk Oh My God Suck My Dic# Being said around Leslie at the San Diego Court House on 10/23/15 and then IMMEDIATLEY Laughing as its being said, the same thing leslie stated they were doing in the Immediate Video Above

Well once you watch this Video You’ll see the Date it occurred because the tarpe recorder is showing the Date and time it was caught and Whos Voices are saying it, and the Attached Laughing to this Verbal Felonie Harassment well Leslie stated in the Video Imediatley above that the SAME EXACT IDENTICLE to a Tee Verbal Harassment was Occurring towards her at that Hiking area she was Making the Video at( which is the Hiking area she was staying at, that she was referring to being harrassed at and HOW in the 9/17/13 Ground Zero Show Above, proving she was telling the truth on the Show Proving she was telling the truth in the Immediate above Comedy Video and proving that whoever got teh San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defender’s to do are the Ones who are controlling whats she is experiencing- ABSOLUTELY Conecting this Crime to the San Diego Government BRING ING ALIVE in your Face what is Stated in the 2006 attached email REINCLUDED , that is within the attached PDF Link that Has Ken 5 in the Latter part of the PDF link Name ” KEN 5-within the 2006 Email Written at the Point Loma Library in 2006 Check around the Point Loma Library You never know what you may hear once you go into the Bathroom-Verbal Que’s, Harrasment being Repeated.Point Loma Library is a San Diego Government Building

San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defeders Repeat GangStalker Suck My Dick GangStalk Oh My God

10/29/15 GangStalking Caught In the San Diego Court House/ IDENTICLE to Rose Canyon Harrassment

10/29/15 Learning Disabled Woman GangStalked at San Diego Library on First Visit

As you Observe the Below information EVIDENCE KEN 5 Attached PDF Link that Has Incorporated scanned 2006 and 2008 emails in It then along with how its absolutely Connected to the Testimony of the Woman in The Stalked in San Antonio Video, you will observe in the 2006 Email ” Pay Attention to what you here( HEAR) when you go into the Bathroom POINT LOMA LIBRARY- that’s decribed below- Well listen to the Video imediatley above concerning the SD Public Library on Gennesse and Govenor Ave, now this is the Same Harrasment that’s caught in the Text Messages and other Audio Evidence in this Blog, the Psychological Violence thru the Campaighn of Gang Stalking which is a Crime that INTENTIONALLY Creativetivly CONSTANTLLY Reminds you your a Target Victim of it produces DAILY -EVERYDAY Harrasment of the Target and this is Just 1 of the Hundreds of crimes happening to Targets.In the Above Video litsen for Stalking , Oh My God GangSatlking, Suck My Dick Crazy Weird LISTEN CLOSELY

Here is the KEN 5 Stalked in San Antonio Broadcast it’s Transcript and the 2006-and 2008 emails , being ReIntroduced The Stalked and San Antonio You Tube Video Is Above


Learning Disabled Working Shows again what was Predicted Comes True

This 10/10/11  MTS Assault was Predicted 11 Days before it Occurred on Bus Route 928 PUBLIC Transportation in a  email on 9/29/11, that scanned email is in the Attached PDF link named assault11 pasted immediatley below the Assault Video Here

Observe- the 2’nd of 6 Brutal Assault’s ( the 5’th took place INSIDE the San Diego Court House on 11/13/14, the 6th took Place RIGHT NEXT TO, WITHIN 50 FEET OF UCSD at the San Diego VA MTS Bus Hub on 12/02/15, within Days of the November 30th 2015 Mariam Bear Park Event and San Diego Park ranger’s Confession leslie caught on Tape at that event concerning the Evidentary hearing pertaining to the 8/9/15 Rose Canyon Event’s and more

Compare the Interior Structure of the Back Of the Bus on this Assault Video to the Back Interior of the MTS Video below it , Specifically Why is the Back Door Periodically on the Wrong side of the Bus in the Assault Video why is the Back rail on the Opposite side of the Bus in the Assault Video why is the Mirror on the Rail Backwards and why is Leslie The SDPD UCSD SDSD Police Whistle Blower that’s Being Assaulted and the Person who assaulted her sitting on the Opposite side of the bus in reference to wheir they were actually sitting at on the day of the assault, and why are the witnesses that were on the Bus in the Front and one that was in the Back NOT IN THE VIDEO, why whouldnt the SDPD investigate the reports of the Video being altered and why whould’nt the San Diego D/A’s Office investigate it either , and Above all or at least equally Important is why did they Alter it, what was the Perpetrator who assaulted leslie doing with him left arm and hand 5 minutes before the Assault, which is why they only gave leslie a 2 minute Video,  MTS has Fedearl Oversight, HUMMMMMMMM

Learning Disabled Woman Brutally Assualted on MTS Bus- San Diego

10/10/11 MTS Assault Predicted in Gmail File 11 Days before the Assault occurred, here is a Scann of that Assault prediction email-MTS Assault, and MTS Documentation admitting it and when it Occurred- MTS Has Federal Oversight the VIDEO came from MTS Headquarter’s, Down Town San Diego
The ABove 10/10/11 MTS Assault Video MTS Sent to Leslie Williams was sent to her from MTS ALtered The SDPD Police Report was ABSOLUTELY Falsified and Fact’s she told SDPD concerning the Assault and the Assaliant were ABSOLUTELY Omitted- FLAT OUT.
 And this is a You Tube Video Clearly showing that MTS Video’s are not showing the Structures of the Interiors of their Buses the way they appear in the Video of Leslie being Assaulted
Bus driver refuses to help dying man | San Diego wrongful death lawsuit
And this is a Brief Introduction of OTHER SAN DIEGO GangStalking Victims Exposing MTS UCSD STARBUCKS  and Torry Pines park involved in GangStalking and Much More, but lets always remember everyone, Everyone is Lying except the Police and the Governemnt Yeahh Babyyyyy
Now Goin to a Very Small Section of the Michigan GangStalking of Leslie, scrutinize the Following CLOSELY
U of M Dearborn Mi WHICH IS LITERALLY 15 Feet From HFCC the School she was Coersed into taking out school loans at, thru people that covertly infiltrated her life -and wheir she did experince gangStalking techniques at by and thru Students Teachers and Security Staff and Janitors she was ABSOLUTELY MASSIVELY GangStalked at BOTH OF THESE SCHOOLS ABSOLUTELY , including in the Registers Office the Finacial Aid Office and in their College Book Store
Observe the Following few Videos and text that assists them and BEGIN TO SEE TRUTH
Welcome to U of M Gang Stalking Finally Caught on Video-1/20/11,The Secound Video below this Paragraph, after years of Unimaginable suffering she experienced in their Library and other places on their Campus GANG STALKING CRIMES, it got so bad at U of M That Leslie had to call the Dearborn Police on U of M Campus Police, Within day’s The Dearborn Police evicted her from her Camping area RIGHT DIRECTLY 25 Feet  Across the street from U of M Dearborn Mi around March 30th 2011 within 2 Days of the last event that took place their, she left Michigan for Ct around April 4-5 2011-Then Came to San Diego from CT arriving on 8/8/11 Dearborn Police and U of M Dearborn Campus Police Filthy Animals protecting each other and the Institutions that generate Millions to their Tax Base, leslie attempted to make at least 8 different Police reports to the Dearborn Police about being GangStalked in Dearborn including at her Apartments, and at least 3 Complaints to U of M Campus Saftey and at least 2 Complaints to HFCC Campus Saftey- EVERY SINGLE one of their Lying Criminal Ass’s walked away from her, and leslie knows it for a FACT the Dearborn Police Falsified Police Reports about her when she approached them Complaining about being Victimized with this Crime ABSOLUTELY, she never got the Opprotunity to see any HFCC or U of M Dearborn Mi Campus Saftey Reports , the First Video is her talking to the ABSOLUTE Criminal U of M Campus Saftey Dearborn Mi then the 2’nd Video Shows 1 of the 5 Young Men That were Bothering her in the U of M Library which led her to go to U of M Dearborn Campus Saftey right after the event UnFolded- in which U of M Library Security were literally standing within 100 feet of this event as it transpired and waited until it Climaxed so they could tell everyone to leave because of it
( Which is the First Video) REMEMBER ALLWAY’S GangStalking is ABSOLUTELY Directly Connected to Human Trafficking rings and Much More. witness the 1/20/11 Events at U of M Dearborn Mi Campus.

U of M GangStalker-Harrassing Victim Torture in Dearborn Mi-Gangstalker Caught-January-20-2011

Whatch this Young Man’s Behavior towards leslie after he came and sat next to her in U of M Dearborn Mi Library on 1/20/11, at around 10:25 PM, Leslie Camera was in Her Lap, their was NO WAY any employee could’ve seen her using it

U of M Torture Victim in Dearborn Mi-Gangstalker Caught-January-20-2011

Now Pay attention closely to the Next 3 Items CAREFULLY
In the Video Directly above when you hear leslie reporting the Continuing GangStalking Harrassment of her in the U of M Dearborn Mi Library on 1/20/11 to U of M Dearborn Mi Campus Saftey, you will observe that she states to them that one of teh things she says she experinces in their Library including the Ones used on that night were engaging in hand signals including putting their hands to their face,
Now Observe these two Video’s whats stated whats Caught Wheir, and the Fact within two weeks of it being Published SDPD came to her Hiking area and Evicted her and threatened her with arrest ( The SAME thing they did IN PART  in 2006), that event cost her around 500 Dollars in property Loss
Ok Here it goes- Leslie caught three Teenagers ADMITTING they were put on the 928 Bus AFTER she boarded it to engage in these Hands to Face Pshycical Gesture’s IN SAN DIEGO on 1/298/12, exactly 1 year and 8 Days after The U of M Dearborn Mi Campus Saftey Report showing her describing to them The Same exact thing, U of M Dearbnorn Mi and San Diego are 3000 Miles apart
1/28/12 San Diego Confession 3 Teenagers put on the 928 MTS Bus Route to enage in GangStalking Psyhsical Gesture’s AFTER leslie Boarded it from another Stop, the MTS 928 Bus is the Bus Route Leslie was Intentionally assaulted on) Confession caught on 1/28/12
Learning Disabled Woman Catch’s Gangstalker Admitting they were sent to Harrass her-Read Comment
This was Uploaded on December 5th 2011 at the 928 Bus Stop, before the 1/28/12 confession, Look at what she states and the DATE
Learning Disabled Woman GangStalked in San Diego-Small Illustration of Sensitization
Do you Notice this Victim stating the Same thing and Exposing Ralphs as well, I geuss everyone is Lying except the Governement and the Police  whom Just happen to be ALL OVER THE INTERNET being exposed as the Main Perpetrators of this Crime by THOUSANDS of Victims all over America Victims sharing almost Identicle Stories Whom have never talked to each other in any way, remember what is exposed in the Stalked in San Antonio Broadcast Its Transcript and Leslie 2006-08 Emails’ Identicle testimoney- in by which remember Leslies testimoy CAME before these woman’s Testimoney,
 This Individual also exposes being Electrically Schocked, and being Posiened, 5 things that leslie had already exposed Ralph’s, Hands to Face Psyhsical Gesture’s , Mail Theft and Mail Delayment CERTIFIED MAIL,. Tweo Targets whom have never spoke to each other At least nor Knowinly ( their was a Jonathon Hanson on the WebSite on their Buddy List but  that Jonathon at that time was lited to be living in San Diego- Leslie tried to contact that person in Ct before coming to San Diego, she was caught off from him ( IF It was him she was speaking to research Cellphone call rerouting and GangStakling)
Targeted Individuals – 4.15mb
Observe 1 of many Video’s of this Crime being exposed on the News In MULTIPLE state’s
Gang Stalking, “Bullying on Steroids.” AKA Organized Stalking, Vigilante Stalking, Cause Stalking.
Leslie’s Comments are in these ACLU Posts the Perpetrators in Michigan Did Hack it

Leslie CampSite RIGHT across the Street from U of M Dearborn Mi and HFCC

At :44 secounds into this Video Freeze Framed a Video Picture is being Taken of HFCC right next to U of M Dearborn Mi -Leslie has been planning this for years, see she experinced GangStalking in 2002-03-04 at HFCC then to her apartmebts after they made her Homeless in 2005-6 she decided to go to areas close to the Places she had already identified to prove they stalk you to wheir you live The Dearborn Police ended up being connected to this property Evicting her from it around April 1’st 2011, whom she was already exposing FOR YEARS- she  got a Apartment 11/29/09 The Monroe Apartments to entrap landLords and property Owners to USPS to the GangStalking, it worked as well EVERYTHING leslie set out to do 98 % to the Michigan GangStalking she accomplished USING THEM TO EXPLOIT THEM PS the 11/29/09 Apartment lease was signed at the Apartment Complex She left U of M Library and went imedietley their STALKING?

Gangstalkers Torture Woman in Dearborn on Ford Property across from U of M Dearborn–( Ford Property Means HENRY FORD- which is HFCC Connected Same Owner)

Tortured in Dearborn Mi on Ford Property across from U of M Dearborn

Occupy San Diego Wall Street-Learning Disabled Woman Being Tortured

008 January 3, 2009

Torture in Dearborn–GangStalker?-Ex U of M Circ Staff-2006

Torture in Dearborn–GangStalker?-Ex U of M Circ Staff-2006

This Woman in the Immediate Above Video ( the Video is her in U of M Dearborn Campus Library  was also Connected to HFCC Receptionist Campus Saftey she steered leslie to the Richard Gabriel Center on U of M Campus ,she told her about Beth, Beth was then Used to GasLight Leslie, Beth also worked Part Time at U of M  Dearborn Campus Library Circulation Counter











One thought on “GangStalking Henry Ford Community College U of M Dearborn Mi Federal Student Loan Coersment

  1. leslie williams cannot access any of her blogs as of 9:23 AM 12/07/16 Both of her computers are hackedso are her blogs Gangstalking crime at buisness’s listed in the Blog this Comment is on


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